Location: Sterling Vermont

Biographical Sketch of William Melendy

William Melendy came from New Hampshire about the year 1812, and located upon a farm in that portion of the town which was subsequently annexed from Sterling. He reared ten children, five of whom settled in the town. William, the oldest, born in 1819, now resides on road 8. He represented his town in the legislature in 1878. Nathaniel, a twin of William, Sr., came into the town with his brother, and located in the eastern part, where he resided until 1835, and then removed to the northern part, where he died in 1862. Of his family of eleven children, four are now residents of the town. Alfred, one of the younger children, born in 1823, resided on road 8. Crosby Melendy, son of Nathaniel, reared a family of four children, three of whom settled in the town. John F. Melendy, born here in 1852, has resided in the town all his life, with the exception of four...

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1840 Census Index, Sterling, Lamoille County, Vermont

Name Page Bages, Lownia 80 Baker, Arad 80 Baker, John 80 Bingham, Elijah 80 Black, Isaac H. 81 Brackett, Isaac 81 Bugbee, Olney 81 Bugh, Oliver 81 Childs, Artemas 80 Clark, Reuben 80 Darling, Bamack 80 Dike, Linus 81 Dike, William 80 Dike, Zedacster 80 Eaton, Ephraim 80 Eaton, Hartwell 80 Eaton, Moses 80 Gates, Nathan B. 80 Gragg, Mc Daniel 80 Gragg, Nancy 80 Kempbell, Asaph 80 Mosher, Silas 80 Paine, Amos 80 Pike, Samuel F. 81 Smith, Moses B. 80 Sonders, Oliver 81 Velars, Moses 80 Werner, Jonathan 80 Wilkens, Etha 81 Wilson, Huldah 80 Wilson, James...

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