Location: Madison County IL

Edward Todd of Mt. Carmel IL

Edward Todd7, (Bethel6, Stephen5, Stephen4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Christopher1) born in 1797, married Caroline Fanton. He was a teacher. Removed to Highland, Ill., thence to Mt. Carmel, Ill., where he died. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Children: 1361. Charles. 1362....

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Biographical Sketch of W. H. K. Pile

W. H. K. Pile, real estate, collecting and insurance agent, Mattoon; was born in Breckinridge Co., Ky., Feb. 17, 1819; he was reared on a farm, and learned his trade, that of a wagon-maker, during his minority; at the age of 20, he began life for himself, following his trade and that of a carpenter, till 25 years of age; he then engaged in farming for five years; in1855, he came West to Illinois, and settled south of Charleston, Coles Co.; in 1856, he came to Mattoon, and engaged in operating a hotel; in 1857, he was elected Police Magistrate of the city; in 1858, he was chosen Associate Justice of Coles Co., with Judges Edwards and Leach; in 1859, he was elected School Commissioner of Coles Co., and served two years; in the winter of 1862, he removed to Charleston and operated a hotel, and, in 1863, located in Alton and engaged in the same business; in 1867, he returned to Mattoon, and engaged as traveling salesman for a firm in Louisville, Ky.; in 1869, he was again chosen Police Magistrate, and held the office four years; in 1873, he was elected Justice of the Peace, and remained in office four years; during the years of 1875, 1876 and 1877, he traveled for a firm, loaning money on real estate; for the past year he has devoted his...

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Biography of Isaac Negus

Isaac Negus, deceased, who, during his lifetime, was one of the leading business men in Rock Island, was a man whose be-lief in the future of the city he had chosen for his home took the substantial form of building enterprise. He was born December 31, 1799, at Labions, Ondaga County, New York, where he received a common school education. After leaving school he found employment in the construction department of the Erie Canal in New York State, where he remained for three years. The experience and practical knowledge gained during those three years was a great service to him later, when he, with his partner, Mr. James Sanger, took a $150,000 contract for a part of the construction of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, the scene of their operations being Chicago. Mr. Negus removed from New York State in 1829, locating in Edwardsville, Madison County, Illinois, where for three years he was engaged in the mercantile business. From thence he moved to Chicago and later went to Galena, Illinois, where he was again en-gaged in mercantile lines until he came to Rock Island on October 8, 1844. Here he again took up mercantile life and made an enviable record in his business career. He was also a member of the banking firm of Osborn, Negus & Company known as the Rock Island Bank, the firm at that time...

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Biography of N. A. Eberman

N.A. EBERMAN. – This still vigorous and erect gentleman of sixty-eight years is a perfect representative of the daring, athletic and pioneer Western men who crossed the plains nearly half a century ago. He was born in Henry county, Tennessee, in 1821, and at the age of ten went with his parents to settle in Madison county, Illinois. In Warren county of the same state he saw something of the Black Hawk war. In 1840 he left home for Missouri, stopping in that then unsettled region until, in 1843, the eloquence of Burnett and the exertions of others resulted in forming the company to cross the plains to Oregon. Joining himself to this body, young Eberman rode on the plains, shooting deer, antelope, elk and buffalo for the company, meeting many adventures and being in the midst of wild Indians. Being strong and daring and a good swimmer, he was of great service in crossing streams and setting the guide lines for the fording of the train. He was quite promiscuous, acting principally as hunter and scout, and after a time, with Burnett’s division, joined himself to Applegate. Being acquainted with Hunt, who was bringing out a sawmill, he went down with that gentleman, after his arrival in Oregon, to the site chosen on the south side of the Columbia river opposite Cathlamet, and worked in the mill. The...

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Biography of Grant Waggoner

Grant Waggoner is a specialist in mining law with office and practice at Baxter Springs, Kansas. He has claimed his home at Baxter Springs since 1909, but did not open his law office in that city until 1912. While most of his practice is connected with some phase or other of the mining industry, he also handles a general civil and criminal practice. In 1914 Mr. Waggouer was elected from his district as representative in the State Legislature. He proved an able champion of all progressive legislation enacted during his term, and was particularly at the front in all matters concerning his particular district, which is largely a mining and industrial section. He was chairman of the Mines and Mining Committee and a member of the Judiciary Committee, Railroad Committee, Private Corporation Committee and Roads and Highways Committee. He was very active in securing the passage of the dynamite bill which regulates the sale of dynamite and other high explosives in Kansas. Mr. Waggoner was born in Montgomery County, Illinois, May 29, 1888. His family had lived in Illinois since pioneer times. The original seat of the Waggoner family was at historic Bingen on the Rhine in Germany. From there three brothers of the name crossed the ocean and in colonial days settled in Delaware. Mr. Waggoner’s grandfather George W. Waggoner was born in Hardin County, Kentucky, in 1826,...

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Biography of Prof. Robert Allyn Reed

Prof. Robert Allyn Reed. It is not given to every individual to find a business career that is entirely congenial. The musical genius too frequently finds that circumstances produce for him an environment in the necessary pursuits of every day life that is not satisfying and that bars him from progress and happiness. Happily, however, this has not been the experience of Prof. Robert Allyn Reed, of Coffeyville, who has achieved great success through a broad and comprehensive training and the possession of exceptional inherent talent, and who, as proprietor of the New York School of Music, occupies a very important place in musical circles of Kansas. Professor Reed was born February 14, 1871, at Troy, Madison County, Illinois, and was named for Dr. Robert Allyn, who was dean at that time of the Illinois State Normal School. On the paternal side he is of Scotch ancestry, and on the maternal of German descent, the Reeds being of an old Maine family. Professor Reed’s branch is of colonial origin and dovetails with the ancestry of Speaker Thomas Brackett Reed. Andrew D. Reed, the father of Professor Reed, was born in 1832, in Maine, and as a young man removed to Illinois, where he was married. He became a teacher of mathematics and law in the State Normal School at Lebanon, Illinois, but too close devotion to the duties of...

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Biography of S. S. White

S.S. WHITE. – The pioneer experiences of Judge White are of an exceptionally interesting character. This well-known and highly valued citizen of Portland was born in Franklin county, Indiana, December 14, 1811. His father was much of a frontiersman, and, after a removal to Ohio in 1815, went three years later to Sangamon county, Illinois, settling on Sugar creek, twenty miles south of Springfield. This was then a remote and unoccupied region, Mr. White’s family and those of a Mr. Ellis and Mr. Vancil being the only families within the limits of the present Sangamon and Morgan counties, and sixty miles from white settlements. Various removals were made subsequently within that state. Upon arriving at his majority, young White entered the mercantile business, and continued in it near Galesburg. In 1831 occurred his marriage to Miss Hulda Jennings; and the next year an effort was made in company with Mr. Amzi Doolittle, and M.M. McCarver, so well known as one of our early citizens, to settle on a tract of land soon to be thrown open in consequence of a treaty of relinquishment from the Indians. The land was not to be subject to settlement until June of that year; but, not apprehending any opposition, these men located lands and put up cabins in February, but were removed with much rigor by government troops under Jefferson Davis, then a...

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Biography of Hon. Eugene Semple

HON. EUGENE SEMPLE. – Eugene Semple was born June 12, 1840, at Bogota, South America, his father being at the time the Minister of the United States at new Granada. Coming with his parents to Illinois, his youth was spent in Madison and Jersey counties of that State. Attending the common schools of the latter county, he finished his education at the St. Louis University in 1858. Commencing the study of law in the office of Krum & Harding, in St. Louis, he afterwards attended the Law School of the Cincinnati College, where he graduated in 1863, taking the degree of LL.B. General James Semple, of Illinois, father of Eugene Semple, took a prominent part in the movement that caused the Oregon country to be settled by Americans, and thus saved to the Unite States. He made speeches at Springfield, Illinois, in 1842, and at Cincinnati in1843, taking strong grounds in favor of “fifty-four forty or fight.” Afterwards, when a United States Senator from Illinois, he was an ardent supporter of the same policy, and introduced a resolution to terminate the treaty of joint occupation with Great Britain. The speeches and conversations of his father, and the accounts of the Oregon country given by the fur traders of St. Louis, awakened in young Semple a strong desire to go to the far West and it was with difficulty his...

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Biographical Sketch of J. E. Sharp

J. E. Sharp a retired capitalist of Santa Ana, was born in East Tennessee, November 17, 1809, a son of Joseph and Sarah (Lamb) Sharp, who had but two children: the subject of this sketch and a boy named Prophet, who died in 1850. The parents died in 1828, the father one day and the mother the next. In 1830 Mr. Sharp went to Illinois, where for several years he followed farming in Madison County; after this he went into the mercantile business at Bunker Hill, Illinois, and subsequently he moved to Litchfield, that State. In 1864 he came to California and spent the first ten years in Sacramento County. In 1874 he came to Westminster, where he followed farming two years; then he purchased property in Santa Ana and built two houses. Since then he has been in the real-estate business until about two years ago. He also owns property in Pomona. Mr. Sharp is a true Christian gentleman, and has been an active worker in the Baptist Church for over fifty-four years. He was married first in 1832, to Mary E. Robinson, a native of North Carolina, and a daughter of Zachariah and Elizabeth Robinson. By this marriage there was one child-Sallie A., now the wife of William Kell, of Pomona. Mrs. Sharp died June 12, 1873, and December 21, 1875, Mr. Sharp married Mrs. Clarissa M....

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E-H Surnames – 1818 Madison County, Illinois Census

  Name: Head of Household Page: Page of Census Listing Range of Ages: 1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards 2nd Number – All other white inhabitants 3rd Number – Free persons of colour 4th Number – Servants or slaves   East, Henry 124 01-04-00-00 East, James 124 01-08-00-00 Edwards, Lorenzo 126 01-01-00-00 Edwards, Ninian 130 01-05-00-04 Emmertt, Henry 128 02-01-00-00 Emmett, Andrew 128 01-08-00-00 Ennis, Jessee 131 02-05-00-00 Enos, Pascal P. 135 06-07-00-00 Evelin, John 132 01-12-00-00 Evelin, Moses 132 01-06-00-00 Everman, Joseph 117 01-05-00-00 Eves, Benjamin 136 01-04-00-00 Findley, John 133 02-07-00-00 Findley, John 134 02-06-00-00 Findley, Moses 131 01-01-00-00 Flanigin, Thomas 123 01-02-00-00 Foster, Mark 135 01-01-00-00 Fountain, Edward 130 12-08-00-00 Fountain, Peter 136 01-07-00-00 Fowler, Elisha 132 01-04-00-00 Franklin, John 135 01-04-00-00 Fruitt, Edmund 134 01-06-00-00 Furguson, Alston 123 01-01-00-00 Furguson, Isaac 122 02-06-00-00 Furguson, John 122 01-04-00-00 Furguson, Phillis 122 00-02-00-00 Furguson, Thomas 127 01-01-00-00 Gaskill, David 118 01-10-00-00 Gaskill, Sylvanus 118 02-05-00-00 Gates, Henry 133 03-07-00-00 George, Jehue 132 01-04-00-00 Gibbs, Hauston V. 124 01-01-00-00 Gilham, Charles 127 01-03-00-00 Gilham, Charles 135 01-05-00-00 Gilham, Clement 126 01-06-00-00 Gilham, Isaac 126 01-05-00-00 Gilham, Isaac 128 01-04-00-00 Gilham, Isham 125 04-06-00-01 Gilham, James 126 01-04-00-00 Gilham, James 127 01-01-00-00 Gilham, Jane 127 01-05-00-00 Gilham, John 125 02-04-00-00 Gilham, John 128 01-02-00-00 Gilham, John 133 01-06-00-00 Gilham, Rydus C. 126 02-06-00-00 Gilham, Samuel...

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I-M Surnames – 1818 Madison County, Illinois Census

  Name: Head of Household Page: Page of Census Listing Range of Ages: 1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards 2nd Number – All other white inhabitants 3rd Number – Free persons of colour 4th Number – Servants or slaves   Jackson, Low 131 01-12-00-00 Jackson, Martin 133 01-03-00-00 Janderow, Baptiste 136 01-07-00-00 Jarvice, John 117 01-06-00-00 Jeffres, Samuel 127 02-07-00-00 Jingles, Elizabeth 124 00-06-00-01 Johnson, James 134 02-03-00-00 Johnson, John 124 01-03-00-00 Johnson, John 134 01-07-00-00 Johnson, Peggy 123 00-03-00-00 Johnson, Sarah 122 00-04-00-00 Johnson, Thomas 124 01-03-00-00 Johnson, William 133 01-04-00-00 Jones, Benett 129 03-06-00-00 Jones, Isaac 131 01-05-00-00 Jones, John 127 01-04-00-00 Jones, John 135 01-02-00-00 Jones, Martin 135 01-04-00-00 Jones, William 130 01-07-00-00 Jones, William 131 01-08-00-00 Judd, Alfred 135 04-00-00-00 Judy, Samuel 119 01-08-01-03 Kain, John 136 02-06-00-00 Kelly, Abnor O. 121 01-06-00-00 Kelly, Elijah 134 02-03-00-00 Kelly, Henry 129 04-04-00-00 Keltner, Solomon 129 01-02-00-00 Kemp, William 129 01-03-00-00 Keown, James 129 01-03-00-00 Kerns, William 136 01-07-00-00 Kile, Adam 122 01-05-00-00 Kinder, George 129 02-05-00-00 Kinder, Jacob 127 01-05-00-00 King, Joseph 133 01-02-00-00 Kingston, Richard 121 01-01-00-00 Kinkaid, Samuel 133 02-06-00-00 Kirpatrick, James 120 01-06-00-00 Kitchens, Charles 131 01-04-00-00 Labarb, Jack 126 01-02-00-00 Lampkins, Jopthah 130 02-03-00-00 Landers, Henry 123 01-02-00-00 Landers, Jacob 123 01-05-00-00 Langworthy, Reodolphus 125 06-02-00-00 Lard, James 120 01-05-00-00 Lard, John 122 01-04-00-00 Larkins, Edward 126 02-05-00-00...

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N-R Surnames – 1818 Madison County, Illinois Census

  Name: Head of Household Page: Page of Census Listing Range of Ages: 1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards 2nd Number – All other white inhabitants 3rd Number – Free persons of colour 4th Number – Servants or slaves   Nesbet, Jane 117 01-07-00-00 New, James 132 01-07-00-00 Newell, James 117 01-06-00-00 Newman, Joseph 134 02-03-00-00 Newman, Zadock 134 01-03-00-00 Nix, Ambrose 119 02-02-00-00 Nix, David 120 01-02-00-01 Nix, John 119 01-04-00-00 Norman, William 117 01-03-00-00 Nowling, Bennett 118 01-03-00-00 Nowling, Louis 121 01-03-00-00 Ogle, William 134 02-04-00-00 Osburn, Thomas 127 01-05-00-00 Ottwell, William 120 01-06-00-00 Owings, John 129 01-02-00-00 Owings, Simms 129 01-05-00-00 Padly, Reuben 122 01-02-00-00 Paine, Christopher 122 01-04-00-00 Paint, John 129 01-09-00-00 Palmer, James 136 01-09-00-00 Parkerson, William 121 02-09-00-00 Parkison, Daniel 122 01-06-00-00 Parks, James 131 01-03-00-00 Parviance, William 118 02-04-00-00 Patton, Andrew V. 125 01-03-00-00 Pearce, James 124 01-05-00-00 Pearce, Solomon 117 01-04-00-00 Pelham, Markus 119 01-03-00-00 Penn, Philip 124 01-03-00-00 Penny, William B. 118 01-03-00-00 Petingill, Daniel 126 02-00-00-00 Pharis, George W. 129 01-01-00-00 Pharis, James 128 01-03-00-00 Pharis, James 129 01-01-00-00 Pierce, Jeremiah 136 00-00 Piper, Nutter 118 02-01-00-00 Piper, Thomas 132 01-05-00-00 Pool, Stephen 134 01-07-00-00 Pope, Alfred 133 01-06-00-00 Posey, Jubilee 129 02-02-00-00 Powel, John 133 01-09-00-00 Prickett, Abraham 117 04-03-00-00 Pritchard, Abisha 119 01-01-00-00 Prow, Peter 120 01-03-00-00 Pruitt, Abram 124 01-08-00-00 Pruitt, Isaac...

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A-B Surnames – 1818 Madison County, Illinois Census

  Name: Head of Household Page: Page of Census Listing Range of Ages: 1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards 2nd Number – All other white inhabitants 3rd Number – Free persons of colour 4th Number – Servants or slaves   Name Page # Range of Ages Ackles, Richard 127 02-05-00-00 Adkin, William 128 02-02-00-00 Adkins, John 126 07-06-00-00 Adley, John 135 01-10-00-00 Aikman, David 129 01-05-00-00 Alexander, Nelson 122 01-03-00-00 Allard, Mary 118 00-07-00-00 Allen, Benjamin 119 01-02-00-00 Allen, Daniel 133 03-05-00-00 Allen, John 125 02-03-00-00 Allen, John 133 01-01-00-00 Allen, Rowland P. 130 01-03-02-00 Allen, Samuel 129 01-04-00-00 Allen, Thomas 125 02-05-00-00 Allen, Zachariah 125 02-12-00-02 Alley, David 134 01-02-00-00 Allison, Elijah 122 02-05-00-00 Allison, Thomas 124 01-02-00-00 Anderson, Alexander W. 118 01-09-00-00 Anderson, Robert G. 123 02-08-00-00 Archer, Moses 123 01-02-00-00 Armstrong, Aron 128 01-10-00-00 Armstrong, George 118 01-05-00-00 Armstrong, Joshua 121 01-04-00-00 Armstrong, Robert 121 01-06-00-00 Armstrong, Susanah 128 00-04-00-00 Armstrong, Thomas 117 01-01-00-00 Armstrong, William 123 01-02-00-00 Astin, William 128 01-02-00-00 Atwater, Joshua 130 16-05-00-00 Avery, Jack 136 01-13-00-00 Baird, William 117 01-10-00-00 Baker, Absalom 118 01-01-00-00 Baker, Absolam 118 02-01-00-00 Baptiste, Louis 135 04-11-00-00 Barbour, John 121 01-06-00-00 Barnett, John 119 01-08-00-00 Barnett, Thomas 129 01-03-00-00 Barnsback, George 129 01-06-00-00 Barrow, David 131 01-08-00-00 Barrow, John 135 01-02-00-00 Barrow, Nancy 135 00-08-00-00 Bartlett, Joseph 128 01-07-00-00 Barton, Charles 126 00-00-06-00...

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C-D Surnames – 1818 Madison County, Illinois Census

  Name: Head of Household Page: Page of Census Listing Range of Ages: 1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards 2nd Number – All other white inhabitants 3rd Number – Free persons of colour 4th Number – Servants or slaves   Cadwell, George 127 01-08-00-00 Caldwell, James 132 01-06-00-00 Campbell, John 122 01-01-00-00 Cannon, Robert 131 01-07-00-00 Carland, James 125 01-03-00-00 Carland, Thomas 125 02-02-00-00 Carlock, James 129 01-06-00-00 Carpenter, Nathan 128 02-03-00-00 Carrol, George 134 03-05-00-00 Carson, James 129 03-05-00-00 Carter, Davis 133 01-04-00-00 Carter, Samuel 128 01-10-00-00 Casteel, Abraham 121 01-03-00-00 Casteel, Isaac 121 01-01-00-00 Casterline, Jonathan 119 01-06-00-00 Ceely, Jacob 123 01-05-00-00 Chandler, Isaac 131 01-02-00-00 Chandler, Thomas 131 01-03-00-00 Cheek, Willis 134 02-02-00-00 Church, Robert 133 01-09-00-00 Clark, Isaac 117 02-04-00-00 Clark, John 127 03-06-00-00 Clark, William 123 05-06-00-00 Claypole, Jeremiah 119 02-05-00-01 Coleen, Francis 124 01-03-00-00 Collins, Augustus 119 02-07-00-00 Collins, John 131 01-04-00-00 Collins, Polly 120 00-04-00-00 Conley, Hesse 117 00-09-00-00 Conley, Isaac 117 01-03-00-00 Conly, Alexander 118 01-05-00-00 Conoway, Jessee 119 02-06-00-00 Cook, Henry 119 01-05-00-01 Cook, Jeremiah 118 01-04-00-00 Cook, John 118 01-03-00-00 Coonrad, George 126 01-10-00-00 Coop, David 134 03-06-00-00 Cooper, John 130 01-05-00-00 Cormack, Rivers 118 01-07-00-00 Costly, William 133 03-10-00-00 Coulter, Robert 123 01-11-00-00 Courtney, William 120 01-08-00-00 Coventry, George 125 04-04-00-00 Cowen, Matthew 130 01-02-00-00 Cowhill, Thomas 133 01-01-00-00 Cox, John 135 01-07-00-00 Cox,...

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S-V Surnames – 1818 Madison County, Illinois Census

  Name: Head of Household Page: Page of Census Listing Range of Ages: 1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards 2nd Number – All other white inhabitants 3rd Number – Free persons of colour 4th Number – Servants or slaves   Samples, David 121 02-08-00-00 Satterfield, John 128 01-01-00-00 Saunders, George 126 02-06-00-00 Savage, Eli 126 01-01-00-00 Savage, William 125 01-03-00-00 Savage, William 126 06-05-00-02 Scott, John 122 01-07-00-00 Scott, Levi 131 01-02-00-00 Scott, Samuel 134 01-09-00-00 Scott, William 134 02-11-00-01 Scroggins, Isaac 123 01-07-00-00 Seely, Walter J. 125 08-02-00-01 Seemore, ??? 118 01-01-00-00 Segar, Jacob 127 01-03-00-00 Seybold, Robert 119 01-04-00-00 Seybold, Samuel 117 01-01-00-00 Shaw, John 133 10-05-00-00 Shelton, James 122 02-02-00-01 Shelton, Jane 123 00-05-00-00 Shelton, Matthias 123 01-03-00-00 Shelton, Thomas 122 02-01-00-00 Shelton, William 122 01-10-00-00 Shinn, Caleb 129 01-01-00-00 Shinn, John, Jr. 123 01-04-00-00 Shockley, Isham 132 01-04-00-00 Shockley, Thomas 124 01-03-00-00 Simmons, James 121 01-04-00-00 Simms, Augustin 128 01-03-00-00 Simms, Charles 127 03-06-00-00 Simms, James 122 01-10-00-00 Singleton, John 128 01-04-00-00 Sippi, Abraham 128 01-01-00-00 Smart, Lubon 121 02-03-00-00 Smart, Wiley 129 01-04-00-00 Smith, Anderson 117 01-10-00-00 Smith, Evan 118 01-01-00-00 Smith, Hanna 119 01-04-00-00 Smith, Henry 127 01-01-00-00 Smith, James 118 01-03-00-00 Smith, James 132 01-06-00-00 Smith, John 126 01-03-00-00 Smith, Joseph 124 02-03-00-00 Smith, Thomas 135 02-02-00-00 Snider, Jacob 128 01-05-00-00 Snotgrass, James 121 03-07-00-00 Snotgrass, Joseph 118...

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