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Location: Somerville New Jersey

Biography of James W. Eaton

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now JAMES W. EATON A TRULY representative Albanian who has contributed largely to the architectural adornments of the city of his adoption, and whose name will always be favorably associated in the construction of the new capitol, is James W. Eaton. His life is specially interesting and instructive as presenting the more solid characteristics which are essential in the formation of a type of true manhood – a type which will ever be a blessing to any community. He was born at Somerville, N. J., not far from the city of New Brunswick, on the 22d of August, 1817. His ancestors were among the Puritans of the old Massachusetts Bay colony, who in 1629, with five shiploads of colonists under their leader, John Endicott, landed at Salem and Charlestown, just nine years after the settlement at Plymouth. Here, breathing the purer air of liberty in civil and ecclesiastical matters than they enjoyed in the old world, actuated by a spirit of piety, and filled with noble impulses, they engaged manfully in the trials and struggles incident to pioneer life in a new wilderness land. The father of the subject of this memoir was Josiah Eaton, a native of Keene, N. H., who after Hving several years in the old granite state removed to New Jersey and took...

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