Location: Maries County MO

Biography of Hon. John G. Slate

Hon. John G. Slate, of Jefferson City, who since 1912 has served on the bench of the circuit court of Missouri, his record reflecting credit and honor upon the judicial history of the state, was born January 26, 1860, in Cole county, about eight miles west of Jefferson City, his parents being Robert T. and Isabella D. (Jones) Slate, the former a native of Tennessee, while the latter was born in Kentucky. The father was a farmer, who in antebellum days owned a large number of slaves, having a plantation on the river. He also conducted a wood yard and sold wood to be used on the river steamboats. Judge Slate can well remember seeing the soldiers on these boats returning from the Civil war. Having been reared in the south he would call out “three cheers for Jeff Davis.” On one occasion the soldiers fired some shots and he thought they were shooting at him for calling out as he did. His father served with the Confederate army, was in the fight at Fulton and was captured and sent to the military prison at Alton, Illinois. While he was thus incarcerated much of his property on the farm was stolen. The death of Robert T. Slate occurred in Jefferson City, Missouri, in 1872. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any...

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Biography of Jasper N. Ray

JASPER N. RAY. Jasper N. Ray belongs to that class of American citizens who are enterprising, thoroughgoing and industrious, and who rise in a few years from a condition of dependence to one of prominence and the possession of considerable wealth. In fact, he is a self-made man in all which that much-abused term implies, and the property he has accumulated is the result of his own honest industry. He first saw the light of day in what is now Maries County, Missouri, his birth occurring in 1846, to the union of Hubbard and Vashti (Moon) Ray, the father, a native of Grainger County, Tennessee born in 1820, and the mother born near Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1826. Then young Mr. and Mrs. Ray went with their parents to what is now Phelps County, Missouri, where they grew to mature years and were married. Afterward they came to what is Maries County, Missouri, but, a few years later, moved to Greene County, where they resided for about five years. Their next move was to Barry County, where they were among the pioneers; but they only remained there about three years and returned to what is now Phelps County. From 1861 to 1865 the family resided in Arkansas, and then returned to Phelps County, where Mr. Ray died in 1867. He was a successful farmer, and was upright and honorable during...

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Biography of Dr. David Perry Martin

DR. DAVID PERRY MARTIN. The most important science bearing upon man’s happiness, comfort and welfare is that of medicine, and as Dr. Martin has ever been a close student, he has attained a wide reputation as a successful practitioner of the “healing art.” He owes his nativity to Maries County, Missouri, where he first saw the light in 1846, his parents being Madison and Anastasia (Perry) Martin, the former of whom was born in St. Louis County, Missouri, in 1812. He is still living and is a citizen of Maries County. His wife was also born in St. Louis County, Missouri, was married there to Mr. Martin and after a short time moved to Maries County, where they cleared up the fine farm on which they are now living. The Martin family many years ago removed to St. Louis from North Carolina, and in the vicinity of that place some member of the family has ever since resided. Dr. David Perry Martin was one of nine children born to his parents. In his youth he was given the advantages of the public schools of Maries County, and he wisely made the most of these opportunities. While still in his early manhood, his kindly nature instinctively turned to that broad field, medicine, for his life work, and he began fitting himself for that calling, Dr. John Blaine being his preceptor....

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Biography of Preston T. Moody

PRESTON T. MOODY. Among the thoroughgoing, wide-awake farmers and stockraisers of Christian County, Missouri, stands Preston T. Moody, whose intelligence, perseverance and industry have brought him good returns. Like so many of the representative citizens of the county, he came originally from Tennessee, having been born in the eastern part of that State in 1822. His parents, Thomas and Elizabeth (Belyew) Moody, were natives of Kentucky, and there they were married. Until 1852 Mr. and Mrs. Moody resided in different counties of east Tennessee, and then came by wagon to Maries County, Missouri, where both died within four years afterward. Mr. Moody was a life long farmer, but in connection also carried on the shoemaker’s trade. He was never a very strong or healthy man. In politics he was a Whig. His three brothers and one sister were named as follows: John, a wealthy man of east Tennessee; James and Martin, who died in Georgia; and Rhoda, who married Peter Belyew, probably died in Kentucky. James Moody, the grandfather of our subject, it is thought, was a native of North Carolina, and of French origin, while the maternal grandfather, Samuel Belyew, was of Irish extraction. Of the seven children born to his parents, our subject was fourth in order of birth. They were named as follows: Joseph, served as body-guard for Gen. Wool, when the Indians were being removed...

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Biography of John Appley Ferrell

John Appley Ferrell, lawyer of Sedan, was representative of the Forty-ninth District in the Legislature in 1915-16 and in the general election of 1916 was elected to the State Senate. While in the Legislature he was chairman of the oil and gas committee, chairman of the library committee, and a member of the judiciary and school lands committees. He was also a member on the conference committee on appropriations and exerted a creditable influence in keeping down extravagant appriations during that session. Mr. Ferrell had had a long and active career, divided about evenly between his work as an educator and his practice as a lawyer. He was born in Lanes Prairie in Maries County, Missouri, September 23, 1865. His grandfather, Rev. Enoch Ferrell, was a minister of the Baptist Church, was a native of Kentucky, moved in the early days to Indiana, from there to Missouri and died in that state. His son, Rev. John M. Ferrell, who became a minister of the Christian Church, was born in Jackson County, Indiana, January 27, 1831, and died at Sedan, Kansas, April 15, 1908. He was a youth when he went with his parents to Missouri, and in that state he married Miss Elvira Fitzgerald. She was born in St. Louis County, Missouri, April 23, 1830, and died at Sedan, Kansas, March 30, 1897. Her father, John Fitzgerald, was a...

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