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Location: Lincoln Missouri

Biographical Sketch of James H. Barngrover

James H. Barngrover. The subject of this sketch was born in Ohio, February 12, 1825, and lived there until he was twelve years old, when his parents moved to Indiana, bringing him with them, and in the latter State he grew to manhood and completed his education. He began farming in Indiana, and continued there until the fall of 1853, when he went to Greene county, Iowa, and remained two years. In 1855 he moved to Daviess county, this State, and settled in Lincoln township, where he has ever since been engaged in farming and stock-growing. His splendid farm contains 480 acres of fine land, and naturally and artificially adapted to the stock business. His average production of live-stock per year is, of cattle, twenty-five head; hogs, 100 head; and sheep, 550 head. Mr. Barngrover was married, in Indiana, June 17, 1852, to Miss Mary A. Payne, a native of Ohio, born March 31, 1833. Three children have resulted from this union: John R., born June 5, 1853; George W., born July 17, 1856, and died May 1, 1880; Sarah E., born January 1, 1860, and died September 2, 1881. The last named was married to Mr. William Booram, April 21, 1878, and they became the parents of two children, James E. and Charles W whom Mrs. Booram was forced to leave motherless after a short illness. Mr. Barngrover...

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Biographical Sketch of Isaac W. Booram

Isaac W. Booram. This gentleman was born in Kanawha county, Virginia (now West Virginia), August 23, 1830. At about twelve years of age he came with his father to Grundy county, this State, and there received his education. On arriving at the proper age, he commenced farming for himself, and still continues in that worthy walk of life. In March, 1853, Mr. Booram moved to Lincoln township, this county, where he has ever since resided. He owns a well-improved farm of 200 acres, on which he has a good residence and barn, the entire place being well appointed in every particular. Mr. Booram was married, in Harrison county, Missouri, June 10, 1852, to Miss Emily Mitchell. This lady died October 27, 1859, and he was married to his second wife in Harrison county, October 14, 1860, her maiden name being Kittie A. Meyers. Four children were born of the first marriage, three of whom still survive, named Erastus 0., Sarah L., and William, living, and Arvila J., deceased. By the second union he has three children, two of whom, Izola and Walter J., are living, and Myrtle, deceased. Mr. Booram is well known as a fair-minded, liberal man, and good...

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Biography of William M. Witten

William M. Witten is a Virginian, and was born in Tazewell county, that State, on the 9th of September, 1837. He was partly educated in the county of his birth, but left there before completing it. In 1851 he came to Grundy county, Missouri, locating in Edinburg, and soon afterwards entered Grand River College, where he completed his education. After leaving school be began life as a farmer, working with his father. He came to Daviess county in 1856 and settled in Lincoln township on a fine tract of land containing about one thousand acres, which his father had given him. After fencing this place, and putting it partially in cultivation, he must have returned, temporarily, to Virginia, for we find him in 1861, enlisted in the cause of the Confederacy, in Company A, of the Twenty-third Virginia Volunteers. He served with credit until the war closed, having held the rank of lieutenant since 1862. After the war he returned to Daviess county and again engaged in farming and stock-raising, and is now one of the most successful stock-men in the county. He has one of the best appointed farms in North Missouri, consisting of 1,200 acres, it being about the largest in the county. From. this place Mr. Witten ships, or sells, about 200 head of cattle per year, besides, mules, horses, etc. Mr. Witten was married, in...

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Biographical Sketch of John Terry

John Terry was born in this county March 10, 1850. His parents moved to Grundy county when he was five years old, and there John was reared and educated. He began life as a farmer and has been engaged in farming and stock-dealing ever since. In the fall of 1874, he went to Texas and there engaged in stock-raising, remaining till the fall of 1878, when he returned to Missouri and settled in Daviess county, where he has ever since resided. He owns a good farm of 160 acres in Lincoln township which he has especially adapted to stock-raising and annually produces about eighty head of cattle which he ships or sells to other dealers. Mr. Terry was married, in Grundy county, November 19, 1871, to Miss Catharine E. Kackley, a native of Grundy county, born June 30, 1848. They are the parents of three children; named, respectively, Olive M., born October 22, 1872; Lillie M., born April 22, 1874; and Effie A., born in Texas, April 16,...

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Biographical Sketch of George W. Griffith

George W. Griffith, a native of Pennsylvania, was born June 12, 1826. He received his education in the State of his birth, and, on leaving school, learned the wagon-maker’s trade, at which he worked for three years. He then took up the trade of mill-wright and worked thereat five years. Next he engaged in the saw-mill business, continuing in that line until 1862, when he began farming. Mr. Griffith moved to Missouri in April, 1866, and located first at Chillicothe, Livingston county, where he remained until the spring of 1867, when he came to this county, and has lived here ever since, engaged in farming. He owns a good farm of 152 acres of land in Lincoln township, on which he and his family reside at this writing. Mr. Griffith was married, in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, December 14, 1853, to Miss Sarah Shultz. Thirteen children were born of this union, nine of whom are still...

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