Location: Shawnee County KA

Biography of Joseph G. Waters, Capt.

Joseph G. Waters, soldier, publicist, author of note, public speaker, lawyer, of Topeka, is an individuality out of the ordinary. As a soldier, his services were a credit to his country, and himself, and his five wounds received in action are witnesses of his activity. As an author his published utterances have been rarely seen outside his own family circle owing to the retiemce and innate modesty of the writer, but throughout his writings, whether prose or poetry, forcefulness, pleasing diction and pathos of high order predominated. For three decades his services have been in demand as a public speaker covering a wide variety of subjects and including patriotic political, economic and social questions. On the occasion of Queen Vietoria’s jubilee, he delivered the address in Topeka before those of English nativity or descent, and this was so highly esteemed by her majesty as to be one of six, out of thousands, to be selected as especially pleasing to the queen and worthy of being engrossed and placed in the English archives. For this Captain Waters received a grateful letter of thanks inspired by her majesty. For nearly half a century he had been one of the leading lawyers of Kansas and although past the three-score-and-ten years of life, he continues to be a conspicuous figure in the legals affairs of the state. Discover your family's story. Enter a...

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Biography of Henry A. Auerbach

Topekans and Kansans know and call Henry A. Auerbach a great merchant. He had been in business in that city more than a quarter of a century. He possesses and exercises those qualities which are most intimately associated with a prosperous mercantile career. He is a man of fixed and unbending integrity, of almost phenomenal energy and those who have followed his work say that three factors have been important in the results he had gained. First he and his partner each thoroughly learned the business from the bottom up. Second, each partner worked many hours while others, less ambitious, were resting. The third factor throughout their history had been honest representation in every phase of their business. Although of foreign birth, Henry A, Auerbach is wholly American in thought, sttitude and sympathies. In fact it was only the accident of birth that made him a native of Germany, since he had lived in this country since the first year of his life and had completely adapted himself to the atmosphere, thought and enstoms of his adopted land. He was born at Nordstettin, Wuertemberg, Germany, June 17, 1866. In the following year his parents, Abram and Esther (Rothschild) Auerbach, emigrated to America on board a sailing vessel. His parents lived in Davenport, Iowa, where his father died in 1874. In 1875 the widowed mother removed to Chicago, and in...

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