Location: Marion County TN

Biography of John Stone

JOHN STONE. Among the prominent farmers and stockraisers of Sugar Loaf Township, Boone County, Arkansas, stands the name of John Stone, whose fine farm and surroundings show what perseverance and industry will accomplish. Mr. Stone was born in Lauderdale County, Ala., in the year 1829, to the marriage of Noble and Mary (Simmons) Stone, natives of the Palmetto State. When both father and mother were children they went with their par-ents to Alabama, grew to mature years in that State, married, and when our subject was about six months old they removed to Marion County, Tennessee There the mother died in 1850. She was a worthy member of the Methodist Church. Mr. Stone selected Miss Nancy Crow as his second wife, and about 1861 they came to what is now Boone County, Arkansas, where the father passed the remainder of his days, dying in 1863, when over sixty years of age. Farming had been his life’s occupation. In religion he was a Baptist. His father, Solomon Stone, was a Revolutionary soldier. The latter was of Irish origin and probably a native of South Carolina. He moved from that State to Alabama, thence to Tennessee, where he followed farming until his death in 1839, when quite aged. He was a wealthy slave owner and an influential citizen. Our subject’s maternal grandfather was also a native of South Carolina and moved...

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Biography of Anderson Carlton

ANDERSON CARLTON. A lifetime of hard earnest endeavor in pursuing the occupation to which he now gives his attention, coupled with strict integrity, honesty of purpose and liberality in all directions, has resulted in placing Anderson Carlton among the truly respected and honored agriculturists and stockmen of Newton County. Like other representative men of the county he is a native of North Carolina, born in Wilkes County in 1825. His parents, Alfred and Polly (Ellison) Carlton, were also natives of Wilkes County, N. C., the former born in 1805 and the latter in 1806. This worthy couple celebrated their nuptials in 1825, and when our subject was about three years of age they removed to Marion County, Tennessee, where they made their home until 1852. From there they came by ox team to Newton County, Arkansas, being about seven weeks on the road, and located on Hudson Fork of Buffalo, where our subject now lives. They improved a small farm, but subsequently removed to Boston Mt. where they resided for a number of years. Their last days were spent among their children, the father dying in 1874, and the mother in 1885. Both were regular Baptists and worthy citizens. For some time before the war the father was internal revenue collector for Newton County, and although a Union man he took no active part in the Rebellion, treating all...

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Biography of John Bailey Heffley

J0HN BAILEY HEFFLEY. John Bailey Heffey has devoted the greater part of his life to the calling of a farmer and stock raiser, and has met with more than the average degree of success by his industry and good management, accumulating a fair share of this world’s goods. Like other representative men of the county he came originally from Marion County, Tennessee, of which his parents, Philip and Hannah Sharp Heffley, were also natives. In that State the father died when our subject was about five years of age and the mother afterward removed to Henderson County, West Tennessee, where some of Mr. Heffley’s people were living. Later she returned to Marion County on business and died there, leaving the children orphans at an early age. John Heffley, our subject’s paternal grandfather, was also a native of Tennessee, and was probably killed in the Florida War. He was of Dutch origin, and a practical and successful farmer all his life. The maternal grandfather, Daniel Sharp, was a farmer, and died in Tennessee when one hundred and four years of age. His wife was also quite aged at the time of her death. They were Dutch people. John Bailey Heffley’s birth occurred in 1829, and he was second in order of birth of three sons and one daughter. The others were named as follows: Daniel, a farmer of Big Creek;...

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Biography of Rev. William H. H. Ruble

REV. WILLIAM H. H. RUBLE. Rev William H. H. Ruble, in addition to looking after the spiritual welfare of his fellows, devotes much of his attention to tilling the soil in Harrison Township, of which section he has been a resident for nearly twenty years.. He was born in Bradley County, Tennessee, in 1841, a son of John G. and Esther (Fine) Ruble, the latter a native of Washington County, Tennessee The father died when our subject was but thirteen months old and it is not known in what State he was born. He was a farmer and about sixty years old at the time of his death. He served in the War of 1812, and during the latter part of his life was a class leader and prominent member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Ruble was of Dutch origin. After his death the mother of our subject married John Frizzell and spent the remainder of her life in Tennessee, dying in Marion County in 1875, after having been an earnest and worthy member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for many years. She was a daughter of Elisha Fine, who died in Washington County. Tennessee, where he followed farming. He was also of Dutch origin. Mr. and Mrs. Ruble were the parents of six children, as follows: Vinett E., Malinda, Melvina, deceased; David died while in the army;...

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Biography of Basil Tonion Barber

Basil Tonion Barber. The ever-changing conditions of present-day competition in business life offer splendid opportunities for men of foresight and sagacity in any growing locality, whether it be developing from wilderness to settlement or from hamlet to metropolis. The ability to recognize in advance the strategic commercial situation is an asset the value of which may not be overestimated, and the man who possesses this quality is bound to find himself, sooner or later, in a position of importance in the business world. It was through the ability to predict where business would develop and to know in advance what kind of business would flourish that had enabled Basil Tonion Barber, of Iola, to reach a position of eminence at an age when most men are just starting upon their careers. When he located at Iola, in 1910, he was still a youth, with only several years’ experience behind him, but he confidently embarked upon his career, and today finds himself at the head of a paying automobile and garage business and proprietor of the largest establishment in the city. Basil T. Barber was born at Sunnyside, a small community of Tennessee, May 27, 1885, and is a son of W. L. and Emily (Condra) Barber. He is descended from Irish ancestors who came to the United States during the colonial period and settled as pioneers in Kentucky, where...

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Biographical Sketch of G. S. Deakins

G. S. Deakins, farmer, of the Thirteenth District of Coffee County, Tennessee, was born in Marion County (now Sequatchie) Tennessee, in 1832, and is the son of William and Sarah (Richards) Deakins, natives of Tennessee. The father died in 1848 and the mother in 1836. Both were members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Reared on the farm with a common school education, he also attended Burritt College at Spencer, Tennessee, and later, Emory and Henry College of Virginia. Having entered the law school of Lebanon (Tennessee) University in 1860, the civil war caused him to enter the confederate service, in Company H, Thirty fifth Regiment of Infantry. After the war and a resident in his native county for some time, he went to Jasper, Tennessee, where he was appointed clerk and master of the Chancery Court, holding this until his resignation four years later. In 1884 he removed to Tullahoma, and after a year’s residence there began farming. In 1860 he was married to Mary, daughter of Judge Frazier of Nashville. She died in 1863. In 1874 he married Mary A., daughter of F. A. Lochmiller, a native of Tennessee. They have two children: Vernie S., born February 8, 1875, and Fredrick T., born March 26, 1886. Both our subject and wife are members of the Old School Presbyterian...

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Marion County, Tennessee Cemetery Transcriptions

Tennessee Cemetery records are listed by county then name of cemetery within the Tennessee county. Most of these are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing. Following Cemeteries (hosted at Marion County, Tennessee Tombstone Transcription Project) Cabe Cemetery Ellis Cemetery Following Cemeteries (hosted at Cenotaph Genealogy of Joseph T. Fleming) Bean-Roulston Cemetery South Pittsburgh Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Following Cemeteries (hosted at Interment) Davis Cemetery Lusk Cemetery Shelton Cemetery Smith Cemetery Teague Cemetery White Cemetery...

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