Location: Ontario Canada

Biography of John Dewar

John Dewar, County Attorney and Clerk of the Peace, is a son of John and Emily (Knight) Dewar, both being Perthshire, Scotland, families. He was born in that County August 22, 1829, and before he was a year old the family immigrated to Canada, and settled on a farm in the Township of Esquesing, four miles from Milton. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now The subject of this sketch was educated in the common and grammar schools, and Franklin College, New Athens, Ohio, where he spent a few term; studied law in Toronto with John McNab, at one time County Attorney, and Angus Morrison, ex-Mayor of Toronto, and formerly a member of the Canadian Assembly; was admitted as an Attorney at Michaelmas term, 1858; called to the Bar at Easter term the next year, and has worn a barrister’s gown at Milton, for nearly twenty-one years. During the earlier half of this period he was Superintendent of Town Schools; has since been a School Trustee, and...

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Biography of Holland V. Sanders

Holland Venton Sanders, Town Clerk of Port Hope since 1857, is a son of Emanuel and Sarah (Venton) Sanders, and dates his birth in the parish of Cookbury, Devonshire, England, September, 1823. His parents and grandparents belonged to the yeomanry of Devonshire, the family living in the same house more than a century; his mother died when he was about six years old; lie was reared in habits of industry; received a common English education; at sixteen years of age went to Buckland Brewer, in his native county, and served his time at the watch and clockmaker’s trade, and in 1813 came to Canada, settling in Port Hope: here he worked at his trade for some time in the store of Richard Barrett, who kept a general assortment of goods, and who finally persuaded Mr. Sanders to give up his trade and become his clerk and book keeper. About 1851, our subject went into business for himself, trading in dry goods, clothing, &c., until the commencement of 1857, he receiving the appointment of Town Clerk on the 19th of January, and still, as already intimated, holding that office. At the end of twenty one years, so prompt and faithful had he been in the discharge of his official duties, that his fellow citizens made up a purse of gold between one and two hundred dollars and presented it to...

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Biography of George C. McKndsey

George Crawford McKndsey, Sheriff of the County of Halton, and son of William and Jane(Crawford)McKindsey, was born in this county, March 29, 1829. Both parents were from Ireland. His father, who’s a merchant, died in 1844; his mother, who is a sister of Hon. George Crawford, deceased, Brockville, is still living, her home being with her son in Milton. He received a common school education, and luckily had an excellent teacher, and made good progress in his studies; was a clerk one year in the store of his father, on whose demise he went to Montreal, and is in a wholesale establishment three years, returning to the County of Halton in 1848, and opening a general store in the village of Hornby, where he was in trade four or five years. While there, as soon as of age, he was appointed Justice of the Peace. In July, 1855, Mr. McKindsey was appointed Deputy Sheriff, and removed to Milton, having been a resident of this town for a quarter of a century. In the Autumn of 1858, he was appointed Sheriff, which office he still holds. He is also a Commissioner of Queen’s Bench to take affidavits. He is a first class business man, prompt and efficient in performing his official duties, and courteous and obliging as a neighbor. Mr. McKindsey’s in the Town Council of Milton, nine or ten...

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Biography of George J. Gale

George James Gale, for twenty-seven years Clerk of the County Council of Grey, was born in Hampstead, England, August 1, 1819, being the son of George Gale, a florist. In his fourteenth year he came to Lower Canada, and to three years steady schooling in the old country, added a few terms at an Academy; then clerked ten years in a dry goods store in the city of Quebec, and one season in a store in Kingston; and was subsequently a merchant two years in Montreal. In July, 1843, Mr. Gale settled in the County of Grey, and the Township of Derby, adjoining Owen Sound, which at one time was included in that township. At an early day he was engaged in a variety of business pursuits merchandising, real estate, &c. He has also held a great variety of officesClerk of Township of Derby; member of the first Town Council of Owen Sound (185); Commissioner in Court of Queen’s Bench (appointed in 1849); Clerk of the Division Court, Owen Sound; Official Assignee for the County; School Superintendent, and Clerk of the Council, still holding the last office; Lieut. Colonel 3rd Battery Grey Militia. During the last eleven or twelve years Mr. Gale has been afflicted with nervous debility, unfitting him for manual labor, his only son and child living, John Gale, attending to his father’s official duties. The mind...

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Biography of Herbert S. McDonald

Herber Stone McDonald, Judge of the united Counties of Leeds and Grenville, dates his birth at Gananoque, County of Leeds, Ont., February, 23, 1842, being a son of Hon. John McDonald, at one time a member of the Legislative Council of Canada, and Henrietta M. Mallory, his wife. His grandfather, John McDonald, senior, was from Perthshire, Scotland, and settled at Fort Edward, N. Y. John McDonald, junior, was at one time in business in Troy, N. Y., coming to Canada in 1817. The subject of this sketch finished his literary education at Queen’s College, Kingston, whence he was graduated B.A., in 1859, and received the title of M.A. in 1861. His legal education he obtained at Brockville and Toronto; was called to the Bar in 1863, and practiced at Brockville until he went on the Bench, being appointed Junior Judge in the autumn of 1873, and Senior in December, 1878, He is regarded as one of the most promising of the recently appointed Judges; is studious and painstaking, lucid in his charges, and is usually correct in his conceptions of the merits of a case. Judge McDonald was returned to the Provincial Parliament in 1871, and resigned to take his seat on the Bench, to which, brief as his career is as a jurist, he has done credit. He is a Master Mason, but rarely attends the meetings of...

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Biography of Thomas W. Johnston M. D.,

Thomas W. Johnston, Sarnia’s pioneer physician, was a native of Ireland, and was born in Omagh, County of Tyrone, on the 24th of March, 1813. He was the son of Hugh Johnston, merchant and contractor, of the same place. His early studies were prosecuted at the High School in Omagh, under the direction of Sir William Smith. At the age of fifteen he was apprenticed to John Hamilton, a surgeon of great local celebrity; and the nature of the duties imposed upon the young apprentice will be inferred from an extract from the indenture executed by the parties at the time, the original copy being now in the possession of Dr. T. G. Johnston, of Sarnia, eldest son of the subject of this sketch. By the terms of this paper the apprentice agrees: His master faithfully to serve, his secrets to keep, his lawful commandments gladly to do. He shall do no damage to his said master nor see it to be done of others, but shall to his power let, or faithfully give warning to his said master of the same. He shall not commit fornication, nor contract matrimony within the said term. Hurt to his said master he shall not do, cause, or procure to be done of others. He shall not play at cards, dice tables, or any other unlawful games, whereby his said master may...

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Biography of Charles E. Chadwick

Charles Eli Chadwick, son of Rev. Eli Chadwick, a Baptist minister and school teacher; was born at Preston, Lancashire, England, August 13, 1818. His father and grandfather were born in the same county. His mother was Margaret Weal, a native of Dumfries, Scotland. In 1820 the family came to Canada, the next year went back to England, and in 1827 returned to this country, and settled near Vittoria, County of Norfolk, Upper Canada. There our subject was educated by his father, who taught a public school several years, having also a farm, on which the son was reared. In 1843, Mr. Chadwick removed to the Township of Dereham, County of Oxford, farming there for ten years, holding, meantime, several township offices. In 1853 he settled in Ingersoll, being appointed Postmaster, which office he held for eight years. Soon after accepting it, he became also the Manager of the Niagara District Bank, which was eventually merged in the Imperial Banka position which he held for twentytwo years, leaving it in the summer of 1877. In January, 1878, Mr. Chadwick was elected Mayor, by acclamation, and a year later, was re-elected in the same manner, he making a very efficient Chief Magistrate of the town. In various ways and in different positions, he has made himself a very useful citizen. Probably his best work for the public was done in the...

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Biography of Hamnett Hill, M.R.C.S

One of the oldest medical practitioners in Ottawa is Hamnett Hill, son of John Wilkes Hill, many years a successful physician in the City of London, England, where the subject of this sketch was born, December 15, 1811. The maiden name of his mother was Mary Elizabeth Pinhey. He received his literary education at Albion House, Camberwell, a suburb of London, in the private school of Nicholas Wanostrocht, L.L.D., celebrated for his epitome of Blackstone’s Commentaries; and his medical education at the London Hospital, Whitechapel, receiving his diploma of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1834. Dr. Hill practiced three or four years at Brighton, County of Sussex; in 1837 left England, crossed the ocean and located in the Township of March, fifteen miles from Ottawa, in the County of Carleton, where he remained three or four years. It was a sparsely settled, healthy district, and the doctor not having faith enough to live on, to avoid starvation, removed in 1841 to Bytown, now Ottawa; here he soon built up a good practice, and has made a comfortable living. He was surgeon to the County of Carleton Protestant Hospital many years, and is now consulting physician to the same, and of the Protestant Orphans’ Home, and of the Roman Catholic General Hospital; has been for a great number of years Magistrate for the County of Carleton, but does no...

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Biography of William Paterson, M.P.

William Paterson, who represents South Brant, in the House of Commons, is a son of James and Martha (Lawson) Paterson, of Aberdeen, Scotland, and grandson of Rev. Mr. Paterson, minister for years at Midmar, Scotland. His parents came to Upper Canada, nearly fifty years ago, and he was born in Hamilton, September 19, 1839. He was educated in that city and at Caledonia, in the County of Haldimand; came to Brantford in 1854, and was a clerk in a general store, until 1863, when he commenced the bakery business, and manufacture of confectionery, being for several years in company with Henry B. Leeming. Since 1876 he has been alone. His bakery and confectionery are operated by steam, with all the latest and best methods of manufacture introduced into his works, and he is doing a business, in the three departments of industry mentioned, of about $150,000 a year. He has the genuine pushing disposition, and probably no manufacturer in the city does a more prosperous business. He is a straightforward, high minded man, and has an honorable standing in the community. Mr. Paterson was elected a member of the Town Council of Brantford, in 1868; was subsequently Deputy Reeve for three years 1869, 1871, and Mayor in 1872. At the general election, in the last named year, he was elected to Parliament, defeating Hon. Francis Hincks, the then Finance...

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Biography of Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller, Judge of the County of Halton, is the son of an early settler in this county. Thomas Miller, senior, who came hither from the County Down, Ireland, in 1827. Thomas was born in the Township of Nelson, September 15, 1830. His mother’s maiden name was Margaret McWha, who was also from Ireland. The father of our subject who was an extensive agriculturist in Ireland, and farmed in this country, died in 1867; his mother in 1837. He was educated in the Grammar Schools of Palermo, in this county, and Queen’s College, Kingston, being graduated in 1853; studied law in Toronto with Judge Morrison and Hon. Adam Crooks; practiced one year in Hamilton; was called to the Bar at Easter term, 1857, and was appointed County Crown Attorney, and Clerk of the Peace for Waterloo, and removed to Berlin. He there held the offices just mentioned until appointed Judge of the County of Halton, in December, 1867, when he settled in Milton, the county town. While a resident of Berlin he was for eleven years Chairman of the Grammar School Board of Trustees, and did all that any man could do to build up the schools of that town. Judge Miller is one of those cool, impartial, painstaking, and conscientious jurists, who aim to render exact justice in all cases. His knowledge of law is thorough; he is...

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Biography of Hon. John Carling, M.P.

John Carling, member of the Dominion Parliament, representing the City of London, was born in the Township of London, Middlesex County, January 23, 1828, his father being Thomas Carling, a native of Yorkshire, England, coming to Canada in 1818, and settling in London Township the next year. His mother was Margaret Routledge, also a native of England. Thomas Carling was a farmer in middle life, and subsequently a brewer, dying in 1880. Our subject received a common school education; did more or less farm work in his youth; in 1849 commenced the brewing business in company with his elder brother, William Carling, the firm name being W. and J. Carling. Since July, 1875, the firm has been Carling and Co., Messrs. J. and D. Dalton, long connected with the management of the old brewery, and Thomas H. Carling, son of our subject, being then added to it. On the night of the 13th February, 1879, the brewery was destroyed by fire, and by exposure and hardships on that occasion, William Carling lost his life in the course of a few weeks, leaving John Carling as the senior member of the firm. The loss by fire was upwards of $100,000, of which $65,000 was covered by insurance. The walls were not destroyed, and on the 29th of April, two and a half months after the conflagration, the great manufactory, the...

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Biography of William I. Robinson

Mr. Raymond practiced his profession at Chippawa until the close of the rebellion in 1838, acting as a soldier during that exciting period, and then moved to St. Catharines, where he continued his practice and his connection with the military, being promoted, step by step, to a Captaincy in the 5th Lincoln, Lieut. Colonel John Clark, commander. From 1845 to 1853 he again resided in Chippawa; and returning to St. Catharines he remained there until the separation of the Counties of Lincoln and Welland in 1856, when he was appointed Clerk of the Peace for Welland, and removed to his present home. Subsequently he was appointed County Attorney, and still holds both offices, continuing, meantime, his legal practice, and doing a good business in the several Courts. He is a careful lawyer, very attentive to his business, prompt and perfectly reliable. Mr. Raymond has often served as a trustee of the Grammar School, and has occasionally acted as chairman of that Board, being ready at all times, we understand, to cooperate with his fellow citizens in promoting the educational interests of this the county town, whose schools have a high reputation. Mr. Raymond is a member of the Church of England; has served as warden a number of years, and has been a delegate to the Synod at sundry times. In October, 1855, Miss Mary Jane Cochrane, of St....

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Biography of Lorenzo D. Raymond

Lorenzo Dulmage Raymond, Clerk of the Peace and County Attorney, is a native of the County of Leeds, Ontario, dating his birth September 28, 1811. The Raymonds are a New England family, originally English. His father, Truman Raymond, M. D., coming from Massachusetts in 1808, settling in the old Johnston district, acting as surgeon at Gananoque in the war of 1812-14; was Coroner of Lincoln and Welland when united; a pioneer in the temperance cause in the Niagara District, and a very excellent man, dying at Welland in 1861. The mother of Lorenzo was Elizabeth Dulmage, whose father was a United Empire Loyalist, a Lieutenant in the British Army in 1775-1783, and drew his lands on the St. Lawrence, just below Prescott. Lorenzo is the eldest of four children who grew up, two sons and two daughters. The other son has since died. One daughter is the wife of R. A. Clarke, of St. Catharines; the other is unmarried. In 1824 the family moved westward to Niagara, where our subject was educated by the Rev. Thomas Creen, and studied law with Charles Richardson, being called to the Bar at Trinity term, June, 1835, Mr. Raymond practiced his profession at Chippawa until the close of the rebellion in 1838, acting as a soldier during that exciting period, and then moved to St. Catharines, where he continued his practice and his...

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Biography of Agnew P. Farrell

Agnew P. Farrell, Registrar of deeds and County Treasurer of Haldimand, is the son of James Agnew Farrell of Magheramorne, County of Antrim, Ireland, being the youngest child in a family of eight children. His father was a land owner near Larne, The maiden name of his mother was Letitia Armenella Turnly. He received an English and classical education, and when a little past his majority, in 1833, emigrated to Upper Canada, settling in the Township of Dunn on the shore of Lake Erie, being the first permanent settler in that part of the township. The country was then very little changed from its primitive state; good roads were a convenience unknown, and in order to reach the lake shore from Hamilton, Mr. Farrell hired two Indians who took him from Brantford down the Grand river in a log canoe. He purchased a log cabin and a few acres of cleared land of a squatter, opened a farm and remained on it until 1851. When the rebellion broke out in 1837, Mr. Farrell and his few neighbors immediately met, formed a company, and he was elected captain. The company was stationed at Fort Erie, under command of Colonel Kerby, and was preparing to storm Navy Island when the rebels abandoned it. On the renewal of disturbances a year or more later, Captain Farrell raised an independent company which was...

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Biographical Sketch of Maitland McCarthy

Maitland McCarthy, Barrister, and first Mayor of the Town of Orangeville, was born at Oakley Park, near Dublin, May 5, 1841. His parentage, &c., may be seen in the sketch of his elder brother, D’Alton McCarthy, Barrister, found on another page. He came to Canada when about eight years old; was educated in the same grammar school, County of Simcoe; studied law with his father and D’Arcy Boulton, at Barrie; was admitted to practice in 1861, and opened an office at Orangeville, and has here been in constant practice since that date, being called to the Bar at Michaelmas Term, 1876. He does business in all the Courts, and has had a good practice from the start. He has good abilities, is studious and well read; is of quick perceptions, and has gained for himself a high reputation and standing as a lawyer, as also in other walks of life. Mr. McCarthy was Reeve of the Village of Orangeville four years, and when it became an incorporated town, in 1874, he was elected Mayor, serving one term and then retiring. While at the head of the Municipality of the Village and in the County Council, and while chief magistrate of the town, he gave a good deal of attention to local matters, and aided very essentially in starting and securing the completion of different enterprises of importance to Orangeville...

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