Location: Orleans County VT

Biographical Sketch of Spencer S. Moody

Spencer S. Moody, born in Tunbridge, removed from there to Craftsbury, thence to Wolcott, and finally came to this town, in February, 1881, to reside with his son, Alson S., on road 69. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start...

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Biography of William Sargent Ladd

WILLIAM SARGENT LADD. – Of the gentlemen who came to Oregon with the purpose of forming here not only a settled social and political, but also a determinate business order, there is none to-day more prominent than W.S. Ladd. Our state has often invited comparison between her leading men and those of other parts of the nation, not at all fearing that she should suffer even if the investigation and analysis were carried to the extreme. But, in the case of the gentleman before us, such a comparison would never be thought of, since he has long been reckoned among the most wealthy men of the nation even in this age of colossal fortunes. But although thus able to take his place in the line of those who control the financial operations of the United States, the solid, common sense of Oregonians, the most of whom have worked from the ground up, pays but little respect to wealth apart from character. It is therefore a matter of much congratulation that the man who might, most justly of all, assume the name of “Money King,” has other claims upon their respect and recognition which make his wealth seem but adventitious. He is as one of the plain, hard-working builders of our state, who has been earnest for the social and moral as well as financial progress of the Northwest, that...

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Biography of Curtis Brown

Curtis Brown of Belvidere, son of Lybeout and Betsey W. (Ward) Brown, was born in Coventry, Oct. 16, 1825. His father was the first Republican representative in the Legislature of the state, to which both his son and grandson have been elected. Mr. Brown was educated in the common schools of Coventry and afterwards at Waterbury, N. Y., residing with his parents till the age of twenty-one. At that time he purchased a farm in Belvidere, and in order to pay for it went to Massachusetts, where he worked industriously in a mill for several years until he had accomplished his object. For a time he engaged in the manufacture of butter tubs and lumbering, but has given this up and now resides upon his farm. Mr. Brown is said to be the champion bear hunter of the state, having shot or captured sixty-eight of these animals, once performing the feat attributed to General Putnam of Revolutionary times by entering a cave and crawling a distance of forty feet on his hands and knees, when with unerring aim by the light of a torch he brought down the object of his pursuit. He is one of the best representatives of the old class of sturdy woodsmen, who have given such lasting fame to the hunters of the Green Mountains, so few of whom remain to narrate the deeds of...

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Biography of Carroll Smalley Page

Carroll Smalley Page of Hyde Park, son of Russell S. and Martha Malvina (Smalley) Page, was born in Westfield, Jan. 10, 1843. He was educated at the People’s Academy at Morrisville, the Lamoille county grammar school of Johnson, and the Lamoille Central Academy of Hyde Park. Governor Page is identified with many of the important business enterprises of his county and state, being president of the Lamoille County Savings Bank and Trust Co., of the Lamoille County National Bank, of the Hyde Park Hotel Co., and of the Fife Lumber Co. He is the treasurer of the Hyde Park Lumber Co., of the Morse Manufacturing Co., of the Buck Lumber Co., and a director of the St. J. & L. C. R. R. Although always a very busy man he has found time to give good service to his party and to his state. He represented Hyde Park in the House from 1869 to 1872, was senator from Lamoille county from 1874 to 1876, and was county treasurer and register of the probate court for the district of Lamoille for about ten years. In 1880 he was a delegate to the Republican national convention at Chicago, that nominated James A. Garfield for President. From 1872 to 1890 he was a member of the Republican state committee, serving from 1878 to 1884 as its secretary, and from 1884 to 1890...

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Biographical Sketch of Dr. Joel G. Camp

Dr. Joel G. Camp came to Elmore from Craftsbury, Vt., about the year 1825. He was a very energetic man, and soon built up a large practice, which he enjoyed until his death, in 1872. Mr. Camp was the only settled physician the town ever had, and was nearly eighty-four years of age when he died. His wife also died in 1872, aged nearly seventy-eight...

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Biographical Sketch of Sylvanus Brown

Sylvanus Brown, from Orleans county, came to this town in 1838, and located near the central part, where he died, in 1867, aged sixty-eight years. Curtis, his third child, born in 1826, has represented the town two years, held other town offices, and is reckoned one of the most expert hunters in the State. He has killed upwards of one hundred bears during his life, three of which he shot during the winter of...

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Biographical Sketch of George W. Hill

George W. Hill, of this town, commenced his business life as an apprentice in the office of the New Hampshire Patriot, at Concord, in 1816, remaining there until he became of age. He then went to Montpelier, and, in 1826, started The Patriot and State Gazette. He continued in the management of the concern until the anti-masonic days of 1836-’38, when the paper came under the control of Clark & Marston, and he removed to Lowell, Orleans county, where he entered the custom house, remaining two years, then came to this town, where he has since...

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Biography of W. S. Ladd

It is seldom throughout the incipient stages of growth, down to a period covering many years in the development of a progressive commonwealth, that to any one man is accorded a foremost place by general consent. New countries, in these latter days of steam and electricity, develop often with rapidity; new issues are met by new leaders, while those who laid the foundation of society rarely retain their hold on affairs for any extended period of time. In this, however, Oregon has been an exception to the rule, and the career of William Sargent Ladd is a conspicuous example of the exception. Coming to Oregon when the country was young and there was no settled social, political or business order, he has exerted a continually increasing influence in the various lines of development which have added to the wealth and greatness of the State. Apart from his financial operations, which long ago placed him among the most wealthy men of the West, he has been among the builders of our State who have been most earnest for its social and moral progress. The results of his high integrity and of his efforts to elevate the tone of society and keep pure the moral sentiment of the community, make a double claim upon our respect and recognition. Fortunate, indeed, has it been for the State that its business leaders, like...

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