Location: Pictou Nova Scotia Canada

Ministers of Middle River, Westville and Gairloch

John D. Murray, Middle River; Died 1906. He was settled at Port Hill, P. E. I., in 1865. He held pastorates at Moncton, Buctouche and Red Bank, N. B. He died, aged 72 years, of which he had been 41 years in the ministry. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Alexander McBean, Middle River; Deceased. Secretary for the British American and Tract Society, Halifax, for many years. Duncan R. Crockett, Middle River; Deceased. For some years he rendered good service to the church in N. B. In 1882 he went to the U. S. locating at Greenwood, Mo. In 1891 he was called as Home Missionary in the Indian Territory, where he labored for many years among the Indians. John Thos. Crockett, Middle River; Deceased. Pastor of the Adventist Church, Nashville, Tenn. and other places. Both sons of the late John Crockett, Middle River. Their mother was a daughter of Rev. Duncan Ross, West River. Wm. Douglas, Middle River; Died 1904. He was born in 1856,...

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Clergymen born in Pictou Town

Below are the names of the clergymen born in Pictou Town with place of birth and brief reference to those who are dead, and the present addresses of those who are still living. A few of the ministers mentioned in this chapter were not born in the county, but came into it when quite young, and were brought up and educated in it. The ministers belonging to denominations other than Presbyterian are so indicated. Robert S. Patterson, M.A., Pictou; Died in 1882. He was minister of the congregation at Bedeque, P. E. I., fifty-six years and six months. This is, perhaps, the longest unbroken pastorate in one congregation in the history of the Canadian Church. John L. Murdoch, M.A., Pictou; Died in 1873. John Geddie, D.D., Pictou; Died in 1872. The founder of the New Hebrides Mission. William McCulloch, D.D., Pictou; Died in 1895. He was minister of the oldest regularly organized Presbyterian Church in Canada for over fifty years. He was ordained at Truro, Feb. 14, 1839, and his whole life was spent in this one congregation. He was a man of eminence as a pastor, a presbyter and educator. He was a son of Dr. McCulloch of Pictou Academy. Daniel M. Gordon, D.D., LL.D., Pictou; Kingston, Ont. D. M. Stearns, D.D., Pictou; Germantown, Pa. Born in 1844; educated in Pictou Academy; teacher for a number of years...

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Ministers Born and Bred in Merigomish, Sutherland’s River District

John Campbell, Merigomish; Deceased. For some years he was pastor of St. Andrew’s Church, Halifax, and for 18 years minister of Buccleuch parish Church, Edinburgh, Scotland, where he died. Isaac S. Simpson, Merigomish; Chicago, Ill. Wm. H. Smith, B.D., Ph.D., Merigomish; Fredericton, N. B. Pastor, St. Paul’s Church. Edwin Smith, M.A., Merigomish; McLeod, Alta. A. A. Smith, B. A., Merigomish; Verschoyle, Ont. F. W. Thompson, B.A., Merigomish; St. John, N. B. Pastor, Calvin Church. Lawrence B. Campbell, Merigomish. Theol. Student. Son of late Rev. Alexander Campbell. W. B. MacDonald, Merigomish; Lourdes, N. S. Pastor of the Roman Catholic Church. John Chisholm, B.A., Sutherland’s River; Montreal, Can. Pastor, Victoria Church. Alex. W. McKay, Sutherland’s River; Deceased. Pastor for some time at Streetsville, Ont. James M. Sutherland, Sutherland’s River: E. Pepperell, Mass. Pastor, Methodist Church. John Lamont, Sutherland’s River; Deceased. Graduated but never had a charge. For many years he was a successful colporteur for the National Bible Society, in the Maritime Provinces. John A. Macglashen, B.D., French River; Bridgeport, C. B. A. W. Pollock, B.A., French River; Deceased. Student in Theology. Drowned at French River. James A. Mclean, B.A., Thorburn; Mahone Bay, N. S. John J. MacDonald, Thorburn; Brooklyn, N. Y. Pastor, South Presbyterian Church. Wm. Macpherson, Thorburn; Waterville, N. S. A. S. WEIR, Thorburn; Swan River, Manitoba. J. F. McKay, Thorburn; Clyde River, N. S. William Forbes, B.A., Little...

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Ministers Born in the McLennan’s Mountain Section

Wm. Fraser, D.D., McLennan’s Brook; Died 1892. Dr. Fraser was born at McLennan’s Brook, May 19, 1808. He received his academic and theological education at Pictou Academy of which Dr. McCulloch was then the head. At the age of twenty-six he was sent as a missionary to Upper Canada, and a year later, was settled at Bond Head, Ontario, his first and only pastorate. Here he labored most faithfully for forty-six years until his retirement in 1881 when he removed to Barrie. He was active in educational work; an earnest advocate of temperance and always a close attendant on church courts. In 1851 he was appointed clerk of the U. P. Synod; at the union of 1861 to the Joint Clerkship of the Canada Presbyterian Synod; and in 1875, to the Joint Clerkship of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. He continued in this office until 1892, in his 85th year. Dr. Fraser was a man of calm, judicial spirit, excellent business qualities, unvarying industry and punctuality and always in perfect health till his latest years. He died on Christmas day, 1892. He was thrice married. In 1834 to Jane Geddie, sister of the Rev. John Geddie, by whom he had three children. Second, to Nancy McCurdy of Onslow, N. S., in 1844. Three sons of this marriage were Rev. J. B. Fraser, M. D., Annan,...

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Ministers Born In Stellarton And Riverton

George M. Grant, D.D., LL.D., Stellarton; Died 1902. Chas. M. Grant, D.D., Stellarton; Dundee, Scotland. Retired from the Ministry. John Morton, D.D., Stellarton; Died 1913. Thos. Cumming, D.D. Stellarton; Stellarton, N. S. Retired from the Ministry. Robert Cumming, D.D., Stellarton; Trinidad, B. W. I. James Falconer, Stellarton; Santa Clara, Calif. Peter A. Dunn, B.D., Stellarton; Arbuthnott, Scotland. Minister of the Parish Church, Arbuthnott, Scotland. Wm. H. McDonald, Stellarton; Denver, Col. Joseph S. McKay, Stellarton; Port Hill, P. E. I. Mr. McKay, well known evangelist, was ordained by presbytery of P. E. I., in 1913. Chas. J. Connolly, Ph.D., Stellarton; Antigonish, N. S. St. Francis Xavier College. Richard Gilmore, D.D., Stellarton. He was born in Scotland but came to N. S. with his parents when four years old. They settled at Plymouth, opposite Stellarton, where they lived for several years. Afterwards they moved to Ohio, U. S. A. His parents were Presbyterians but he entered the Roman Catholic Church and rose to be Bishop of Cleveland, where he died some years ago. He was the author of several religious works. Alexander McKenzie, Riverton; Died 1860. He was the son of Thos. McKenzie and an uncle of Thos. Grant, Riverton. He went to Upper Canada where he spent most of his ministry. He founded the church at Goderich, Ont. For several years he was an instructor in the grammar schools at...

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Ministers Born and brought up in Hopewell District

Rev. A. Maclean, D.D., Hopewell; Eureka, N. S. Retired from the Ministry. Donald Macrae, D.D., Hopewell; Died 1909. Hugh Dunbar, Hopewell; Died 1857. HUGH Ross, Hopewell; Died 1858. Clarence Mackinnon, D.D., Hopewell; Halifax, N. S. Principal, Presbyterian College. Albert G. Mackinnon, M.A., Hopewell; Greenock, Scotland. Author of a series of books for young men: “Spiritually Fit”; “Tangible Tests”; “Truths for Today”; “God’s Right of Way Through a Young Man’s Life”. Rev. Clarence and Albert G. MacKinnon are sons of the late Rev. John Mackinnon. John B. MacLean, B. D., Hopewell, Huntington, Que. Author of “The Secret of the Stream”, thoughtful religious essays on Life and Literature. A. D. McIntosh, M.A., Hopewell; Souris, P. E. I. Jas. R. MacDonald, Hopewell. He was for many years a teacher in the public schools in the Province. Graduated from Princeton Seminary 1895, held pastorates in Fairville, N. B., Barney’s River, Caledonia and Sheet Harbor, N. S. He died at Elmsdale, 1912. John W. Britton, Hopewell; Pugwash, N. S. Asa J. Crockett, B. A., Hopewell; Hopewell, N. S. Graduated from the Rochester Baptist Seminary. Donald Ross, D. D., Lorne; Died 1907. At the age of 27 he entered the ministry and for four years was pastor in Seattle, Wash. Twenty-five years were spent in eastern Canada, when he removed to the West. He was a man widely known for his learning and for his...

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Ministers Born On East River

Wm. Mcmillan, Churchville; Died 1889. He was educated for the ministry in Scotland, and was for a number of years pastor at Earltown, whence he removed to Saltsprings. He was pastor for 13 years at St. Paul’s Church, East River. He was a diligent minister, and a warm hearted friend. Simon Mcgregor, Churchville; Deceased. He was minister of the West Branch and East River Kirk Churches for eight years. He spent thirteen years in pioneer work in British Columbia. He went to Scotland in 1881, and was elected minister of Appin, in the North of Scotland, where he labored until he retired. He died in Edinburgh, deeply regretted. Angus Mcgillivray, Springville; Died 1869. James Maclean, D.D., Springville; Died 1914. Nearly the whole of Dr. Maclean’s ministry was spent in Colchester County at Shubenacadie and Great Village. He was a graduate of the West River Seminary, and finished his studies in 1853. He was an excellent preacher and minister and a most devoted friend. Ebenezer McLean, Springville; Deceased. He was a nephew of the Rev. Dr. Maclean, and was a student for the ministry, but died in early life. John D. McGillivray, Springville, Truro, N. S. Retired from the Ministry. James T. McGillivray, Springville. A student in theology, died Oct., 1856, aged 24 years. Sons of Rev. Angus McGillivray. Robert Grant, Springville; Died 1898. Studied in Pictou Academy and Edinburgh...

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Ministers Born and Bred in New Glasgow

Peter G. McGregor, D.D., New Glasgow; Died in 1886. Dr. McGregor was the son of Rev. James McGregor, D.D. He studied Theology under Dr. McCulloch. In 1843 he was called to Poplar Grove Church, Halifax, where he was minister for twenty-five years. He was an excellent pastor and preacher. In 1868 he was appointed General Agent for the Church in Nova Scotia, the duties of which he discharged with fidelity and success. John Forrest, D.D., LL.D., New Glasgow; Halifax, N. S. George Sutherland, New Glasgow; Died in 1868. Mr. Sutherland was one of the first graduates of the Free Church Seminary, Halifax, and was settled first in Nova Scotia and afterwards in P. E. I., where he labored for a time. He went to New Zealand in 1886, and was called to Dunedin. In 1870 he was called to Sydney, Australia, where he labored until his death, which was instantaneous, as he was removing his outer clothing on his return from a congregational meeting. J. A. F. Sutherland, New Glasgow; Winnipeg, Man. Robert J. Cameron, New Glasgow; Died in 1879. Mr. Cameron was educated at Glasgow University. He was called to St. Andrew’s Church, St. John, N. B., in 1870, and labored there for six years. Resigning that charge, he removed to Scotland, where he obtained an important congregation, the duties of which, however, proved too great for his...

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Ministers In The Scotch Hill, Hardwood Hill And Cariboo District

Some of the families belonging to Scotch Hill and Hardwood Hill, attended the Scotsburn Church. Others worshipped in Pictou. Cape John was formerly connected with St. George’s Church, River John. In 1908, Cape John and Cariboo was organized into a separate charge. Rev. G. R. McKean was the only settled minister. Ministers Born In This District John Mcmillan, D.D., Scotch Hill; Halifax, N. S. Stated Clerk, Halifax Presbytery. George McMillan, Scotch Hill; Died 1913. For 16 years he was the faithful minister at Kentville, N. S. Previous to this he ministered to congregations at Malpeque, P. E. I., and Harbor Grace, Nfd. He was a brother of the Rev. John McMillan, Halifax, and a scholarly and impressive preacher. A. N. McQuarrie, B.A., Scotch Hill, Died 1909. Mr. McQuarrie graduated from Queen’s University in 1865, and went to Quebec, when for a number of years he was a successful professor in Morrin College. From there he went to Washington, D. C., where he taught for several years. For fifteen years he was a minister in Manitoba. He died at Winnipeg Dec. 1, 1909, aged 70 years. He was a diligent student, an acceptable preacher, and was held in high esteem by those to whom he ministered. John Campbell, Scotch Hill; Died 1873. Born at Scotch Hill, December, 1809. Studied at Pictou Academy, and Theology under Dr. McCulloch, licensed by the...

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Ministers Born And Brought Up In Saltsprings District

Hugh J. Fraser, B.D., Saltsprings; Summerside, P. E. I. Norman T. McKay, Saltsprings; Ready, Ont. J. Frank Mcleod, Saltsprings; Harbor Creek, Pa. Alex. Rettie, M.A., Saltsprings; Millerton, N. B. Daniel McGillivray, Brookland; Deceased. He received his early education in Pictou Academy, and took his theological course in Queen’s University, Kingston. His first charge was Brockville, Ont., where he ministered for 14 years, after which he settled at London, Out., where he remained 8 years. He was then called to Lunenburg, N. S., and remained 13 years in this charge, when his health broke down, and he went to British Columbia. He was forty years in the ministry. Mr. McGillivray was a man of genial disposition and his memory is cherished in all the congregations where he ministered. Andrew Gray, Brookland; Murray Harbor West, P. E. I. Archibald Gunn, Six Mile Brook. Studied at Dalhousie University and graduated from the Presbyterian College, Halifax, in 1878. His first charge was at Little Bay, Nfd. From there he was called to Windsor, N. S. He was for seven years minister at St. Andrew’s, N. B. and another seven years at Bloomfield, P. E. I. Failing health compelled him to retire from the ministry. He removed to Westville where he made his home for eight years. He died on the evening of Easter, 1912. George Gordon Matheson, Six Mile Brook. Died 1897. He...

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Names Of Ministers Born West River And Green Hill District

James Ross, D.D., West River; Died 1886. Ebenezer Ross, West River; Died 1891. Mr. Ross was inducted at Folly Village, 1849, and remained in this, his only charge until 1877, a ministry of 28 years. He then resigned on account of ill health, and removed to Truro, where he resided until his death. He was possessed of rare vigor and much learning. Duncan McDonald, West River; Deceased. He was a member of the first class of theological students under Dr. McCulloch. John McDonald, West River; Deceased. Student for the ministry. John J. Richards, West River; Died 1889. Mr. Richard’s whole ministry was spent in Brockville Presbytery, Ontario, where he was held in high esteem as a faithful pastor and preacher. James D. Murray, West River; Died 1914. Angus McKenzie, West River; Died 1911. He went to Kansas in 1872, and to the Pacific Coast in 1874 where nearly all his ministry was spent. He married Anna McPherson, Nova Scotia, in 1888. He was a faithful minister and did good work in the organization of new churches. John D. Mclean, West River; Deceased. Missionary to Japan. D. Stiles Fraser, B.A., Durham; Elderbank, N. S. His son, E. J. O. Fraser, BA., was appointed Missionary to Korea in 1914. John M. Macleod, West River; Deceased. Mr. Macleod was one of the first who received his education at the West River Seminary....

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Ministers And Churches Of Scotsburn, Including Rogers Hill And Plainfield

St. John’s Church (Kirk) was built in 1838. It was the first church in the place and is still standing. Rev. R. Macaulay and Rev. D. McConnachie were the first ministers. Rev. John Sinclair was pastor for five years. In 1860 Rev. John Goodwill was inducted and resigned in 1871 to go as missionary to New Hebrides. The last minister of the Kirk church was the Rev. J. W. Fraser who spent his whole ministry at Scotsburn. The Free Church was formed, after the disruption, in 1844, and in 1862 Bethel Church was built. Rev. Alex. Sutherland was the first minister. The other pastors in order of induction were: Revs. Alex. Stirling, 1871; J. A. Cairns, 1887; Thos. Cumming, D.D., 1898; W. A. Ross, 1908. Upon Mr. Fraser’s retirement in 1907, St. John’s Church and Bethel were united. Rev. A. D. Stirling is the present pastor, inducted 1910. Ministers Born In Scotsburn District John Murray, Scotsburn, Stanley Bridge, P. E. I. Retired from the Ministry. James Murray, B.D., D.D., Scotsburn; Toronto, Ont. Pastor, Erskine Church. Robert C. Murray, Scotsburn; Died in India, 1888. George Murray, Scotsburn; Nicola, B. C. Retired from the Ministry. John Gordon, Scotsburn; Nelson, B. C. Aeneas Gordon, Scotsburn, Kings Kettle, Fifeshire, Scotland. Hugh McLeod, Scotsburn. Born 1826, graduated, Amherst College 1851, studied, Bangor Theological Seminary. Settled in Springfield, Ohio, as pastor of the Congregational Church....

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Educators of Pictou County, Nova Scotia

Bayne, Herbert A., Heidelberg, (Ph. D., 1876), F.R.S.C. Professor of Chemistry, Royal Military College, Kingston, Can. Died 1886. Cameron, James S., M.Sc., Mcgill University. A member of the staff of The Technical Institute, Montreal. His home was Stellarton. Campbell, Donald F., M.A., Ph.D. Son of George and Ellen (Gunn) Cameron; born in 1867; Educated Dal. Univ., (B.A., 1890, and Harvard Univ., Ph.D., 1898), married Miss Lou R. Bates, Davidson, Conn., 1906; Instructor in mathematics, Lawrence Science School of Harvard Univ., 1897-1901; Prof. of mathematics and head of the Mathematical Department in the Armour Institute of Technology, Chicago, Ill., since 1903; Author of a textbook on mathematics, extensively used in the Colleges. Campbell, William R., A.M., Dal. Univ., 1887. Principal Truro Academy, 1887-1907. Inspector of Schools for Colchester Co., since 1907. In 1908 he was appointed lecturer in English in the Agricultural College, Truro, N. S. The Campbell Bros. were born at East River, St. Mary’s, Pictou Co. Creighton, James E., Ph.D., LL.D. Born West River, 1861; attended Pictou Academy two years; taught schools for three years, was graduated from Dalhousie College in 1887; pursued post graduate studies in Cornell University and in Germany; married Miss Katherine F. McLean, in 1892. He is now professor of Logic and Metaphysics in Cornell University; editor of The Philosophical Review, and American editor of the Kant-Studien. Published a monograph on the “Will and...

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Names who entered the legal profession from Pictou County, Nova Scotia

Bell, Isaac, New Glasgow; Winnipeg, Man. Son of late Hon. A. C. Bell. Blanchard, Hiram, Hon., Pictou; Died 1874. Premier for the province. Brown, Robert, Saltsprings; California. Brownrigg, Wm. H., Pictou; Deceased. Cameron, John Mckinlay, Scotch Hill; Calgary, Alta. Dickson, Wm. A., K.C., Pictou; Pictou, N. S. Douglas, John C., B.A., LL.B., Stellarton; Glace Bay, C. B. Member of the Legislative Assembly. Doull, John, L.B., New Glasgow; New Glasgow, N. S. Elliott, Geo. H., Pictou; Deceased. Mr. Elliott was the son of the Rev. Charles Elliott, the first Episcopal minister in Pictou. Born in 1842, admitted to the bar in 1868, died in 1904. He practiced law in Pictou. Fitzpatrick, H. K., B.A., LL.B., Scotsburn; New Glasgow, N. S. Brother of Rev. Jas. Fitzpatrick, New Annan, N. S. Fogo, James, Hon., Pictou; Died 1897. Judge of Probate. Forbes, James G., Hon., Blue Mountain; St. John, N. B. Judge of The County Court. Fraser, Alister, B.A., Ll.B., New Glasgow; Moose Jaw, Sask. Fraser, Duncan C., Hon. B.A., Ll.D., Churchville; Died 1910. Lieutenant Governor of the Province. Fraser, James A., New Glasgow; Deceased. Fraser, James H., B.A. Harvard Univ., Alma; Toronto, Ont. Fraser, Thomas M., Ll.B., Hopewell; Saskatoon, Sask. Graham, Robert H., B.A., K.C., New Glasgow; New Glasgow, N. S. Graham, Roderick D., New Glasgow; Graduated, 1914. Brother of Robt. H. Graham. Gray, Wm. S., B.A., Ll.B., Hopewell; Macleod, Alberta. Gunn,...

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Physicians of Pictou County, Nova Scotia

Anderson, Alexander, M.D., Pictou; Harvard Univ., 1864; Petaluma, Cal. Anderson, Smith, M.D., Pictou; Univ. N. Y., 1892; Pictou, N. S. Anderson, Walter, M.D., Pictou; died in Vallejo, Cal. Physicians And Surgeons Arbuckle, James, M.D., Merigomish; deceased. Bailey, Cameron, V., M.D., New Glasgow; McGill Univ. 1909; Montreal, Can. Bailey, William J., M.D., New Glasgow; Univ. Penn., 1895; Connellsville, Pa. Bell, John, M.D., C.M., New Glasgow; McGill Univ., 1898; New Glasgow, N. S. Benvie, Robert McLean, M.D., C.M., Saltsprings; McGill Univ., 1907; Stellarton, N. S. Bruce, James Garfield, M.D., C.M., Barney’s River; Dal. Univ., 1908; Westville, N. S. Burns, Samuel Wesley, M.D., New Glasgow; Bell Med. Col., 1864; Shelburne, N. S. Burns, Thomas M., M.D., New Glasgow; deceased. Calder, Allister, M.D., C.M., Springville; Dal. Univ., 1909; Glace Bay, C. B. Calder, James Squair, M.D., Springville; Harvard Univ. 1886; Los Angeles, Cal. Cameron, Alexander, M.D., Glengarry; Glasgow Univ.; deceased. Dr. Cameron settled at Huntington, Quebec, where he was a distinguished and successful practitioner. Brother of Rev. John Cameron, D.D., Scotland. Cameron, Clarence B., M.D., C.M., New Glasgow; Dal. Univ., 1911; Halifax, N. S. Cameron, Harold, M.D., C.M., River John; Dal. Univ., 1901; River John, N. S. Cameron, John Thomas, M.D., Hopewell. Died at River John, N. S. Cameron, Murdoch, M.D., Saltsprings; Mexico. Cameron, Owen Haliburton, M.D., River John; Balt. Med. Col., 1892; Maccan Station, N. S. Cameron, William, M.D., Saltsprings; deceased. Campbell,...

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