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Location: Jefferson City Tennessee

Biography of Robert Milligan Mountcastle

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Robert Milligan Mountcastle, a member of the Oklahoma bar since June, 1912, and now filling the office of United States commissioner, to which he was appointed in 1919, comes to this state from Tennessee, his birth having occurred March 17, 1888, in Jefferson City, Jefferson county. His parents were W. H. and Maude C. (Milligan) Mountcastle and while spending his youthful days in their home he was accorded liberal educational privileges, becoming a student in the Carson Newman College, from which he was graduated with the Bachelor of Arts degree in 1908. During his college days he took a most active interest in athletics, was a member of the track team, the basketball, football, baseball and tennis teams during each of the four years of his college course and served as captain of the baseball, football and basketball teams for one year. His interest in athletics did not exclude steady progression in his studies, resulting in a most creditable record. He was made a member of the debating and oratorical team and was a member of the Columbian Literary Society. In 1909 Mr. Mountcastle entered the law school of the University of Chicago and in the following year was elected to the Phi Alpha Delta, a law fraternity. He completed his course in 1912, being graduated...

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