Location: Owyhee County ID

Biography of Simon Harris

Simon Harris, of Silver City, is a native of Mineral Point, Wisconsin, born April 18, 1851, and is of English descent, his parents, Elijah and Caroline (Mitchell) Harris, both being natives of England. In 1844 the father crossed the Atlantic to America and took up his residence in Mineral Point, where he was married. In 1852 he crossed the plains to California and was quite successful in his business ventures in the Golden state. Several times he made the trip across the country to California, Colorado and Montana, and in 1872 came to Silver City. He is now living in Wisconsin, at the age of seventy-seven years. His wife departed this life in 1894, at the age of seventy years. They were the parents of eight children, four of whom are living. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now In the public schools of his native town Simon Harris was educated, and was reared upon a farm, but during the greater part of his life has engaged...

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Biography of Albert G. Cordelle

Among the wide-awake and enterprising merchants of Weiser is Albert G. Cordelle, proprietor of the leading furniture store of the town. His entire life has been passed in the northwest, and he possesses that spirit of progress and energy which has resulted in the rapid development and upbuilding of this section of the country. He was born in Canyon City, Oregon, on the 30th of January 1866, and is a son of W. J. and Jane Cordelle, of the same state. He acquired his education in the public schools of Idaho, and was then fitted for the practical and responsible duties of life. In 1886 he entered upon his business career as a clerk in a store in Silver City, where he was employed for some time by W. F. Sommercamp with whom he came to Weiser in 1890. Forming a partnership with his former employer, they carried on business together for seven years, at the expiration of which period Mr. Cordelle sold his interest to Mr. Sommercamp and opened the furniture store which he has since conducted. He carries a full and complete line of furniture, carpets, crockery and house-furnishing goods and enjoys a large trade, which has come to him by reason of his straightforward business methods, his careful management, his moderate prices, and his earnest efforts to please his patrons. Mr. Cordelle was married in 1890...

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Biography of Joseph C. Gross

This well and favorably known pioneer of Silver City has been for many years the experienced and obliging clerk of the War Eagle Hotel, at Silver City. He is a native of the city of Neustadt, province of Hesse-Nassau, Germany, born February 18, 1835, was educated in his native land, and at the age of fourteen came with an uncle to the United States. For an occupation he worked at the shoemaker’s trade for a time. On the 22d of December, 1851, in company with his cousin, Charles A. Gross, he started for the Golden state, on the steamer El Dorado. Landing at the mouth of the Chagres, at the isthmus of Panama, they boated up that river to Gorgona and from there proceeded overland to Panama, which place they found filled with men en route for California, many of whom were attacked with the fever peculiar to the isthmus, and many died. Of course one can imagine how anxious the living were to get away from that point. There was but one steamer, The New World, about to sail, and it was far from being adequate for the transportation of all who desired to embark. Mr. Gross sold his ticket, at a great profit, and took a situation in a restaurant there as a waiter until the following spring, when he secured passage on a French sailing vessel...

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Biography of Charles M. Hays

A well known lawyer and pioneer of Idaho is Charles Marshall Hays, of Boise. Almost his entire life has been passed on the Pacific coast and he has therefore been a witness of the marvelous development of this section of the country. He was born in Saline County, Missouri, on the 22d of April 1845, and is descended from Irish ancestry. Members of the family were early residents of Virginia and Kentucky and were participants in the struggle that brought to the nation her independence. The grandfather of our subject removed from the Old Dominion to Kentucky during the pioneer epoch in its history, and there the birth of Gilmore Hays occurred. The latter married Mrs. Nevina Knox Montgomery, and to them were born seven children, of whom three are living. In 1848 the father crossed the plains to California, in 1852 went to Oregon, and in 1855 came to Idaho, when it was still a part of the territory of Washington. He was the first recorder of Owyhee County and held various offices of trust and honor under the territorial government. He was a man of unwavering integrity and ability, and lived to be seventy-one years of age, while his wife passed away at the age of thirty-five years. Their son, Charles Marshall Hays, was educated in the schools of California and Washington. When a boy he crossed the...

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Biography of Robert Noble

This well known citizen of Reynolds, Owyhee county, is one of the largest sheep-raisers in Idaho and has been largely instrumental in improving the grade of stock raised in the state. His efforts have therefore been of public benefit, for the improvement of stock adds to its market value, and the wealth of the agricultural class is thereby augmented. The rich pasture lands of the northwest provide excellent opportunities to the stock-raiser, and this industry has become a most important one in the commercial interests of Idaho. Mr. Noble, one of its leading representatives, is of English birth, a native of Cumberland County, England, born October 19, 1844. His father, John Noble, was born in the same county, and wedded Miss Mary Mossop. In 1854 they came to Canada with their family of eight children, crossing the Atlantic in a sailing vessel which, after a voyage of eight weeks, reached the harbor of Quebec. At Kingston, Canada, the wife and mother died, being then forty-four years of age. In 1857 the family came to the United States and settled in New York State. All of the children are yet living, and three of the number are residents of Idaho. The father died in Owyhee County, in March 1899, his birth having occurred August 13, 1800. He resided in Tonawanda, New York, for twenty years, and afterward resided successively in...

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Biography of John Hallenbeck

In March 1864, John Hallenbeck became a resident of Silver City, and from that time until his death, throughout the period of pioneer development and latter-day progress, he was prominently identified with its upbuilding and interests. A native of the Empire state, he was born in Albany, October 24, 1830, and was of Holland lineage. His ancestors were among the early settlers of New York and participated in the events which form the colonial and Revolutionary history of that state. The maternal grand-father of our subject was also one of the heroes of the war for independence, and his wife afterward received a pension in recognition of his services. He lived to be seventy-eight years of age, while her death occurred when she had attained the advanced age of eighty-seven. Mathew Hallenbeck, the father of our subject, was born in New York, and married Catharine Shoudy, a native of the same state. He devoted his energies to many pursuits, having been a carpenter and joiner, also a teacher of music and a teacher in the public schools. In 1841 he removed with his family to Syracuse, New York, and in 1854 to Cordova, Illinois, where he resided up to the time of his death, which occurred in 1878. Both he and his wife were members of the Dutch Reformed church, and they had a family of twelve children, nine...

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Biography of Job Francis Dye

Among the figures who stand prominently forth on the pages of western history is the gentleman whose name introduces this review. His was a marvelous record of long connection with the events which go to make up the annals of the Pacific coast. He was one of those honored pioneers who blazed a path for future cavalcades to follow; who bravely turned their faces from the cities of the east, with all the advantages of wealth and civilization, and cast their fortunes with the western frontier, in all its wildness and primitive modes of life; who, rather than enjoy the comforts of their former homes, chose to endure the hardships of a wider and freer country; and who made out of those very obstacles, which, to a weaker class of men would have been stumbling blocks, the stepping stones to wealth and renown, none of these great men are more noted for untiring perseverance and steady progress which have resulted in the acquirement of wealth and the well merited esteem of their fellow men than the gentleman whose name heads this memoir. He realized with great prophetic foresight the magnitude of the prospects of the west, and that at a time when this section of the country gave but slight signs of her future greatness. If, as is maintained, the history of a country is best told in the...

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Biography of Jacob Zuber

JACOB ZUBER. – Without doubt the subject of this sketch is one of the men whose name should be among the list of those who are accorded representation in the history of Union county, since he has wrought here with an energy and assiduity that have placed him in possession of a goodly competence, while also he has the distinction of always being allied with those enterprises that were for the benefit of the people of the county, and his life has been one of long and continued activity and manifestation of wisdom and ability, and having been in the path of the frontiersman for many years, he now justly deserves the retirement that is accorded him. In 1822, where rolls the Rhine its pleasant course through rich valleys and vendured hills in the land of Germany, our subject was born and there he received the thorough training given in the common schools. He remained at home, assisting his father on the farm until 1844, and then sailed from the Fatherland to America’s free lands. He settled in Richland county, Ohio, until 1850, then crossed the dreary plains to California, landing in Hangtown, thence to Sacramento, and after a short stay there came into Trinity county, where he took up mining. Six years were spent in this industry and he did well in a financial way, then he came...

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Biography of Asbury B. Crocheron

Asbury B. Crocheron has spent almost his entire life in Owyhee County and is now a leading resident of Silver City. His prominence in this locality is indicated by his long retention in public office, and at the present writing, 1899, he is filling the office of county sheriff. A native of Oregon, he was born in Eugene, that state, on the 25th of October, 1860. The family is of French origin and was founded in America at a very early period in the colonial history of the country. A settlement was made in New York, and when British oppression forced the colonies into insurrection, the great-grandfather of our subject entered the service and, with the rank of captain, participated in the struggle for freedom. J. H. Crocheron, the father of the sheriff, was born in New York City, and when gold was discovered in California made his way to the Pacific slope. Subsequently he removed to Oregon, where he was united in marriage to Miss Mary J. Crow, and in 1864 he brought his family to Idaho, locating in Idaho City, where he engaged in mining for about three years. In 1867 he came to Silver City, and in 1872 turned his attention to farming, his home being on Sinker creek. There he has since carried on agricultural pursuits, and, although now seventy-two years of age still superintends...

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Biography of Dan Feour

Among the sons of the Pine Tree state who have found homes in the northwest and whose history forms an integral part of the record of the development of the rich mining interests of southern Idaho is Dan Feour. He was born in Aroostook County, Maine, June 9, 1850, a son of William and Catherine Feour. His father was born in Ireland, and when a young man came to the United States. He died in the fiftyfourth year of his age, and his wife departed this life at the age of fortyfour years. They were the parents of five children, four of whom are yet living. Dan Feour was reared to manhood in Boston, Massachusetts, and acquired a good practical education in the public schools of that city. He then learned the machinist’s trade, and for some time worked in the Grover & Baker sewing machine factory. In 1865 he cast in his lot with the settlers on the Pacific coast, and has borne no unimportant part in the development of this section of the country. By way of the isthmus of Panama he made his way to California and there engaged in mining until 1869, when he went to White Pine, Nevada, and thence to the Squaw creek, Washington, and Victoria, British Columbia, attracted by the discovery of gold at those places. In 1875 Mr. Feour arrived in...

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Biography of Joel B. Harper

History has long since placed on its pages the names of those who, coming to the Atlantic coast, planted colonies in the New World and opened up that section of the country to civilization. As the years passed, and the population of that region rapidly increased, brave pioneers made their way into the wild districts farther west. The names of Daniel Boone and Simon Kenton were enduringly inscribed upon the records of Kentucky, that of John Jacob Astor upon the history of Michigan and other states of the upper Mississippi valley. Later Kit Carson and John C. Fremont made their way into the mountainous districts west of the “father of waters’ and subsequently the explorers penetrated into the vast wildnesses of the Pacific slope. The development of the northwest, however, is comparatively recent, but when time shall have made the era of progress here a part of the history of the past, the names of men no less brave and resolute than those who came to the shores of New England or made their way into the Mississippi valley will be found illuminating the annals of this section of the Union, and on the list will be found that of Joel Beauford Harper, who is numbered among the early settlers of both California and Idaho. Mr. Harper was born in Georgetown, Scott County, Kentucky, October 15, 1837. His father,...

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Biography of Alice A. Thews

The lady whose name introduces this sketch needs no introduction to the residents of southeastern Idaho, for she is well known in this section of the state, and also in the capital city of Boise, where she has many friends. Her superior culture and ability have won public recognition through the honors that have been bestowed upon her by means of the public franchise, and she is now capably filling the office of county treasurer of Oneida County, making her home in Malad. Miss Thews is a native of Rock Island County, Illinois, and is a daughter of William and Charlotte (Innes) Thews, both of whom were born in England, the former of Irish parents. They were married in that county, and in 1850 emigrated to America, locating in Illinois, whence they removed to Boise, Idaho, in 1869, at which time the now beautiful capital was a small village giving little promise of the changes which the future was to bring to it. The father was a stonemason by trade, and had a small quarry in Boise. In 1891 his life labors were ended, and he passed away at the age of seventy-one years. His good wife still survives him, and is now in the eightieth year of her age. They were the parents of seven children, but the eldest son, Thomas I., volunteered in the service of his...

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Biography of James Hutchinson

Many theories have been advanced as to the best method of winning success, but the only safe, sure way to gain it is by close application, perseverance and careful consideration of the business problems that are continually arising. Investigation will show that the majority of men who have started out in life with little or no capital and have won a competency if not wealth, have to attribute their prosperity to just such causes, and it is those elements which have made Mr. Hutchinson one of the leading business men of his state. He is now superintendent of the Trade Dollar Consolidated Mining Company, at Silver City, and is numbered among the representative residents of that place. A native of Yorkshire, England, he was born November 17, 1837, his parents being Joseph and Eleanor (Spencley) Hutchinson, both of whom were natives of the same county, where their ancestors had lived for many generations. The father was a miner and shepherd, and with his wife and eight children he crossed the Atlantic and took up his residence in Iowa. The voyage was made in 1848, on a sailing vessel, which dropped anchor in the harbor of New York nine weeks after leaving the European port. Locating in Dubuque, Iowa, the mother there died in 1851, at the age of forty-one years, being stricken with cholera. The father began working in...

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Biography of Joseph H. Hutchinson

Joseph H. Hutchinson, lieutenant governor of Idaho, is one of the distinguished young men of the west who by reason of his marked individuality, strong mentality, honorable purpose and laudable ambition has risen to a position of eminence. A native of this section of the country, his interests are closely allied with those of the northwest, and he is deeply interested in all that pertains to the advancement, growth and prosperity of the “Gem of the Mountains.” He was elected to his present office in 1898, an honor well merited and worthily worn. Mr. Hutchinson, who for some years has been a resident of Silver City, was born in Central City, Colorado, on the 21st of May 1864. He is a son of James Hutchinson, superintendent of the Trade Dollar Mining & Milling Company, and one of the prominent men of the state. When sixteen years of age Joseph H. Hutchinson removed to Denver, Colorado, and attended the high school of that city, during which time he was twice honored by election to the presidency of the Lyceum, and in 1883 he won the Woodburn medal for oratory. The elemental strength of his character was also shown forth by his actions during this period, for desiring to acquire a good education and at the same time finding it necessary to provide in a measure for his own livelihood, he...

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Biography of Peter Donnelly

Among the prominent pioneer miners of Silver City we should mention this highly esteemed citizen of Dewey, Owyhee County. He is a native of Ireland, born in county Longford, October 31, 1833. In 1840 his parents emigrated to the New World, settling in Rhode Island, and young Peter was brought up in the city of Providence. He arrived in California in the spring of 1853 and for several years followed placer mining, in all the prominent diggings of that state. Upon the discovery of gold at Oro Fino he was among the first to arrive there, in April 1862, and engaged in furnishing the miners with meat. He arrived in Idaho basin in March, 1863, and in June following came to the vicinity of Silver City, as a member of the company headed by Captain Michael Jordan. The packers then at the gulch were Cyrus Iby, Dr. Rood (one of the original discoverers). Jack Reynolds and a Mr. Boon. A man named Thompson whipsawed the lumber and made and set the first flumes. Mr. Donnelly and his partner, Michael Jordan, set an Indian-head on the top of a pole at the camp, which became the occasion of the place being called “Skull Camp.” Another partner was a man named Charles Skinner. They together opened the wagon road to Snake River, having first obtained from the territorial legislature a charter,...

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