Location: Logan Iowa

City of Logan, Iowa

 Last Name First and Middle Business Origin Date City County State Adams Brothers Meat Market Ohio 1854 Logan Harrison Iowa Barnhart J W Attorney at Law Pennsylvani8a 1878 Logan Harrison Iowa Comfort F A Physician and Surgeon Canada 1879 Logan Harrison Iowa Cook L F Editor/Harrison County News Ohio 1864 Logan Harrison Iowa Cadwell P Hon President Caldwell Bank New York 1854 Logan Harrison Iowa Cadwell Wm C Cashier Cadwell Bank Wisconsin 1854 Logan Harrison Iowa Creager J P Dlr Dry Goods/Groc/Notions Indiana 1880 Logan Harrison Iowa Clyde A W Attorney at Law New York 1881 Logan Harrison Iowa Carver E C Dlr Lumber/Farm Machinery New York 1881 Logan Harrison Iowa Cochran S H Attorney at Law Illinois 1874 Logan Harrison Iowa Copeland V S Dlr Furniture Indiana 1853 Logan Harrison Iowa Dodson Frank Clerk for J W Stocker Illinois 1878 Logan Harrison Iowa Dullaghan Joe Livery/feed/sale of stock Ohio 1874 Logan Harrison Iowa Evans Jno V Attorney at Law New York 1871 Logan Harrison Iowa Geddings Wm Dlr drugs/paint/wall paper Illinois 1869 Logan Harrison Iowa Goddenough W B Mfg boots/shoes New York 1868 Logan Harrison Iowa Goddenough M H Mfg boots/shoes New York 1868 Logan Harrison Iowa Grow A K Post Master New York 1858 Logan Harrison Iowa Harrison Iowa County Treasurer West Virginia 1857 Logan Harrison Iowa Hyde C L Clerk of Courts New York 1866 Logan...

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Fleshman, Mintie Courtwright Mrs. – Obituary

Mrs. Mintie E. Fleshman, of Albany, a former resident of Wallowa County and well known here, passed away Sunday morning, February 19, 1973 in the Albany nursing home following a lengthy illness. Mrs. Fleshman was born at Logan, Iowa, on October 2, 1891, daughter of Peter Courtwright and Amanda Henderson. On December 10, 1910 she was married at Milton to Robert Lee Fleshman. For many years the couple farmed on Alder Slope. In 1947 they moved to Walla Walla where he passed away in 1949. She had lived in Albany since 1966. She was a member of Albany First Methodist Church, of the Women’s Society of Christian Service, and Albany Senior Citizens. Surviving is one son, Eugene H. Fleshman of Albany; two grandchildren, Larry Fleshman of Joseph and Mrs. B. W. (Virginia) Boyd of Pomeroy, Washington; and one sister, Mrs. C.H. (Ethel) Young, Port Angeles, Washington. Memorial services were Tuesday at 2 p.m. at the Fisher Funeral Home in Albany, and graveside services were conducted yesterday (Wednesday) at 2 p.m. by the Bollman Funeral Home in the Enterprise Cemetery with Rev. Edward J. Morrison officiating, followed by vault entombment. Source: Wallowa County Chieftain, Enterprise, Oregon, February 22, 1973 Contributed by: Sue Wells Transcribed by: Belva...

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Biography of Edward P. Cadwell

EDWARD P. CADWELL. – This substantial capitalist of Washington, and leading member of the legal profession of Tacoma, was born in Independence, Iowa, December 23, 1855, and was the son of Carlos C. and Emily E. (Ross) Cadwell, his mother having been a sister of Chief Justice Ross of Vermont. He resided in his native town, where he attended a public school, and in his seventeenth year entered the Iowa State Agricultural College, graduating as civil engineer in 1875. Returning home, he became principal for one year of the grammar department of the high school at Independence. Upon the completion of this task, he entered Simpson’s Law College of Des Moines, Iowa, form which he graduated in1877. On receiving his degree, he located in Logan, Iowa, and began the practice of his profession. Two years later he removed to Council Bluffs, where he built up a large business. Learning of the possibilities of the greater West, he came in 1885 to Washington, locating at Tacoma, where he opened an office and invested largely in real estate, from which he has reaped a golden harvest. In 1887 Mr. Cadwell for a time made Ellensburgh his home, and while there purchased a large amount of valuable real estate, among which was the well-known Johnson Hotel, a large three-story frame building. In 1888 he built as an addition a beautiful three-story brick,...

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1906 Logan Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Alexander, E. L. Back, William Badenhop, George Baldwin, Frank J. Belt, James H. Bergendahl, Henry Boysen, Cornelius Bricker, Henry Briese, August Brockman, Charles Buell, Fred Buss, Bert E. Buss, Ernst H. Carstens, Charles Catherman, Ivan Cipperly, George Clausen, Henry Derksen, John Droegmiller, Rudolph Ebert, Frederick Edson, W. J. Eisenhower, H. J. Ericksen, Peter Ericksen, Wm. Eslick, William* Ewoldt, Theodore Fair, F. E. Ferguson, H. K. Fick, Claus Flanagan, John Flanagan, Thomas Freeman, Benj. A. Goethje, Ferdinand Gaylord, Owen Good, H. H. Goettsch, Milton Grant, Lee Grant, Lew Grav, Peter Haley, T. B. Hansen, Charles Hansen, Hans Hansen, Henry Hecht, Mary Hench, J. H. Hench, J. Hogrefe, Sophia Hogrefe, Herman Holdorf, Heinrich Holdorf, John F. Hoyt, John Jensen, C. K. Jensen, Nels Johnson, August Johnson, Fred Johnson, J. A. Jones, John Jones, Nancy Joslin, H. J. Keiser, H. C. Kolb, C. G. Kolb, C. L. Kolb, John Kolb, L. J. Kolb, W. F. Kopplin, August W. Kuhlman, Henry Lang, George Libke, John Lohff, Fred Lundy, John Madsen, Henry Mann, Philip Matlock, J. R. Matlock, Walter H. McCutcheon, Fred McDermott, F. M. McDermott, John McDermott, M. M. Mentzer, Alice, Mrs. Miller, Henry C. Morrison, John Mortens, Chris Mundt, Claus Mundt, J. C. Munz, Fred Munz, John Munz, Detlef Northrop, Thomas Oltmann, Dietrick O’Meara, James A. O’Meara, Wm. (Section 13) O’Meara, Wm. (Section 23) Parker, H. L. Paulsen, Nick Perkins, W. W....

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1884 Logan Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Bashore, Samuel Bell, A. B. Bell, Sabrina E. Bishop, Emma Bishop, Irene Bishop, Leora Bishop, Millburn Bishop, Wm. Blair, Linda Blair, Mearl Blair, Wm. Bliss, W. H. Brown, G. W. Buettner, Emma Buettner, Fred Buettner, Johanna Buettner, John Buettner, Nicholas Buettner, Rudolph Buettner, William Campbell, Leonard Campbell, Mable Campbell, Narcissa Challman, Frank Challman, Josie Challman, Matthew Challman, Minnie Challman, Samuel Challman, Victor Challman, William Clearwater, Edgar Clearwater, Henry Clearwater, Jane Clearwater, Jennie Clearwater, John E. Cronk, M. Dickhut, John Dieckert, John Dunn, A. R. Dunn, Cora Dunn, Maggie Ebert, Catherine Ebert, Frederick Ebert, George Ebert, Margreta Ennis, Agnes Ennis, Allen Ennis, Bridget Ennis, Cecelia Ennis, E. F. Ennis, Henry Ennis, Lillie Ennis, Philomena Ennis, Theresa Ennis, Tillie Evans, Laura Evans, Mary Evans, W. P. Evans, William Flanagan, Bridget Flanagan, Catherine Flanagan, John Flanagan, Mary Flanagan, Thomas Flanagan, William Fowles, Alice Fowles, Alvin, Fowles, Gertie M. Fowles, Nellie Fowles, Samuel Frink, Hulda Frink, W. H. Garner, W. L. Gilmore, Addie Gilmore, Adelia Gilmore, Cora Gilmore, Ernest Gilmore, George Gilmore, H. A. Gilmore, Myrtle Graham, Joe Graham, Minnie Hansen, Peter Hanson, Hans Hanson, Louisa Harkness, Amon Harkness, Cecil Harkness, Charles W. Harkness, Eliza J. Harkness, Elvira Harkness, Ernest, L. Harkness, George T. Harkness, Maggie Harkness, Wesley Hecht, Albert Hecht, Alta Hecht, Ella Hecht, Esta Hecht, Geo. W. Hecht, Henry Hecht, John Hecht, Mary Hess, Amanda Hess, Frank Hess, Mable Hess, Pearl...

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1920 Logan Township, Iowa Farmers Directory

Name Section of Land Benson, Albin 29 Benson, Annie 29 Beyer, Chris 2 Bowman, E. G. 22, 23 Boysen, Cornelius 34 Bricker, Dora 34 Briese, Albert 29 Briese, Augusta 19, 20, 30 Briese, Otto 29 Brockman, W. P. 33 Buell, Fred 11 Buettner, Johanna 4 Buss, B. E. 1 Christie, Shed 1 Clausen, Henry 21, 22 Conover, C. E. 30 Conover, C. H. 30 Cox, L. F. 34 Ehler, Hugo 23 Eisenhower, Abner J. 15, 22 Ellis, William 28 Ewoldt, Theo. 7 Flanagan, John 18 Flanagan, Kate 18 Flanagan, T. 18 Galvin, Eugene 30 Galvin, L. J. 30 Gebers, Chris 2 Goettsch, Milton 5 Groepper, Wm. 6 Hansen, Charles 14 Hansen, Louis 11, 14 Hoeck, Carl 21 Hoffman, Ed 14, 23 Hoffman, Geo. 32 Hogrefe, Herman 6 Hoyt, Mrs. John 12 Huse, Herman 1, 2 Janns, Anna 7 Jensen, Jens 11 Jensen, Nels 1, 12 Johnson, J. A. 36 Johnson, W. E. Est. 1 Jones, John 32 Jones, Richard 21, 22 Joslin, Allen 18, 19 Joslin, C. D. 17 Joslin, H. J. 17, 18, 20 Kastner, Karl 6 Kennedy, Will 24 Kiernan, Lawrence 13 Kiertzner, Chris 32 Kolb, C. G. 15, 24 Kolb, C. L. 20, 29, 32 Kolb, John C. 3, 9, 10 Kolb, Wm. F. 10, 16 Kopplin, A. W. 2 Kordt, F. 2 Kordt, H. 2 Krick, Ward W. 25 Kuhlman, Henry 9 Lage, J. Henry...

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1923 Logan Township, Iowa Farmers Directory

Last First & Middle Section Township County State Barrett Earl 36 Logan Ida Iowa Benson Albin 29 Logan Ida Iowa Boisen Henry N 7 Logan Ida Iowa Bond Merton 31 Logan Ida Iowa Boysen Cornelius 27 Logan Ida Iowa Bremer August 8 Logan Ida Iowa Briese Albert 29 Logan Ida Iowa Briese Otto 20 Logan Ida Iowa Buell Fred Jr 11 Logan Ida Iowa Buell Fred Sr 11 Logan Ida Iowa Buell Theo 3 Logan Ida Iowa Buettner O f 4 Logan Ida Iowa Campbell L R 32 Logan Ida Iowa Christie Albert 12 Logan Ida Iowa Christie Shed 1 Logan Ida Iowa Clausen B J 21 Logan Ida Iowa Clausen Emil 22 Logan Ida Iowa Conover C E 30 Logan Ida Iowa Crum C E 34 Logan Ida Iowa Derksen John Jr 24 Logan Ida Iowa Doehla Christ Logan Ida Iowa Ehler Hugo 23 Logan Ida Iowa Ehler John M 28 Logan Ida Iowa Ewoldt Theo 7 Logan Ida Iowa Frahm Adelbert 7 Logan Ida Iowa Galvin Eugene 30 Logan Ida Iowa Gebers Christ 2 Logan Ida Iowa Goettsch Milton 5 Logan Ida Iowa Gries Hugo 12 Logan Ida Iowa Groepper Wm 6 Logan Ida Iowa Hansen Hans C 14 Logan Ida Iowa Hansen Lewis 11 Logan Ida Iowa Hanson Paul 19 Logan Ida Iowa Hargis John 26 Logan Ida Iowa Hemer C J H 22 Logan Ida...

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