Location: McFarland Kansas

Biography of William W. Driggs, Jr.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now William W. Driggs, Jr.,is a capable young newspaper man and is now editor of the Bern Gazette in Nemaha county. The Gazette is one of the live papers of that county, and was established in 1898 by M. E. Ford. The editor of the paper was born in Hannibal, Missouri, December 25, 1891. His father is William W. Driggs, Sr., and together they make the firm Driggs & Driggs, publishers of the Bern Gazette. The senior Driggs was born March 25, 1856, in Pennsylvania. At the age of fifteen he learned telegraphy and began working soon afterward as a railroad telegrapher in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, Wisconsin and Missouri, and served as general passenger and ticket agent for the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railway when that line was in the bands of a receiver. He subsequently lived at Omaha, Nebraska, and for several years was secretary of the building and loan association there. Coming to Kansas in 1895, he entered the service of the Rock Island Railroad Company and was its agent at Berwick, later at McFarland, and for seven years at Phillipsburg, Kansas. In 1905 he removed to Bern and in March of that year engaged in the hotel business. After two years he resumed employment with the Rock Island Road, on which Bern is...

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Biography of Frederick J. Wagner M.D.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Frederick J. Wagner, M. D. A resident of McFarland, Kansas, for about eight years, Doctor Wagner had found many responsibilities and pleasant relationships with that community, where he is a well known and capable physician, a druggist and present incumbent of the office of postmaster. Doctor Wagner is a native of Chicago, where he was born January 15, 1883. His father, Charles Wagner, was born in Waldek, Germany, in 1855, and at the age of seventeen accompanied his three brothers to America. Locating in Chicago, he became a well known business man, building a wholesale and retail grocery establishment and acquiring a substantial financial position. He died at Chicago in July, 1912. In politics he was rather independent, beginning as a democrat and later following the fortunes of the republican party. He was an active member of the Evangelical Church. Charles Wagner married Sophia Seggebruch, who was born in Will County, Illinois, in 1859, and is still living in Chicago. Doctor Wagner was the second of five children. Louise, the oldest, is the wife of Rev. H. J. Schick, pastor of St. Luke’s Evangelical Church at Evansville, Indiana. Charles, the next younger brother to Doctor Wagner, lives at home with his mother and looks after the family estate in Chicago. Clara is the wife of Dr....

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Biography of Lewis J. Lamar

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Lewis J. Lamar, present mayor of the Town of McFarland, is a veteran railroad man, though by no means old in point of years of life. He became self supporting at the age of sixteen, and therefore had had an active career much longer than his age would indicate. Mr. Lamar was born at Nashville, Illinois, July 31, 1879. His grandfather was a Frenchman and on coming to America settled in Pennsylvania, where he married into a family of Pennsylvania Dutch. Lewis J. Lamar’s maternal grandmother was a member of the Hanks family and was a sister of the mother of Abraham Lincoln. Elisha Lamar, father of Lewis J., was born in Spencer County, Indiana, in 1841, and when a boy accompanied his parents to the community of Lincoln, Indiana. He grew up there, and at the age of twenty, in 1861, enlisted in Company E, Forty-ninth Indiana Regiment of Infantry. He was in the Union army 4½ years, and participated in all the engagements of his regiment, including the great battle of Gettysburg. He was at one time on duty as corporal of guard and received a bad wound in the stomach, from which he never entirely recovered. He was mustered out September 18, 1865, at Indianapolis, Indiana. Mr. Lamar became a farmer in Indiana,...

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