Location: Savannah New York

Biography of Joseph Edward Exner

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Joseph Edward Exner, now president of the Coffeyville Shale Products Company and especially identified with a number of other manufacturing and business concerns of Montgomery County, is a veteran railroad man, having retired from the hazardous and responsible position of locomotive engineer some thirteen years ago to take up a career as a manufacturer at Coffeyville. He is an Eastern man, though most of his experience in railroading and business has been gained in the West. His Exner ancestors had their original seat of residence in Germany. During colonial times two brothers of the name came to New York State, while another brother went to Australis. At Savannah, New York, Joseph Edward Exner was born November 10, 1861, a son of Edward Exner. His father was born at Clyde, New York, in 1829 and was a successful farmer and stock raiser at Savannah and Port Byron, New York. His death occurred at the latter place in 1902. He was a democrat and a member of the Methodist Church. Edward Exner married Mary Jane DeVoe, who was born at Montezuma, New York, in 1841 and died at Savannah in that state in 1869. Their children were: Maitie, wife of Willis M. Frost, a retired farmer at South Butler, New York; and Joseph E. Reared on a New...

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Biography of Samuel Theodore Howe

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Samuel Theodore Howe. Beginning in 1871, when he was appointed to a township office in Marion County, Samuel T. Howe had been engaged in the discharge of duties connected with some public and official positions practically without interruption to the present time. He first attained state wide prominence in the early ’80s when he was elected state treasurer. He had also been state railroad commissioner, and for the past ten years had been the senior commissioner of the tax commission of Kansas. He was born July 23, 1848, at Savannah, Wayne County, New York, but was reared and educated at Toledo, Ohio. Mr. Howe is notably modest in respect to his own achievements and those of his family, but he evidently possesses a fine strain of rugged character that had been inherent in the American branch of the family for generations back. The Howe family is one of decided antiquity in American annals, and many of the name in different generations have gained prominence in business, the professions and in public life. In more recent times one of these was James R. Howe of Brooklyn, New York, a first cousin to the Kansas tax commissioner. James R. Howe, recently deceased, was a unique character in New York politics. He was the first republican member of Congress...

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