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Location: Morgan County KS

Biography of John W. Simpson

John W. Simpson. The people of the Town of Tescott in Ottawa County recognize in John W. Simpson the man who more than any other individual had been identified with the growth and upbuilding of the community, and they have confirmed their choice of him as a natural leader by keeping him in the office of mayor continually for twelve successive terms, so that he is at once the first and last and only mayor the village had ever had. Mr. Simpson was born in Owen County, Indiana, March 26, 1854, and is of old Virginia colonial stock. His father, John Simpson, was born in Virginia in 1817. In 1821 his father died and in 1829 his mother passed away, so that at the age of twelve years he was left an orphan. He soon went to Ohio, where he followed farming and where he married, and in 1847 he migrated to Owen County, Indiana, and as a pioneer he pre-empted a tract of land and paid $1.25 an acre. He cut down the timber, built a log cabin and went through all the trials and vicissitudes of an early settler. He was a man of substantial prominence in the community for many years and died there in 1897. In politics he was a republican. John Simpson married Rhoda Barnes, who was born at Zanesville, Ohio, in 1819, and...

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