Location: Monroe County TN

1759, April 6, Fort Loudoun

Sir The 14th Isntn. Arrived the Exprefs with Dispatches from you Excellency, I hope James Holme’s whom I have sent with an Exprefs to Your Excellency is Arrived Safe, I afshure you When I sent Him, we did not know what to make...

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1759, May 5, Fort Loudoun

Sir As j am incertain when j shall be relived, j have sent the Woman, that was the Care of the Store, to buy Some Necessares of Lift, by her j sent to your Excellency a test of jndian’s Baskets, and a Beaver’s Skin which j beg...

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1759, April 12, Fort Loudoun

Sir The 5th of Febry. 1758, j sent on Acct. to your Excellency of Thing issued to the jndians to the Amount of 355 Curoy. In favour of Messrs. Sonjn. Smith & ____________and as those Gentlemen never wrote to me about it, j...

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1757, July 23, Fort Loudoun Letter 2

Sir This Morning I Delivered my Dispatches to M. Elliot, and was in hopes that he had been thirty Miles off when in the Evening the Bearer of theis Moyetoy of Chota a Leading man came to me and told me that he had an inclinaiton...

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1757, July 23, Fort Loudoun Letter 3

Sir I had the honour of writing to your Excellency this day b M. Elliot who went from the fort about Two hors ago, the Bearer hereof Amahatoy came this Minute and Acquainted me that he had a very great Inclination to Accompany...

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1759, September 13, Fort Loudoun

Sir By mere chance I receiv’d Your Dispatches of the 15th Ultimate, & can afsure You that the Indians over here were peaceable until they heard the Ammunition was stop’d, & then they grew very uneasy; & the Mefsenger...

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1757, July 11, Fort Loudoun Letter 2

Sir On the 9th Instant the Little Carpenter came with Several of the head men into the fort, and brought two _________of Stillards with him, from the Traders to Compare them to the pair our Excellency has Sent, which they Like...

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1759, January 26, Fort Loudoun

Sir The 18th Instant arrived here the Exprefs with the Agreeable News of the Reduction of Fort DuQuenoi Immdiately I order’d From Tender Armis field, if Great Guns & the Shen Three Collies the Same Day Sent word to Old Hopp....

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1759, 15 May, Fort Loudoun

Sir The Bearer of this is one Maximilliam More whom I acquainted you Excellency I had sent to Highwafsie for on purpose to send him out Accompany’d by one of my Soldiers to recon___trie the place where is was Reported the French...

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