Location: Tioga County PA

Kephart – Walker Family Bible

This is a family Bible owned by H. H. and Mary Kephart of Osceola, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. At some point in it’s providence passed into Annie R. Kephart’s hand and her marriage to Abram L. Walker. At some point it appears the Bible then passed into the hands of Nancy Alda Walker where children from her two marriages appear. The Shultzaberger line comes from the marriage of Nancy Alda Walker to George Levi Shultzaberger. The Wiedman line below comes from the marriage of Nancy Alda Walker to John Lee Wiedman. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to...

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Biography of Col. Homer F. Fellows

In these days of money-making, when life is a constant struggle between right and wrong, it is a pleasure to lay before an intelligent reader the unsullied record of an honorable man. To the youthful it will be a useful lesson, an incentive to honest industry. Col. Homer F. Fellows is acknowledged by all to be one of Springfield’s most public-spirited and honorable citizens. He has been largely identified with the public enterprises of that city, is a promoter of its improvements and the real founder of one of the largest mechanical industries in this part of the State. He springs from old Colonial stock, and is of English-Puritan extraction, two brothers of that name, John and Drane, having emigrated from England in old Colonial times. John Fellows, grandfather of our subject, was born in the town of Canaan, Conn., where his ancestors had settled, and served in the Revolutionary War, fighting bravely for independence. His wife, whose maiden name was Edna Deibold, was a native of Canaan, and came of French extraction. After marriage this worthy couple moved to Luzerne County, Penn., and settling on a farm went actively to work to make many improvements in their new home. Indians were very plentiful at that time. About 1820 Mr. Fellows moved with his family to Tioga County, Penn., and there he passed the remainder of his days, dying...

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Biography of David Heron

In a pleasant, attractive brick residence in a desirable section of Boise City, are living to-day David Heron and wife, esteemed citizens and pioneers of Ada County. Mr. Heron has frequently served his neighbors and friends in official positions of much responsibility and trust, and has won their highest praise for the able and conscientious manner in which he discharged the duties resting upon him. For a period of two years he was the recorder and auditor of this County, for a similar length of time was the County assessor and during some six years was one of the commissioners of Ada County. He has just reason to be proud of his record as a public official, and no breath of criticism or doubt of his strict integrity and impartiality has ever diminished his fair fame. The parents of David Heron were David and Jennie (McGee) Heron, both natives of Scotland. They emigrated to the hospitable shores of America in 1820 and settled in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, where for many years Mr. Heron was engaged in the coal business. In 1857 he removed to Jefferson County, Iowa, where he turned his attention to milling and was thus employed until the time of his death, in the seventy-second year of his age. His good wife survived him, her demise taking place when she was in her eighty-third year. In religious faith...

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Biography of Hon. James G. Watts

Among the practitioners of the bar of Silver City, Idaho, is James G. Watts, who is also a distinguished member of the state senate. Pennsylvania is the state of his nativity, his birth having occurred in the town of Wellsboro, July 23, 1858. His father, Daniel Watts, was a native of England, and on crossing the Atlantic to America took up his residence in New York, whence he afterward removed to the Keystone state. There he was married to Miss Harriet Goodrich, a native of Tioga county, Pennsylvania, and a representative of an old Puritan family. During the civil war the father entered the service of his country as a member of the Union army, and participated in the celebrated march to the sea. He died in a New York hospital of disease contracted in the service, leaving a widow and five children. The mother of these children died in 1890, when she had attained the age of sixty years. James G. Watts acquired his literary education in the Mansfield (Ohio) Normal School, where he was graduated in the class of 1880. For a number of years he successfully engaged in teaching school, and then began preparation for the legal profession as a student in the law office of Hon. T. W. McNealy, of Pittsburg, Illinois. Later he attended the Union College of Law, of Chicago, and was admitted...

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Biography of S. G. Isett, Col.

Col. S. G. Isett. In the history of the oil industry in Kansas there is no better known figure than Col. S. G. Isett, the man who made Chanute famous. He had been connected with the production and handling of oil since 1902, and had been identified with some of the most famous wells the country had known. Colonel Iselt had had an interesting and spectacular career, featured by incidents and experiences any one of which would have satisfied the ordinary individual’s desire for adventure; but while he bears bodily scars as mementos of the thrilling times through which he had passed, his mental capacity remains unimpaired, and today, with faculties sharpened and fully developed, he maintains his position as a leading business man of Chanute, in the midst of the stern competition of the younger generation growing up about him. Colonel Isett is descended from Green ancestors who operated as merchants on the high seas, and who drifted into England, France and Germany, from which last-named country they came to America prior to the Revolution, first settling in Connecticut, later going to Virginia, then to Pennsylvania. In the Old Dominion State, in 1814, was born James K. Isett, the father of the Colonel. He was reared in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, from whence he went to Huntingdon County, in the same state, and was there married. As a successful...

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Biography of Fred J. Horton

Fred J. Horton. When an individual had been closely identified with the business interests of a community for twenty-three years, it would be an anomaly were he not intimately known to the citizens of that place. In the seething, progressive life of an energetic, enterprising city or town the man who shows himself interested in the advancement of the public welfare is bound to be more or less in the public eye, and that eye, as it had often shown itself, is capable of piercing its way into the deepest recesses of the lives of the citizens of the community. For twenty-three years the record of Fred J. Horton had stood inviolate; for nearly a quarter of a century he had been engaged in the oil business at Iola, and during this time had established a reputation, sound and substantial, in commercial and industrial circles. Mr. Horton belongs to the class of men who have worked their own way to success, for his start was at the bottom of the ladder in the business in which he is now engaged. He was born at Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, October 31, 1864, and is a son of Hector and Permelia A. (Emmick) Horton. The Horton family is of English origin, and was founded in the United States by the great-grandfather or the grandfather of Fred J. Horton. The rural schools...

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Biography of C. F. Lutes

C. F. Lutes. The largest hand glass plant west of the Mississippi River is that of the Fredonia Window Glass Company, located at Fredonia, Kansas. The president and general manager of this enterprise, C. F. Lutes, had been connected with the glass industry ever since entering upon his career, and is a man of experience, resource and energy, who, since coming to Kansas in 1904, had occupied a position of importance among the business men of Fredonia. The success of the company with which he is identified, and its allied interests at Caney, Kansas and Okmulgee, Oklahoma, must be accredited to his efforts and good management. Like numerous other men who have reached successful places in business affairs of Kansas, Mr. Lutes is a native of Indiana. He was born at New Albany, the county seat of Floyd County, on the Ohio River, January 1, 1871, and is a son of F. W. Lutes and a member of a family that was founded in America by a German emigrant to New York during ante-Revolutionary days. Daniel Lutes was born in 1803, in Connecticut, and as a young man learned the trade of glass-blowing, which he followed throughout his career. During the latter part of his life he resided at Mount Clemens, Michigan, and there his death occurred in 1873, when he was seventy years of age. He had been...

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Mary Josephine Todd Osgood of Wellsboro PA

OSGOOD, Mary Josephine Todd7, (Josiah6, Dan5, Christopher4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Christopher1) born Feb. 6, 1833, in North Haven, Conn., married May 23, 1861, Charles Grosvenor Osgood, who was born March 22, 1820, in Cincinnatus, Cortland County, N. Y., died March 25, 1908. His parents at one time lived in Pomfret, Conn. She lives in Wellsboro, Penn. Children: I. Harry Winthrop, b. Feb. 23, 1862, unmarried. II. Mary Helen, b. Oct. 24, 1863, m. Sept. 20, 1894, Dr. Clarence Webb. Issue: (1) Charles Grosvenor Webb, b. March 23, 1899; (2) Josephine Wallace Webb, b. April 27, 1906. III. Charles Grosvenor, b. May 4, 1871, Grad. Yale, 1894. He taught at Yale University for two or three years after his graduation, when he was called to Princeton University as English Preceptor; returned to Yale, where he again taught for a few years, when he was recalled to Princeton having been promoted to a full professorship, received the degree of Ph. D. from Yale in 1899. He m. Jan. 29, 1910, Isabella Sheldon Owen, of Princeton, N. J., who was b. Jan. 8, 1873. Issue: (1) Charles Grosvenor Osgood, b. Feb. 1, 1912, d. next...

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Tioga County, Pennsylvania Cemetery Records

Most of these are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing. Cemeteries hosted at Tioga County PAGenWeb Project Bloss Township and Blossburg Borough Brookfield Township Charleston Township Chatham Township Clymer Township Covington Township & Borough Deerfield Township & Knoxville Borough Delmar Township Duncan Township Elk Township Elkland Borough Farmington Township Gaines Township Hamilton Township Jackson Township Lawrence Township and Lawrenceville Borough Liberty Township and Liberty Borough Middlebury Township Nelson Township Osceola Township Morris Township Richmond Township &  Mansfield Borough Rutland Township & Roseville Borough Shippen Township Sullivan Township and(extinct) Mainesburg Borough Tioga Township & Borough Union Township Ward Township and (extinct) Fall Brook Borough Wellsboro Township Westfield Township & Borough Cemeteries hosted at Tioga County Pennsylvania Gravestones Arbon Cemetery Mainesburg Cemetery Cemeteries hosted at Tioga County Pennsylvania Political Graveyard Cemeteries hosted at Tioga County Pennsylvania Find a Grave Academy Hill Cemetery Ackley Cemetery Alder Run Cemetery Ames Hill Cemetery Ansonia Cemetery Ansonia Cemetery Antrim Cemetery Arbon Cemetery Austin Farm Cemetery, Charleston, Twp Austinburg Cemetery Bacon Cemetery Baker Cemetery Baptist Cemetery (Horn) Bartle Cemetery Baxter Cemetery Blackwell Cemetery Blossburg Cemetery Boardman Cemetery Bowen Cemetery Briggs Cemetery Broadacres Cemetery Brookfield Cemetery Brookside Cemetery Buchanan Cemetery Buckheit Crematory Bullock Cemetery Burnside & Chappell Cemetery Butler Cemetery Butler Hill Cemetery, Deerfield Township Button Hill Cemetery Canoe Camp Cemetery Carpenter Cemetery Catlin...

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Biography of Bert L. Horton

Bert L. Horton, whose full name is Hubert Lee Horton, has spent about thirteen years of his life in Kansas and is one of the large oil producers in Montgomery County. His home and many of his business interests are at Wayside. He is of Pennsylvania birth and ancestry. There were three Horton brothers back in colonial times who came from England. Mr. Horton’s grandfather, Thomas Horton, was reared in New York State, where for a time in the early days he conducted a distillery, but subsequently moved to Tioga County, Pennsylvania, where he engaged in farming until his death. It was in Tioga County, Pennsylvania, that Hubert Lee Horton was born November 23, 1876. His father Hector Horton was born in New York State in 1823, went to Tioga County as a young man, was married there, and followed farming and stock raising until his death in August, 1898. He was a republican. The maiden name of his wife was Permelia Emmick, who was born at Babb’s Creek, now Morris, Pennsylvania, and is still living in Butler County of that state. Their children were: Charles A., an oil producer in Butler County, Pennsylvania; Frank, in the pipe pulling business in the Tulsa oil fields and a resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma; Maria, wife of A. C. English, who has a fruit farm at La Porte, Texas; George E., an...

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Biography of Ray L. Bailey

Ray L. Bailey is one of the widely known men of Shawnee County, and is now successfully farming a fine place four miles north of North Topeka. He makes farming a real business, understands it in all details, and gives it the same energy and close attention which he formerly paid to his work as a traveling salesman. He was on the road for a number of years, and his firm sent him on a number of missions to Old Mexico. On account of his travel and extensive acquaintance in that southern republic he is well informed as to Mexican internal affairs. Mr. Bailey was born in Mansfield, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, August 24, 1868, but has been a resident of Kansas since his parents brought him to this state in October, 1872. M. D. Bailey, his father, has long been a prominent man in Kansas. On coming to the state in 1872 he and his family settled in Pawnee County. He was also a native of Tioga County, Pennsylvania, and the Bailey family were among the pioneers in that district. The father of M. D. Bailey was Benjamin F. Bailey, who was born in Pennsylvania and in early territorial days, before the Civil war, came out to Leavenworth, Kansas, and opened a store. Mr. A. Meyers, who is now living in Meyers Valley, in Pottawatomie County, is one of...

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Biography of Joseph R. Bernauer

Joseph R. Bernauer. Since assuming the management of the Fredonia Window Glass Company’s plant at Caney, Joseph R. Bernauer has been successful in showing excellent financial results, and has evidenced a broad knowledge of mechanical science as well as a wealth of executive ability. Many years of practical experience contribute to his equipment, and during his career he has been connected with some of the leading concerns of this kind in the West. Mr. Bernauer was born in Baden, Germany, August 13, 1863, and is a son of Raymond and Brigeta (Schlagel) Bernauer. His grandfather, Quirin Bernauer, was born in Baden, Germany, where the family has resided for many generations, in 1800, passed his life as a successful merchant, and died in 1883. Raymond Bernauer was also born in Baden, in 1834, followed the weaver’s trade for some years, and likewise engaged in farming to some extent. He was also possessed of much inventive genius, as his invention of the wire screen will testify, but his career in this direction was cut short by his early death, in 1869. Mrs. Bernauer, who was born in 1843, died in 1883, in the faith of the Roman Catholic Church, of which her husband was also a member. They were the parents of three children, namely: Joseph R., of this review; Pauline, who is still a resident of Baden; and Otto, a...

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