Location: Jefferson County OH

Biographical Sketch of Lyman Adams Noble

Noble, Lyman Adams; physician; born, Smithfield, 0., June 29, 1877; son of James M. and Eliza J. Smith Noble; educated, Scio. College of Pharmacy, Ph. G., 1900; Cleveland Homeopathic Medical College, M. D., 1903; married, Cleveland, June 30, 1903, Mabelle Dorothy Davis; one daughter, Frances Evelyn, born Nov. 2, 1906; asst. prof. chemistry, Cleveland Homeopathic Medical College, 1904; prof. of chemistry, same college, 1905-1905; member Homeopathic State Medical Society; member Phi Ipsilon Rho Fraternity; member Cleveland Athletic Club. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start...

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Biographical Sketch of Walter Cain Ong

Ong, Walter Cain; lawyer; born, Jefferson County, Ohio, Nov. 24, 1848; son of Moses Harlan and Mary Cain Ong; educated in the district schools; High School at Mt. Pleasant, O., Richmond College; graduated in 1870, B. A, degree; law course, University of Michigan, LL. B., 1873; admitted to the bar, 1875; married Jefferson County, Ohio, April 8, 1875, Anna M. Mansfield; issue, four children, two living and two deceased; elected prosecuting attorney of Jefferson County, in 1875; served four years; practiced law at Steubenville, O., until June, 1882; came to Cleveland, and practiced until 1886; in 1893, elected to the Common Pleas Bench of Cuyahoga County; served until February, 1899; since engaged in law practice; served two years on the City Council; member Knights of Pythias, the Knights of Honor, Cuyahoga County Bar Ass’n, Halcyon, Woodland Golf, and Cleveland Gun...

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Biography of James Medill

James Medill. The late James Medill was one of the men who came to Kansas during its territorial period, and while he was but one of scores of similar pioneers, he bore his part worthily, although inconspicuously, in the upbuilding of the commonwealth. Mr. Medill was born on a farm in Jefferson County, Ohio, near Steubenville, May 21, 1824, a son of Joseph Medill, who was of the same family that produced the Medills who made the Chicago Tribune famous. James Medill was reared to manhood in his native county, where he acquired a good, practical education. As a young man he flat-boated up and down the lower Mississippi River and also was engaged in merchandising. His mind was early fired by the stories of Kansas, and in April, 1857, voyaged here by river and landed at Leavenworth, at that time away out on the frontier. For a few years he boarded with “Uncle” George Keller, who kept a boarding house at Leavenworth, and oftentimes was compelled to sleep on the floor, owing to the flood of emigrants passing through to the communities farther west. Eventually he began buying land, and at one time owned large tracts, in one body having thirteen quarter-sections near Effingham. He never engaged in farming to any great extent himself, and not at all until after his marriage, which occurred June 3, 1863, to...

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Biography of Thomas Watson Roach

Thomas Watson Roach, for twenty-one years president of Kansas Wesleyan Business College, and a former president of Kansas Wesleyan University at Salina, had not merely found but had made for himself a distinctive place in educational history of the Sunflower State. He came to Kansas more than forty years ago. His name is closely associated with several progressive movements in Kansas educational affairs. He was the pioneer worker for the consolidation of country school districts. He also did the first practical work toward procuring uniformity of text books throughout the state. But even more important than all this he will be longest remembered for the impress he had made upon the personal character of thousands of young people in Kansas, many of whom are now successful and prosperous and who look upon Professor Roach as one of the most important influences in the moulding of their destinies. He represents old American stock. One of his ancestors, Israel Potts, served with distinction in the Revolutionary war. Mr. Roach was born in Ross Township of Jefferson County, Ohio, November 8, 1847. His parents were James Potts and Martha (Wright) Roach. His early boyhood was spent in a period when public schools were just being introduced. The district schools of his native county gave him the foundation of his education, and in 1866 he was teaching his first country school. His higher...

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Biography of Stephen R. Magee, M. D.

Stephen R. Magee, M. D. Among the representative orange groves and vineyards of Arlington in Riverside, mention should be made of that owned by D. Magee. The improvements on this place were commenced by Mrs. Magee in August, 1875. It was then a wild and barren plain. Mrs. Magee in that year preceded the Doctor to California and located on a forty-acre tract, on what is now the corner of Center and Palm avenues. She caused a small cottage to be erected, in which herself and children were domiciled, and then at once commenced the planting of ornamental trees and shrubbery and flowers, and as soon as the ground could be cleared, entered into horticultural pursuits by planting citrus and deciduous trees and vines. The Doctor arrived in 1876 and found that his energetic wife had made rapid progress. He entered heartily into the improvements, and soon laid the foundation to one of the finest properties in the colony. He found his acreage more than he could devote the proper care and cultivation desired and later sold off all but twenty acres. He has now sixteen acres in oranges, about equally divided in seedlings and budded fruit, and four acres in vineyard, devoted to Muscat raisin grapes. Both the Doctor and his wife are thorough horticulturists, and as illustrative of their success in orange growing it is noted that...

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Roll Of Capt. Joseph Zimmerman’s Company

(Probably from Jefferson County) Served from August 25, until November 30, 1812. Capt. Joseph Zimmerman Lieut. James Kerr Ensign Conrad Monzer or Myers Sergt. George Estep Sergt. George Schultz Sergt. William Rough or Pouch Sergt. Christian Krepps Corp. George Switzer Corp. John Lawrence Corp. Ezekiel Moore Corp. Samuel Meek Drummer, Byneal Moore Private Augustine, Henry Barnett, Jacob Becht, George Blackburn, William Callahan, William Catt, Philip Cook, George Crecy, James Faibr, Michael Fisher, Brice Ford, William Garringer, David Gilson, John Hahan, Andrew Heckinthorn, Peter Higgins, Samuel Hoffman, Jacob Kalep, John Kelly, Alexander Kemp, Jonothan McClary, John McClellan, Felix Meek, John Meek, John Sr. Meek, Samuel, Jr. Miett, Frederick Minton, John Myers, Silas Palmer, Richard Richy, Isaac Rogers, Thomas Ruck, Henry Saner, Michael Shultz, George Smith, John Thomas, Robert Thompson, John Wickersham,...

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Roll Of Capt. James Downing’s Company

(Probably from Jefferson County) Served from August 23, until November 30, 1812. Capt. James Downing Lieut. Peter Johnson Ensign Thomas Smith Sergt. John Forsythe Sergt. John Barber Sergt. Michael McGowen Sergt. Samuel Richards Corp. Abraham Bair Corp. Benjamin A. Kinson Corp. John Warden Corp. Joseph Balsfore Fifer, Jesse Ellis Drummer, Daniel Smith Privates Adam, John Baindan, Jacob Bair, David Baird, John Baired, Andrew Barlen, Henry Bawn, Henry Chapman, Thomas Crites, William Duck, John Forsythe, Andrew Fouls, George Funk, Samuel Grubb, John Hartman, David Hawman, Isaac Hefner, David Henning, Jacob Holts, John Hoster, Jacob Kepler, Andrew King, Peter Kinny, Peter Knap, Caleb Leatherman, Peter Leed, Adam McCaughey, Joseph McKintorpe, John Mettz, Abraham Miles, Eli Mirur, Boyd Neighdick, Samuel Nelson, William Patten, Mathew Perkins, James Powell, John Price, Benjamin Price, John Richards, Daniel Rogers, Levi Shook, David Smith, Jacob Stoner, John Stover, Samuel Strickland,...

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Roll Of Captain John Alexander’s Company

(Probably Harrison or Jefferson County) Served from Sept. 21, 1812, until Dec. 8, 1812, and from July 29, 1813, until Aug. 22, 1813. Capt. John Alexander Lieut. Hugh Christy Lieut. Angus McCoy Ensign David Jackson Sergt. George Ermabringer Sergt. John Linch Sergt. Robert Blackford Sergt. Hugh McGee Sergt. Stephen Paugburn Sergt. Robert Stayton Sergt. Robert Kennedy Sergt. Robert Miller Corp. William Ai. Coy Corp. Joseph Washburn Corp. Jeremiah Ango Corp. Charles Lunay Corp. Thomas Mantial Corp. William Ross Pifer, John Neel Fifer, Rodman Gardner Privates Adams, John Adams, Thomas Ayers, James Bailey, William Barnes, Obadiali Boland, William Brown, John Brown, Samuel Browner, Samuel Buckley, John Burkis, Richard Christ, George Crawford, Alexander Deval, Thomas Ellison, David Ferguson, James Fisher, Darius Fisher, Ephraim Fisher, John Frame, James Gamble, William Greenlee, Alexander Harland, Michael Lacock, Moses Lisle, Robert Jr. Lisle, Robert Sr. Lowery, John Mann, John Mansfield, Samuel McCollan, James McCulloch, David Meek, Jacob Miller, James Parker, Justus Quillin, Adam Reed, Mathew Revenaugh, John Revenaugh, Samuel Reynolds, Caleb Riddle, John Ross, Renry Russel, Robert Scott, John Scott, Thomas Shiveley, William Simmons, Cornelius Simpson, James Smith, John Smith, Nathaniel Tipton, John Welday, James White, Joseph Worstell,...

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Biography of Charles L. Ong

Charles L. Ong and his family bore an important part in the pioneer commercial and civic life of several communities in Western Kansas and he spent his last years at Salina. Mr. Ong brought his family to Kansas in 1883. Though the name had the flavor of foreign origin, it is in fact one of the oldest in America. The forebears of the late Charles L. Ong came out of England, crossing the ocean on the ship Lyon, and reaching the American colonies on February 5, 1631. Dr. A. R. Ong, A. M., M. D., now deceased, a brother of the late Charles L. Ong, was author of an elaborate history of the Ong family. This book was published in 1906 and followed the course of the family lineage through all its important branchings and ramifications during its American residence of nearly 300 years. The great-grandfather of Mr. Ong, the Rev. Jacob Ong, was one of the earliest Quaker preachers in Eastern Ohio. He served in the American Revolution, but owing to his faith would not apply for a pension, and destroyed the papers so, as he said, they would do neither himself or his descendants any harm. Charles L. Ong was born on a farm in Jefferson County, Ohio, December 21, 1842, a son of Moses Harland and Mary (Cain) Ong. His father was also born in Jefferson...

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Biography of John Edgington

The name of Edgington is a well known one throughout Rock Island County. It is the name of one of the county’s earliest pioneer families. It is also the name of one of the county’s most prosperous little villages, named in honor of one of the founders of that family, John Edgington, the subject of our sketch, a man who in his long lifetime spent in this county, lived to see it grow from a waste of prairie and wilderness into a wonderfully fertile farming community, dotted here and there with busy little villages and cities devoted to manufacture and commercial enterprise. John Edgington was born July 4, 1809, at Steubenville, Ohio, and died in .March, 1896, at the home of his son, James Edgington, at Reynolds, in this county. He received his education in the common schools of Steubenville, Ohio, his birthplace, and in his young manhood followed the occupation of trading and merchandising in Steubenville, Ohio. In July, 1834, he made a trip on horse-back from Steubenville to Rock Island seeking farm land, and stopping at a point in this county decided to permanently settle here. He took up a farm in what afterwards became Edgington Precinct, this being named after him. This precinct was afterwards divided into Edgington and Buffalo Prairie Townships, Mr. Edgington’s farm being located in the latter township. On February 17, 1834, previous...

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Roll Of Capt. Nicholas Murray’s Company

(From Jefferson County) Served from August 25, until December 25, 1812. Capt. Nicholas Murry Lieut. Nathaniel Windryer, or Wintringer Sergt. Phillip Fulton Ensign, John Camell Sergt. James Kernahan Sergt. George Beatty Sergt. Joseph Batchlor Corp. Kames Hakill Corp. James Patten Privates Anderson, David Ashby, Abel Bayley, Joshua Blackburn, John Bow, Curtis Brown, George Carlisle, James Carrel, James Carter, Bryan Collins, John Cummins, Robert Erwin, Robert Evans, Richard Fowler, James Gillis, James B. Henderson, James Hunt, George McClelland, William McPake, Thomas Murray, Charles Niblack, John Parker, John Reder, George Richards, Samuel Snyder, Jacob Steel, Josiah Thompson, Lewis Williams, Samuel Worstell,...

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Roll Of Capt. David Pecks Company

(From Either Harrison or Jefferson County) Served from August 25, 1812, until February 28, 1813. Capt. David Peck Lieut. Josaph Davis Ensign Jacob Shaffer SerCt. John Stoaks Sergt. Ivaniel Higgins Sergt. Dudley Smith Sergt- Jesse Harnum Corp. John Vaughn Corp. James Davis Corp. James Miller Corp. Wm. McConkey Privates Albert, John Armstrong, Archibold Ayers, James Barnes, Obediah Bennet, Thomas Beard, James Burchfield, Charles Busy, Joshua Chambers, James Christy, George Chrys, George Conn, Alexander Crawford, Alexander Dowden, John N Derry, William Degar, Peter Devore, Abraham Devore, Janies Dewall, Thomas N. Dickey, William Dickey, James Fisher, Samuel Fisher, Ephraim Fisher, John Gutshall, Henry Gutshall, George Gordon, George Gibson, Joseph Huffman, John Hunter, John Hosben, Michael Johnston, Peter Lyons, John Lisle, Robert Lisle, William Morrison, Joseph Morrison, William Meach, Ephraim Mann, Samuel Miller, Isaac Miller, Jacob Montgomery, Abel McCombs, John McIntire, Archibold McKinsea, Nathaniel McKinner, Samuel McCleary, Robert McAdams, William Quillen, Joshua Quillen, Adam Quillen, John Pumphrey, Zachariah Richards, Jacob Ruley, John Raynolds, Caleb Rolston, Joseph Ritter, Benjamin Ross, WiUlam Smith, Robert Shepherd, John Simmons, Adam Spiker, Jacob Scholes, John Smith, Andrew Smith, John Spiker, Isaac Taylor, Henry Tiptonq John Tingley, Benjamin Thompson, Robert Tharp, William Toppe, Abrahain Titus, Timothy Woods,...

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Roll Of Capt. James Alexander’s Company

(Probably from Jefferson County) Served from August 23 1812 until November 30, 1813 Capt. James Alexander Lieut. Henry Boyles Ensign John Myers Sergt. Samuel Andrews Sergt. Alexander Barr Sergt. Martin Saltzman Sergt. James Tobin Corp. David Williamson Corp. Amos West Corp. John Anderson Corp. James Lyons Corp. Hugh Adams Privates Alexander, William Barr, James D. Barr, John Bawers, John Bay, Joseph Bennet, William Bennet, Griffith Berry, James Brooks, William Call, David Call, John Casselman, Darid Casselman, William Crawford, Benedict Culp, Jacob Duke, William France, John Gamble, Henry Grover, Jacob Groves, Peter Hartman, George Householder, George Hytes, George Hytes, John Johnston, John Kinder, Peter Laughlin, James Laughlin, John Laughlin, Nathaniel Lawrence, James Lawrence. William Lowery, Alexander Mathers, Levi Painter, Jacob Peterson, Peter Peterson, William Pittinger, Thomas Prichard, Ziphani Saltsinan, Andrews Saltsman, David Sapp, George Stain, Michael Swickard, Daniel Swickard, Daniel, Sr. Wellso James Wright,...

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Roll Of Capt. Allen Scroggs’ Company

(Probably from Jefferson County) Served from September 21, 1812 until November 30, 1812. Capt. Allen Scroggs Lieut. John Ramsey Ensign John Caldwell Sergt. William Wilkin Sergt. William Dunlap Sergt. William Holson Sergt. William Robertson Corp. Samuel Avery Corp. Joseph Haverfield Corp. John Connaway Corp. John Wallace Privates Abbott, Benjamin Baricklow, Fanington Beamer, Adam Bebout, Peter Belknap, Horace Brokan, John Brokan, William Buris, Homeny Cann, James F Connaway, Michael Dewalt, John Findley, David Fivecoats, Michael Fletcher, Archibald Foster, Benjamin Francis, James Gladmore, Michael Gray, Ebenezer Heinary, Abraham Hill, William Hitchcock, John Holly, Samuel Jack, Edward Johnson, Henry Laurence, Duber Lees, Samuel McCally, William, McClary, John McCormack, John McFadden, Thomas McGonigle, Thomas McKain, William Mintier, Robert Moffit, James Myers, Jacob Parson, Charles Pessy, Stephen Pittinger, Peter Porter, Samuel A Reed, John Reed, John Jr, Reed, Samuel Robb, Moses Robertson, Charles Scholes, John Shale, Nicholas Smith, Samuel Tenet, Charles Thompson,, Moses Welch, John Wilkins, Archibald Yielhall,...

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Roll Of Capt Thomas Latta’s Company

(Probably from Jefferson County) Served from September 15, 1812 until March 21, 1813 Capt. Thomas Latta Lieut John Buck Lieut. Hugh Christy Ensign William Prichard Sergt. George Browers Sergt. George Brown Sergt. Alexander Patterson Sergt, Alexander Valters Sergt. George Emaling Sergt. John Haughey Sergt. Issac Wolms Sergt. Richard Brown Corp. Cornelius Peterson Corp. William Betz Corp. James Holes Corp Mathew Palmer Privates Adams, John Adams, Thomas Agler, William Allbaugh, George Allbaugh, Solomon Argo, Jeremiah Bailis, William Bair, David Baird, Andrew Bamhill, William Barnes, John Beamer, Adam Beamer, Adam, Jr. Bell, Adam Bell, William Boils, Richard Bratell, John Brockar, John Brockar, William Browern, Samuel Brown, John Browner, Samuel Buckley, John Bulger, Michael Burk, Moses Camp, Henry Ceasson, John Chase, Patrick Cibson, William Cook, James Derry, William Devore, James Dick, John Dick, Robert Dickey, James Dickey, John Druchmiller, Frederick Eilison, David Fergiison, James Ferguson, John Fisher, Thomas Franas, James Fulton, John Gilliland, William Glosson, John Graham, Jesse Green, Ebenezer Greenlee, Alexander Gutshall, Henry Guttery, Samuel Hanenan, David Hanley, William Hanlon, Allen Hayes, Richard Heath, Solomon Henry, George Henry, Henry Hicks, James Hirth, Holmes Holmes, Issac Hull, Joseph Hunter, John Jelley, James Johnston, Henry Kelley, Jonothan Kelley, William Kyl, William Lauthers, Alexander Leather, Alexander Lemasten, Isaac Lindreyd, Charles Lisle, Robert Loury, John Marshall, Thomas Maxwell, William Mccelland, William Mccleary, John Mccolin, James Mccolley, Robert Mcconnel, Joseph Mccullough, David Mcdonald, John Mcfadden, Thomas...

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