Location: Millerstown Pennsylvania

Biography of David B. Wright

David B. Wright was born in Millerstown, Pennsylvania, March 26, 1867, a son of John B. and Elmira (Cox) Wright, both of whom are natives of Pennsylvania. His father, who died in Missouri, enlisted in the Forty-second Pennsylvania Infantry and served until the battle of Gettysburg. He and his wife had five children: William I., deceased; James A. of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; David B.; Minerva, widow of John L. McKinsie of Champaign; and John B., deceased. When David B. Wright was seven years of age he was sent to a soldiers’ orphans’ home in Pennsylvania, where he remained until he was sixteen. After that he continued as a teacher in the orphans’ home for one year. While there, in addition to literary studies, he had learned the marble cutting trade and he worked at it for three years at Newport, Pennsylvania, and subsequently was in business at another town in that state. In 1889 Mr. Wright came out to Champaign County and located at Mahomet. For about four years he was employed on farms, and then capitalized his experience and invested his modest means in a place of 100 acres in section 17 of Champaign Township. That farm has since been the object of his constant endeavors at improvements and he has found himself well situated in later years, commanding the resources of a good farm and having every comfort...

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Biography of Lloyd S. Fry

Lloyd S. Fry. When he came to the City of Manhattan in 1883, Mr. Fry engaged at once in the work which had occupied him for a number of years in Pennsylvania and Kansas and which brought him an enviable place among the state’s leading educators. He was employed as a teacher in the College Hill School, and in 1886 was elected superintendent of the city schools of Manhattan, a position he held two years. His record as an educator included two years in charge of the schools of Randolph, one year at Atwood, three years at Hays City. In all this time he was also an important factor in school institute work, and showed unusual ability not only as an instructor but in broadening and uplifting the general standards of school management in his county. When he gave up teaching in 1894, Mr. Fry went to farming. For eighteen years he conducted a general farm and dairy in Manhattan Township of Riley county, and that was a business congenial as well as profitable, so that in 1912 he was able to retire from his active duties as a farmer and has since lived in a comfortable home in Manhattan. Lloyd S. Fry was born near Millerstown in Perry County, Pennsylvania, April 25, 1855, a son of Simon H. and Catharine A. (Bretz) Fry. His parents were natives of...

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