Location: Manchester New York

Biography of Rev. Isaac G. Hubbard

Rev. Isaac G. Hubbard, at one time the rector of Trinity Church, Claremont, was born here, April 13, 1818, son of Isaac and Ruth (Cobb) Hubbard. His grandfather, George Hubbard, who was a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War, came to Claremont in 1778 from Tolland, Conn. Judge J. H. Hubbard, of Windsor, a son of George, was one of the ablest lawyers in New England. He was a powerful man, and as a pleader at the bar he had few equals. Isaac Hubbard, another son, who settled in Claremont, became a successful farmer and stock-raiser. He was an influential man, served in different town offices, did much legal work, was Justice of the Peace, was considered a practical lawyer, and was prominent in the Episcopal church. He died in January, 1861, leaving a fine estate of some four hundred acres. By his first wife, a daughter of Ezra Jones, there was one child, a daughter, who married Charles F. Long, and had four children: Caroline, who died young; Charles H.; Isaac G.; and Charlotte B. The three last named are still living. His second wife, in maidenhood Ruth Cobb, daughter of Samuel Cobb, of Springfield, Vt., had four children. Amos, the eldest, now deceased, who was in the nursery business in Detroit, Mich., married Catharine, daughter of Samuel Fiske. She was half-sister of Philip Fiske, the donor of the...

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Biographical Sketch of Abram Garlock

(II) Abram, son of Peter Garlock, was a farmer in Manchester, New York. He married Catharine, daughter of Peter Cook, who was a native of New Jersey. The children of Abram and Catharine (Cook) Garlock were nine, including Cyrus, referred to below; Dr. Alfred, who lived in Michigan; and Peter, born in Phelps, October 6, 1832, mentioned...

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Biographical Sketch of Cyrus Garlock

(III) Cyrus, son of Abram Garlock, was born in Manchester, August 26, 1826, died July 6, 1908. After his education he ran a lumber and stave factory and a cooper shop, and in later years engaged in farming. He was supervisor of the town and justice of the peace. He married (first) Hester Ann Ferguson, and (second) Laura Burt, who died in 1892. Children of Cyrus and Laura (Burt) Garlock: Erastus Burt, married Mary Cramer, and they live in St. Louis, Missouri; children: Howard Burt, Laura Marguerite, Floyd, Ruth; William F., referred to below; Mary...

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Biographical Sketch of William F. Garlock

(IV) William F., son of Cyrus and Laura (Burt) Garlock, was born in the town of Manchester, February 15, 1870. He was educated in the public schools, then engaged in farming until 1904. In that year he went to Port Gibson, where he engaged in the creamery business and runs a general store. July 1, 1910, he was appointed postmaster. In 1891 he married Nellie, daughter of Carroll C. and Lydia Terry. Children: Laura Fern, born in 1892; Alice, 1894; Terry, 1895; Emma, 1898; Vincent, 1901; Lydia, 1902; Everett, 1905; Albert, 1907; Dorothy,...

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Biographical Sketch of William E. Bement

William E. Bement, the first member of this family of whom we have definite information, was born in New England, in 1821, died in Manchester, Ontario county, New York, in 1881. The surname is found among the earliest Puritan settlers in this country, in Enfield, Connecticut, and elsewhere, and descendants of the original Bement emigrants are living to-day in Massachusetts and Connecticut. William E. Bement is probably a descendant of the branch which was connected with the early history of Deerfield and Conway, Massachusetts. He married Laura A. Newell, who died in Manchester, Ontario county, New York, in 1903. She is said to have been a descendant of Thomas Newell, who settled in Farmington, Connecticut, about 1640. Children: Murray J., referred to below; Edmond, born August 2, 1847, died September 10, 1896, married Margaret Lemunyon; George, born August 10, 1851, died February 14, 1863, drowned by...

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Biographical Sketch of Murray J. Bement

(II) Murray J., son of William E. and Laura A. (Newell) Bement, was born in Manchester, Ontario county, New York, May 20, 1844: died in Clifton Springs, in the same county, May 23,-1910. He received his education in the public schools of Manchester, and then taught school himself for a number of years. In 1875 he began the manufacture of cigars, a business he continued to be engaged in until his death. In May, 1888, he settled in Clifton Springs, and took his son, Louie M. Bement, into partnership with him. He was a Democrat in politics and served for one term as town clerk of Manchester, and as justice of the peace for two terms. He was also a trustee of the village of Clifton Springs. He was appointed postmaster of Clifton Springs by President Cleveland during his last administration. From 1906 to 1910 he was president of the board of health-of Clifton Springs. He was a member of the Knights of Pythias. He married (first), July 4, 1864, Jennie V., daughter of Peter and Abigail (Nichols) Cooper, of Manchester, New York, who was born there, January 12, 1846; died there, May 12, 1865. He married (second), November 15, 1871, Sarah C. Wade. Child, Louie M., referred to...

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Biographical Sketch of Louie M. Bement

(III) Louie M., only child of Murray J. and Jennie V. (Cooper) Bement, was born in Manchester, Ontario county, New York, May 3, 1865, and is now (1910) living in Clifton Springs, in the same county. He received his education in the schools of Manchester, and after his father had removed to Clifton Springs, he was taken into partnership with him in the cigar manufacturing business. He is a Democrat in politics and served as village clerk of Clifton Springs for twelve years. He was a member of the Democratic county committee for five years and of the town committee also for several years. He is a member of Sincerity Lodge, No. 200, Free and Accepted Masons; of Newark Chapter, No. 117, Royal Arch Masons; of Zenobia Commandery, No. 41, Knights Templar; of Damascus Temple, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine; and was for two years chancellor-commander of Castle Hall Lodge, No. 230, Knights of Pythias, and served as vice-chancellor and member of the Grand Lodge of State of New York, Knights of...

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Biography of John H. Stephens

John H. Stephens, postmaster of Clifton Springs, New York, was for many years prominently identified with educational matters in various capacities. The family originally came from Germany. His father, William L., who was the son of Abraham Stephens, a native of Germany, was born in Rockland county, New York. He removed to the city of New York, where, for many years he conducted the Westchester Pie Bakery, in West Nineteenth street, which was the foundation of the present American Pie Baking Company. He married Elizabeth Wood. Children: William W.; James 0., deceased; John H., see forward; Margaret; Ella, and Elizabeth. John H., son of William L. and Elizabeth Wood, was born in New York City, January 8, 1847. He graduated from the public schools of his native city in 1864, and attended the Canandaigua Academy, 1865-66. From 1868 to 1871 he taught district schools of Manchester. For a time he filled the position of bookkeeper in Greenwich, Connecticut, 1871-7273, and then taught school again in Manchester until 1879. He occupied the position of principal of the Shortsville school from 1879 to 1881, and was school commissioner the next three years. From 1884 until 1895 he served as principal of the Clifton Springs school, and from 1896 until 1905 he again served as school commissioner, was reelected in 1905, and resigned the office in March, 1906, when he accepted the...

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Biography of Robert Houston

Robert Houston, son of Robert and — (Melvin) Houston, was born in 1821, in Glasgow, Scotland, and died in 1856, in Farmington, New York. His father and mother lived and died in Scotland. His brother James was a merchant in England, and afterward in California. Robert Houston was educated in the common schools of his native land and learned the trade of shoemaker, which he followed until 1845, when he came to this country. He stayed for a short time in New York City, and then made his home in Canandaigua, New York. where he was employed first by See & Lekland and later by Mr. Tozer, of the same town. He removed to Manchester, New York, and started in business on his own account as a shoe manufacturer, continuing to the time of his death. In politics he was a Democrat; in religion a member of the Trinity Church. He married Jane Carson, of Glasgow, born in 1821, in that city, died in 1890, at Farmington, New York, daughter of James and Margaret (Carson) Carson, granddaughter of James and Margaret (McDowell) Carson. Her father was a farmer, a Republican in politics, and a Methodist in religion. Her grandfather was of Dumfries, Scotland. She had sisters, Margaret, Ellen, Isabel and Agnes, and a brother James Carson. She was an earnest, loving, self-sacrificing woman, and after the death of her...

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Biography of Martin Smith

Martin Smith, son of Asa Smith, was born in Ormstown, Canada, March 23, ,808, and came with his parents when he was a small boy to Manchester, Ontario county, New York. He was the eldest of fourteen children, of whom Edmund, Frederick, Rufus and Elvira, of Manchester, and Franklin D. Smith, of Phelps, are living. Martin Smith was a farmer at Manchester. He married Welthea Wells, born at Penfield, Monroe county, New York, July 15, 18,0, and came with her parents to Manchester when she was about four years old. Her sister Jane married Jonathan Fisk; and Delia married Alanson Fisk, both of Arcadia, Wayne county, New York. Her father, Peter Wells, was born and brought up in Farmington, New York, where his father settled soon after the revolution, coming thither from Massachusetts. Her mother, Clarissa (McLouth) Wells, was born in Farmington, July 5, 1784. She was left a widow at the age of twenty-eight years and had three young children. She resolutely undertook to support herself and children, taking charge of a farm of one hundred acres and conducting it successfully. She lived on her farm to the time of her death at the advanced age of eighty years. This farm is near Port Gibson and is now (1910) owned by Judson Throop. Her father, Lawrence McLouth, was highly educated and spoke several languages. She was the eldest...

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