Location: Tolono Illinois

Biography of James A.Creamer

James A. Creamer, one of the business leaders of Tolono, has lived in this locality all his life, began his career as a farmer and still owns a large amount of Illinois soil, though most of his time and energies are taken up with local business affairs at Tolono. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Mr. Creamer was born in Tolono Township, February 25, 1870, a son of Ephraim C. and Sarah (Espy) Creamer, his father a native of New Jersey and his mother of Ripley, Ohio. His mother’s father was killed by a stroke of lightning about forty-eight years ago. Ephraim Creamer came to Champaign County about 1857, locating on a farm in Tolono Township and followed farming for a great many years but is now living retired in Tolono. Through his efforts he accumulated a considerable fortune in land. He and his wife had nine children: Mary, deceased; James A.; Edward, who died in 1897, being a graduate of the law department of Wesleyan...

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Biography of Alonzo S. Brand

Alonzo S. Brand. The career of Alonzo S. Brand, whose home is in Sidney Township, on Eural Route No. 58, has been characterized by that vim and vigor of achievement which is the admiration of all purposeful men. To say that he is a self-made man is hardly doing credit to his ability at overcoming difficulties in his way to success. Mr. Brand was born in Noble County, Ohio, January 15, 1872, a son of Greenberry and Mary (Baker) Brand. His parents were also natives of the same county and his father a farmer. Alonzo was the oldest of their three children, the youngest, William, being deceased, and the only daughter, Olie, being the wife of J. H. McCoy, of Zanesville, Ohio. The father of the family died in 1876, when Alonzo was four years old, and the other children mere infants. It devolved upon Alonzo to contribute to the support of this household as soon as his tender years permitted. As a small child he frequently worked out on farms for ten cents a day until he was twelve years of age, after which he received $4 a month until he was sixteen and then for nine months worked in a general department store at $20 a month. Another nine months he spent at the hard labor of the coal mines. All his wages went to support his...

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Biography of Peter Stewart Campbell

Peter Stewart Campbell came to Champaign County when he was a small boy, learned the trade in one of the shops of the county and for many years has been identified either with a newspaper establishment or with a printing shop of his own. He now has one of the principal job printing houses of Urbana. Mr. Campbell was born in Ayrshire, Scotland, April 18, 1868, a son of Archibald B. and Christina (Stewart) Campbell. He was one of seven children, named as follows: Alexander, deceased; Jennie, wife of G. L. Baker, of Champaign; Mary, widow of Robert Leslie, living at Pittsfield, Illinois; John and William, both deceased; Peter Stewart; and Archibald, of Tolono. The father of these children was a drainage contractor and died in Scotland in 1872. The following year the widowed mother brought her family to America, and soon located near Tolono, where she lived until her death in 1916. Peter S. Campbell received his education at Tolono and in 1881 began learning the printing trade. He served his apprenticeship in Champaign County and in 1887 went to Wichita, Kansas, where he spent about a year as a printer. On returning to Champaign County he became connected with the Urbana Herald, and was with that journal nine years. For a short time he was with the Champaign News, and then opened a shop of his own...

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Biography of Thomas J. Colvin

Thomas J. Colvin. One of the substantial commercial enterprises of Urbana, with forty years of successful and reliable business history back of it, is the meat market conducted by Thomas J. Colvin. When Mr. Colvin entered upon his career in this venture, he had little to back him save the experience he had gained as his father’s assistant, his ambition, determination and industry, but out of these he has developed a paying and prosperous business, which has become so well known at Urbana as to be accounted a necessary commercial asset. The proprietor, with a supreme faith in the future of the city, has invested heavily in real estate holding here, so that he is one of the substantial property owners of the place. Both in his own interests and those of the city, he has always staunchly supported measures making for local improvement and civic betterment. Thomas J. Colvin was born February 14, 1858, in Scott County, Indiana, and is a son of John and Catherine (Goben) Colvin. His father, a native of County Down, Ireland, came to the United States in young manhood and engaged in working at the cabinet-maker’s trade in Scott County, Indiana, where he met and married Catherine Goben. She died there in 1860, and in 1867 Mr. Colvin brought his family to Champaign County, Illinois, and settled on a farm in the vicinity...

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Biography of Egbert P. Little

Egbert P. Little is one of the old residents of Champaign County, having come here with his parents nearly fifty years ago. The business to which he successfully applied his efforts through many years was farming, but he is now living retired in the city of Champaign. Mr. Little prospered as a farmer and stock man, and his material circumstances have added to his own comfort and have also provided means and training for the careers of his children, in whom he takes special pride. Mr. Little was born in La Salle County, Illinois, September 3, 1857, a son of John and Frances (Bassford) Little. His parents were New Englanders, his father a native of New Hampshire and his mother of Vermont. Both are now deceased. His father was for many years a farmer and ‘was long identified with the agricultural interests of Champaign County. Of the nine children in the family four died in infancy. Addie A. is the wife of John Blair of Syracuse, New York; Leslie resides at Tolono in Champaign County. The next in age is Egbert P.; Luella is the eighth in the family and Linnie is the wife of Charles DeForest, of St. Joseph, Illinois. Egbert P. Little was eleven years of age when he came with his parents to Champaign County in 1868. He grew up on a farm at Tolono, and...

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Biography of Augustus M. Evans

Augustus M. Evans. In the administration of the affairs of county government the duties of few offices are more important than are those of the sheriff. To occupy this position acceptably the incumbent must be a man of unquestioned courage, for even in the most law abiding communities he is frequently called upon to face situations demanding quick, decisive and fearless action; he must possess no inconsiderate amount of detective ability, to be used in the solving of perplexing cases, and he must, withal, be a man of executive ability and force of character in order to inspire respect in his community. Champaign County is fortunate in the possession of a capable sheriff who measures up to the standard set above. Augustus M. Evans has held the shrievalty since 1914, and prior to that time had gained much experience in the office of deputy. He is a former newspaper man and well known to the people of the county who have watched his good official work with satisfaction. Augustus M. Evans was born in Brown County, Ohio, May 22, 1867, and is a son of George M. and Elizabeth A. (Park) Evans, both of whom were born in the Buckeye State. The family came to Champaign County about the year 1868, settling first at Tolono, where George M. Evans followed the trade of carpenter. In 1882 he removed with...

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Biography of Archibald B. Campbell

Archibald B. Campbell went through a long and thorough apprenticeship in business affairs, at first as a railway employee, afterwards as a newspaper editor and publisher, later as postmaster, and for a number of years before his death as a banker at Tolono, where he was one of the effective leaders in business and civic affairs. Mr. Campbell was born in Ayrshire, Scotland, August 4, 1870, a son of Archibald B. and Christina (Stewart) Campbell. His parents were both natives of the bonny land of Scotland. The father followed the business of contracting for the laying out of estates. He died in the old country in 1872. The year following his death the widowed mother brought her family to America and joined her sister at Tolono, Illinois. She died there October 19, 1916. She was the mother of seven children: Alexander A., who died April 26, 1888, was cashier of the Bank of Tolono; Jennie, wife of G. L. Baker, of Champaign; Mary, widow of Robert Leslie, living at Pittsfield, Illinois; John, who died at the age of three years; William S., who died in Tolono in 1896; Peter S., of Urbana; and Archibald B. Archibald B. Campbell had no recollections of his native land, having been brought to America in early infancy. He grew up at Tolono, attended the grammar and high schools, and in 1887, at the...

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Biography of Joseph C. Dodds, M. D., B. L.

Joseph C. Dodds, M. D., B. L. Long identified with Champaign County as a physician and surgeon and also as a citizen and business man, Doctor Dodds has lived in this county since he was ten years of age. He was born on Long Island, New York, June 15, 1864. At the age of ten he came to Champaign to live with his uncle, Dr. J. G. Chambers, brother of his mother. Here Doctor Dodds was educated, graduating from the Urbana High School, from the University of Illinois with the class of 1886, attended the University of Michigan Medical School and in 1889 graduated M. D. from Northwestern University at Chicago. For twenty-five continuous years Doctor Dodds practiced medicine in Champaign County. He was an interne in the Marine Hospital of Chicago, and for some years was on the staff of the Kankakee Eastern Hospital and was district surgeon for the Illinois Central Railway between Gilman and Effingham. In 1908 he was appointed state medical director of the Modern Woodmen of America, and reappointed in 1911. In 1901 Doctor Dodds moved to Denver, Colorado, where he practiced a year and following that for nine years was located at Tolono, Illinois. While at Tolono he held the various offices of the village from mayor down, and his present home is at 622 West Hill Street in Champaign, where he owns...

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Biographical Sketch of Peter H. Mulligan

Peter H. Mulligan, present postmaster of Tolono, has been so long identified with the citizenship and farming activities of southern Champaign County as to require no special introduction. Mr. Mulligan was born at Tolono July 4, 1865. His parents, Peter and Margaret (Lynch) Mulligan, were both natives of Ireland. The father came to this country when a young man, lived in New York about three years, spent another two years in Indiana and then joined the early settlers of Champaign County, establishing his home on a farm near Tolono. There he followed his vocation as a farmer until his death in 1895. His wife had passed away January 4, 1895. They had seven children: Margaret, of Tolono; William, of Tolono; Thomas, of Champaign; Peter H.; Ellen, who died in infancy; Lewis, of Tolono; and Daniel, deceased. Peter H. Mulligan grew up on his father’s farm in Champaign County. He learned the lessons as taught in the district schools and was at home helping his father in the fields until the age of twenty-three. He and his brother Lewis then rented 160 acres of land for a couple of years, after which he bought the farm he still owns in Tolono Township. Mr. Mulligan has lived in the village of Tolono since 1912, and in 1913 received appointment as postmaster and has given all his time to the capable administration...

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