Location: Levy County FL

The Native American History of Levy County Florida

An overview of the Native American History of Levy County Florida from the earliest cultural periods: looking at the Levy County area during each of the Native American cultural periods up until the final Seminole surrender. Richard also discusses the Cedar Key Shell Mounds, found within Levy County, providing a brief view of the archeological findings.

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Ocale Indians

Ocale Tribe, or Etocale tribe. Meaning unknown, but perhaps connected with Timucua tocala, “it is more than,” a comparative verb. I A possible exception to this statement was the temporary entrance of a small body of Coweta Indiana under Secoffee, or the Cowkeeper. Ocale Connections. This tribe belonged to the Timucuan or Timuquanan linguistic division of the Muskhogean linguistic family. Ocale Location. In Marion County or Levy County north of the bend of the Withlacoochee River. Ocale Villages. Uqueten (first village approaching from the south), and perhaps Itaraholata. Ocale History. This tribe is first mentioned by the chroniclers of the De Soto expedition. He passed through it in 1539 after crossing Withlacoochee River. Fontaneda also heard of it, and it seems to appear on De Bry’s map of 1591. This is the last information that has been preserved. Ocale Population. Unknown. The Timucua, in the wide extent of the term, are estimated by Mooney (1928) to have numbered 13,000 in 1650, including 3,000 Potano, 1,000 Hostaqua, 8,000 Timucua proper and their allies, and 1,000 Tocobaga. In a letter dated February 2, 1635, it is asserted that 30,000 Christian Indians were connected with the 44 missions then maintained in the Guale and Timucua provinces. While this figure is probably too high, it tends to confirm Mooney’s (1928) estimate. In 1675 Bishop Calderón of Cuba states that he confirmed 13,152 in...

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Levy County Florida Cemetery Records

Florida Cemetery records are listed by county then name of cemetery within the Florida county. Most of these are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing. Levy County Cemetery Records Hosted at Levy County, Florida USGenWeb Archives Cannon Cemetery Cedar Key Cemetery Cedars of Lebanon Cemetery Chiefland Cemetery, Original section Ebenezer Cemetery Hawthorne Cemetery King Family Cemetery Kirkland Cemetery, Partial Levyville Cemetery Long Pond Cemetery Peterson Cemetery Pine Grove Cemetery, Revised Rocky Hammock Cemetery Shiloh Cemetery Wachoota United Methodist Church Cemetery Levy County Cemetery Records Hosted at Levy County Florida FLGenWeb Archives Levy County All Name Cemetery Index Unknown Surnames A-Adamson  Surnames Adcock-Ayers Surnames B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames E Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames I Surnames J Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames O Surnames P Surnames Q Surnames R Surnames S Surnames T Surnames U Surnames V Surnames W Surnames X Surnames Y Surnames Z Surnames Antioch Cemetery Asbell Cemetery Atsena Otie Cemetery Barber Cemetery Bishop Point Cemetery Bronson-New/Rosemary Cemetery Bronson-Old Cemetery Cannon Cemetery Carter Cemetery Cedar Key Cemetery Cedar of Lebanon Cemetery Chiefland  Cemetery Chiefland Community Cemetery Church of Christ Cemetery Dogear Cemetery Duncan Cemetery Ebenezer Cemetery Ellzey Cemetery Galilee Cemetery Hardee Cemetery Hawthorne Cemetery Hearn Cemetery Hodges Cemetery Inglis Cemetery Joppa Cemetery King Cemetery Kirkland Cemetery Levyville Cemetery Levyville Cemetery New Zion Long Pond Cemetery Melton, Jim Cemetery Montbrook Cemetery Morriston Cemetery Mt Erie Cemetery Mt. Olive Cemetery Mt. Pleasant Cemetery New Hope Cemetery Orange Hill Cemetery Pine Grove Cemetery Pleasent Hill Cemetery Plummers Cemetery Priest Cemetery Robinson Cemetery Rocky Hammock Cemetery Sand Pond Cemetery Scott Cemetery Cemetery Seahorse Key Cemetery Shady Grove Cemetery Shiloh Cemetery Sistrunk Cemetery Cemetery Smith Cemetery St. Josephs Cemetery Wacahoota Cemetery Wacahoota Bap Cemetery Wekiva Cemetery Willis, George Washington Cemetery Willis, Jesse Mercer...

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