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Biography of John Hanson

John Hanson, who loyally served this country as a member of the navy, is now successfully engaged in farming and stock raising on Camas prairie, in Idaho county, where he owns four hundred and eighty acres of land. He is a native of Denmark, his birth having occurred in that land on the 9th of June 1827. At the age of fifteen he bade adieu to home and friends and went to sea, eventually sailing to New York, in 1849. While there he joined the United States Navy and served for sixteen months, at the expiration of which period he received an honorable discharge. He then sailed on merchant vessels on the Pacific ocean and on the Mediterranean sea, and became a well informed seaman, his ability and worth winning him promotion from time to time, until he became a first mate. During his seafaring life he passed through many dangers and hardships, which if written out in full would make a most interesting volume. He was shipwrecked twice off the coast of San Francisco, where the ship was driven ashore, and was also in a fearful typhoon in South American waters, the ship being lost, but the crew escaped with their lives. When the United States became involved in the greatest civil war known to modern history, he determined to aid in the perpetuation of the Union, and...

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Biography of Michael J. Shields

The life of Michael Joseph Shields affords an illustration of the vicissitudes of business under modern conditions; it emphasizes the importance of doing the right thing at the right time, and it teaches a lesson of patience under difficulties and perseverance against obstacles, a lesson that should not be lost upon all of the many who need it. It is suggestive in another way, too, because it affords an example, in addition to many others that have been given in the past, of the excellent quality of the sturdy Irish-American character. Mr. Shields, who is one of the most enterprising and influential citizens of Moscow and who has the reputation of having done as much toward the upbuilding of that city as any other man, was born near Lockport, New York, September 15, 1853. His parents were natives of Ireland. His father, John Shields a well known contractor, was drowned at the age of thirty-one while making improvements on a section of the Erie Canal. After his death his widow, with three children, removed to Lockport where she died in her fifty-seventh year. After having attended school at Rochester and Lockport, New York, Michael Joseph Shields began the battle of life as a driver on the Erie Canal. His business ability was exhibited early in his career, for at seventeen we find him the owner of a team, at...

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Biography of Alfred Eoff

Alfred Eoff, the able and widely known cashier of the Boise City National Bank, possesses the undaunted spirit and business enterprise which have developed and are developing the marvelous resources and wealth of the western states and territories. All credit is due the brave and fearless frontiersman who paves the way for the on-coming tide of civilization, and, by his industry and zeal opens a thousand avenues for commerce and progress. In such a work Mr. Eoff has largely aided and in the history of Idaho he well deserves representation. Of Dutch ancestry, the forefathers of Alfred Eoff settled at an early day in Wheeling, West Virginia, and one of the streets of that city is named in honor of the family. James Eoff, the father of our subject, was born in Virginia (ere that state had been divided) and in 1840 removed to the prairies of Illinois, in company with his father. When grown to maturity he married there Miss Jane Ayres, and of their five children Alfred is now the only survivor. He was born in the village of White Hall, Illinois, June 11, 1845, and received his education in the schools of Chicago. In 1862, when he was seventeen years of age, he joined an uncle in Colorado, and within a short time he became connected with the Ben Holliday Stage Company. Later he was made...

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Biography of Hon. George B. Rogers

Some men achieve success almost instantaneously, some by slow accretion, others only after long and patient working and waiting. The experience of men who are willing to work persistently and intelligently and wait calmly goes to prove that success may surely be attained during an ordinary lifetime, and no man not cut off at an untimely age need work and wait in vain. These reflections have been suggested by a consideration of the career of Hon. George B. Rogers, receiver of the United States land office at Blackfoot, Idaho, who is one of the most prominent and successful citizens of the state. He was born in Dodgeville, Iowa County, Wisconsin, February 22, 1842. His father, John Rogers, was born in England and there married Miss Hannah Bailey. They came to the United States in 1837, bringing with them two daughters, named Susan and Elizabeth, and located at Mineral Point, Wisconsin, where Mr. Rogers engaged in lead-mining and later became a farmer. He died in 1880, aged seventy-six years, and his wife passed away in 1882, aged seventy-three. They were lifelong members and supporters of the Methodist Episcopal church. Six more children were born to them in Wisconsin, of whom George B. Rogers was the second in order of nativity and of whom two others are living. George B. Rogers was brought up on his father’s farm and at a...

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Biographical Sketch of George N. Ifft

George N. Ifft, of the firm of Ifft & Wallin, proprietors and managers of the Pocatello Tribune, is a native of Butler County, Pennsylvania, born January 27, 1865. He began newspaper work, as a reporter, in Pittsburg, that state, and continued in that capacity and in various editorial relations in other cities, as Washington, D. C, Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City and San Francisco, until January 1, 1893, when he came to Idaho, locating at Pocatello, and since that time he has been connected with the Pocatello Tribune, as more fully described in our sketch of that paper. Mr. Ifft is a Republican, but is one of those who have always been firm believers in silver as advocated by the people of the west generally, and as such has taken an active part in the politics of the state. William Wallin is a practical, all around newspaper man, who came to Idaho in 1893, after a service extending over a number of years in various capacities on papers in Ogden and Salt Lake...

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Biography of George A. Frost

The horologe of time has marked off thirty-nine years since George A. Frost came to the Pacific coast, and thirty years have been added to the cycle of the centuries since his arrival in Lewiston. He is numbered among the esteemed and valued residents of this place, and as a representative citizen of northern Idaho well deserves mention in this volume. He was born in St. Auburns, Somerset county, Maine, November 14, 1836, and is of Scotch and English lineage. His parents were both natives of Kennebec County, Maine, and in 1852 the father came to the west, making the journey by way of the Panama route. He first located in California, where he engaged in mining, and was one of the first at the Cornstock lead, in Nevada. He later removed to Walla Walla, Washington, where his death occurred in 1878, when he had reached the age of seventy-eight years. His widow still resides there and is now in her seventy-ninth year. George A. Frost is the eldest of their three children. He was educated in Dexter, Maine, and when his father returned to the Pine Tree state for the family he came to the Pacific coast. They followed the isthmus route and located in California, our subject engaging in mining on the American river. He afterward went to Nevada, where he took out considerable gold, and then...

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Biography of Joseph Alexander

There is ever an element of interest in the history of a self-made man, one who starts out in life empty-handed and wrests fortune from an adverse fate. Obstacles and difficulties are encountered, but to the man of resolute purpose these but call for renewed effort and serve as stepping stones to something higher. The life record of Mr. Alexander stands in exemplification of what may be accomplished in this free land of ours, where the man of ambition and determination is unhampered by caste or class. He was born in Adelsheim, in the grand duchy of Baden, Germany, on the 17th of March, 1837, his parents being Samuel and Caroline (Steinhart) Alexander. The father was a dealer in cattle and horses. Both parents were Hebrews in religious faith, and the mother departed this life in her forty-fourth year, while the father reached the ripe old age of seventy-one. They had two sons and two daughters, all yet living. Joseph Alexander attended the public schools of his native land until his sixteenth year, when he bade adieu to home and friends and crossed the Atlantic to America, hoping to make a fortune in the New World. He was a poor boy and the language of the people was unknown to him, but with a stout heart and ready hands he began work, being employed for a few years as...

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Biography of Henry Wax

Henry Wax, president of the board of trustees of Grangeville and one of her most enterprising business men, claims California as the state of his nativity, his birth having occurred in San Francisco, on the 4th of August, 1859. His parents were Jacob and Amelia (Elkles) Wax natives of Germany, who located in California in pioneer days. The year 1852 witnessed their arrival in the Golden state, where the father carried on merchandising in several towns up to the time of his death. He passed away in his forty-fourth year, his estimable wife having been called to the home beyond three weeks previously. In their family were seven children, of whom only three are living. Henry Wax, the third in order of birth, was only a small boy when bereft of his parents. He was educated in the public schools of his native town and began to earn his own living as a clerk in the store of Meier & Frank, remaining with that firm for seven years, as one of their most trusted employees. There he laid the foundation of his future successful career, by acquiring a systematic and thorough knowledge of business methods and becoming familiar with the qualities of goods handled. In 1880 he became a resident of Mount Idaho, and in partnership with Mr. Weiler began business on his own account. In 1886 he opened...

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Biography of Noyes B. Holbrook

Mr. Holbrook dates his residence in Idaho from 1862, and is therefore one of its pioneer settlers. He has witnessed almost the entire growth and development of the state, and has largely aided in its progress and advancement, neglecting no duty of citizenship and withholding his support and cooperation from no measure for the public good. He is now proprietor of the roller-process flouring mill at Juliaetta, and is an enterprising business man whose honorable methods commend him to the confidence and secure him the patronage of a large portion of the community with which he is connected. Mr. Holbrook was born in New Haven, Connecticut, March 29, 1830, and is of English descent, a representative of one of the early New England families. John Holbrook, his great-grandfather, was a native of the “merrie isle,” and thence crossed the Atlantic to the New World, taking up his residence in New Haven County, Connecticut. He had a family of five sons, four of whom served in the war which brought to America her independence, being loyal members of the Colonial army. The youngest served under General Harrison in the war of 1812. One of these sons, Abel Holbrook, was the grandfather of our subject. He was born in New Haven County, and during the Revolution served as captain of a company. By occupation he was a farmer, and operated his...

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Biography of James Madden

The broad acres of Idaho have made stock raising one of the principal industries of the state, by reason of the excellent pasturage afforded, and among those who are successfully and extensively engaged in this business is James Madden, of Lewiston. A native of Ireland, he was born in county Galloway, December 18, 1855, his parents being Patrick and Mary (Kane) Madden, both of whom were natives of the Emerald Isle, where the father filled the responsible position of superintendent of a large estate. He lived to the venerable age of ninety-five years, and the mother passed away at the age of seventy-five. They were devout members of the Catholic Church and were people of the highest respectability. In their family were seven children, five sons and two daughters, and with one exception all arc yet living. James Madden, the fourth in order of birth, was reared and educated in the land of his nativity, and in 1865 crossed the Atlantic to America. He was then a poor young man without capital, but he possessed energy, and resolute purpose, and these stood him instead of fortune. He spent eighteen months in Massachusetts, working for twenty-nine dollars per month. He saved his money and when he went to San Francisco, California, he had three hundred and twenty dollars. He was forced to expend this for board, however, after which he...

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Biography of John Rose

John Rose, who for several years had been numbered among the leading oil producers in Montgomery County fields, and resided at Independence, is a thoroughly practical as well as successful man, as his career indicates. When only thirteen he started out for himself, and had since hewed his way through difficulties, through poverty, to a successful position in the world. He was born February 26, 1861, near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and is of Scotch parentage. His father, James Rose, was born in Scotland in 1822, was reared and learned the trade of stone mason in his native country, and about 1860 emigrated to Canada. In 1862 he moved his family to Ottawa County, Michigan, and became one of the early farmers there. At that time there were only five white families in the entire township where he settled. He spent the rest of his days actively engaged in farming and died in Ottawa County, Michigan, in 1876. After coming to the United States he was a republican voter, was a member of the Congregational Church and a man of very excellent character. He married Jane Daveney, who was boxn in Scotland in 1832, and who died in Michigan in 1890. They had a large family of children, John Rose being the eighth and youngest. Mention of the others is as follows: William, a farmer at Big Rapids, Michigan; Agnes;...

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Biography of Charles L. Kaler

CHARLES L. KALER. – A real pioneer of the pioneers, who has wrought on the Pacific coast for forty years and more with display of energy and skill that have placed him among the leaders of the county in attaining its progress, the well-known gentleman, whose name is at the head of this article is deserving of representation in the volume of his county’s history. He is proprietor of the large green house in Lagrande and handles one of the largest nurseries of the state, having a full line of all varieties of both ornamental trees and rare shrubs and flowers. Mr. Kaler was born in Waldoborough, Maine, being the son of Charles L. and Mary Kaler, both of whom died when he was very young. His childhood days were spent with a neighbor, and when nine years had rolled by he inaugurated independent action and set out to Vermont, returning later to Maine, thence to Florida and again returning to Maine and then to San Francisco, where he spent two years. The next trip was to Vancouver Island, whence he made his way to the Caribou mines and four years were spent there in search for gold. He came back to Westminster, through Olympia and Cowlitz to Portland, thence to Salem, Mooney’s station, Waldo Butte and Umatilla, in which latter place he remained for a number of years,...

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Biography of Lyttleton Price

Michigan has contributed its full share toward the intellectual progress of the new west. As many Michigan men are to be found in places of trust and responsibility, in the learned professions and in the higher circles of business, in the Rockies and beyond them, as men from any state in the Union. Lyttleton Price, who is part owner and manager of the Red Cloud and Solace groups of mines, is a prominent Idaho lawyer and politician, a resident of Hailey and a native of Macomb County, Michigan. He was born twenty miles northeast of Detroit, May 4, 1848, a son of David and Elvira (Momford) Price. In both lines of descent he is of English blood. Both families turned out heroes in the Revolutionary war. One of these was Captain Peter Price. Another was Captain Simons, the maternal grandfather of Mr. Price’s mother. Both were from Maryland, and the records of their valor are to be found among the archives of that state. Mr. Price’s grandfathers both lived in Rush, New York, twenty miles from the city of Rochester, and there his parents were born and were married. His father was a merchant, farmer and miller, a man of extensive enterprises for his time and generation. In religion he was a Universalist; his wife was a Methodist. They removed to Michigan in 1835 and were among the pioneers...

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Biography of Calvin R. White

Calvin R. White, one of the best known pioneers of Idaho, now residing in Boise, was born near Boston, Massachusetts, July 27, 1836, his parents being Samuel B. and Sarah (Richardson) White, natives of the Bay state. The father was for many years connected with the Boston & Lowell Railway, and died in the city of Boston when about seventy-six years of age. He was a son of Samuel White, also a native of Massachusetts, in which state his death occurred when he had passed the psalmist’s span of life of three-score years and ten. The mother of our subject died in Winchester, Massachusetts, in 1880, when about seventy-four years of age. In the public schools of South Woburn, Winchester and Boston Calvin R. White acquired his early education, which was supplemented by a course in the Warren Academy, at Woburn, Massachusetts. At the age of thirteen he went to sea, and spent fourteen years before the mast, being in command of a vessel during one-half of that period. He made seven trips to Calcutta and visited many other foreign ports, thus gaining a broad knowledge of the various countries and their peoples. On quitting the sea he located at San Francisco, where he spent the winter of 1862-3 and then came across the country to the territory of Idaho. For four years he resided in Centerville and in...

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Biography of John Krall

Few lives have been more active or more thoroughly filled with incidents of interest and of unusual nature than has that of John Krall, one of the pioneers of Idaho, and for about thirty-five years a resident in the vicinity of Boise City. Now a wealthy man, he is indebted to himself alone for his fortune, for he started out in youth to fight the battle of life, a poor boy, and by the exercise of industry and perseverance, in the face of great difficulties, he came off victor over all. Mr. Krall is a native of Germany, born December 10, 1835, his parents and ancestors likewise being of German birth. His father owned a flouring mill and the lad early learned the business. When he had mastered the branches of learning taught in the government schools he went to England, and there, at sixteen, took up the study of the English language and customs, while he worked as a baker and confectioner. Desiring to see something of the world, and well equipped to earn a living, as he was familiar with two languages and had mastered two trades, he shipped aboard a vessel and in the next few years sailed to various parts of the world. Once, when sailing around Cape Horn, he was shipwrecked, and the disabled vessel was towed to Valparaiso by an English man-of-war. From...

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