Location: Hopkins County TX

Biographical Sketch of Coghan Ransom

Croghan M. Ransom was born in the state of Georgia in the year 1833. In the year 1855 he married Miss Susan Hanson in Heard County, Georgia; and immediately he and his bride left the state of Georgia and came to Texas and stopped in Hopkins County, where Mr. Ransom still lives. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Twelve children were born to this marriage, six of whom are living. John, the eldest son married Miss Looney Titsworth, and lives in San Saba County. Martillus married John Tom Jennings. They live in Chickasha, Indian Territory. They have no children are prosperous and well to do. Robert S. married Miss Della Kirby. They live in the county and have no living children. Miss Mank married Frank Waller. They have five children, are citizens of the county, and are doing well. Dick married Miss Lula Baker, daughter of Bill Baker. They have one child and live at Winsboro, in Wood County. Miss Lou married W. L. Scruggs, a...

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Biography of H. H. Nance

H. H. Nance was born in the state of Tennessee in the year 1838. He came to Hopkins County with his parents in the year 1857. Two years later he married Miss Susan Wells, a daughter of a Methodist preacher from the state of Georgia. From this union six children were born. Charles E. is a farmer and a good citizen of the county. He married Miss McGinnis. Elizabeth married J. K. Lewis. Joseph R. married Miss Lulu Bevis, an Alabama girl of good family. Miss Tealy married C. A. Bland and lives in Fannin County. Chester married Nora Harrison. Olga married Miss Roxey. Mr. Nance’s family are all good citizens of the county, are doing well, and are respected. They are honest and upright in their dealings. He suffered a great loss in the death of the mother of these children. He, however, married Mrs. P. H. Richey, a splendid lady, with whom he is spending his life pleasantly. They have two children living: Allen B. and Annie Bertha. They are living with their parents at home. He has given his attention to farming and raising stock, and is in easy circumstances, able to meet with promptness all his liabilities. He is a taxpayer in the county, and believes in upholding and supporting the government that protects his life and property. He is a member of the Methodist...

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Biography of J. C. Stout

My father, Sealin Stout, was born in the state of Arkansas in the year 1818. He died in Hopkins County at the age of seventy-eight. No life in Hopkins County was more eventful or attended with more romance than was that of Sealin Stout. He has often been referred to as being prominent in many exciting incidents in this history. Sealin’s father crossed Red River on a raft built with his own hands, when Sealin was only one month old, and settled in Red River District, where Sealin grew to manhood amid the wilds of the country. In the year 1836 he was engaged in Indian fighting; afterwards he fought for Texas Independence, and was a soldier in the Mexican war. After peace was concluded he came home and married Elvira Richey. By this union eleven children were born: nine boys and two girls. John, the oldest son, lives in Bowie County. Frank lives in Hopkins County, and married a daughter of old Dr. Payne, a pioneer citizen. Marion and Andrew both live in Red River County, and are good, substantial citizens. J. C. Stout married Miss Mary Brookshire, a daughter of Jesse Brookshire, an old-time citizen and a man of good character. N. S. Stout married Miss Laura Miller, a daughter of Dr. Christian. Miss Martha Stout married Ed Henley. They are the parents of Elizabeth Henley, who...

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Biographical Sketch of G. M. Calvert

G. M. Calvert was raised in Williamson County, Illinois. He came to the state of Texas when he was a young man, in the year 1854. Finally, after traveling almost across the American Continent, he returned to Illinois and married Miss Sophia Woodul in the year 1857. At the time of his marriage he was engaged in mercantile pursuits. Subsequently he sold his interests to other parties and migrated to Texas, and has, for a number of years, been a citizen of Hopkins County. He is well known as a practical-minded man, having introduced several important industries in the county. He believes in man’s capability, and is a substantial advocate of all undertakings for the betterment of his county. He has been twice married, and has given his children every advantage possible, to assist them in becoming good and useful citizens. He is possessed of an ambitious spirit, has pride of character, and is careful in maintaining a good name. His example is good. Although an Agnostic, no man is more liberal, more generous or more hospitable than George M. Calvert. He is independent in thought, as open as day, and as honest and just as it is possible for mortal man to be. He enjoys the full confidence, respect and esteem, not only of the rank and file, but of the clergy as...

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Biographical Sketch of W. S. White

W. S. White raised a large family in the county. He was justice of the peace for a greater length of time than any man who ever lived in the county. He served in that capacity for twenty-five years. His family forms a part of the history of the county. His sons are all farmers and well-to-do citizens, respected and appreciated for their industry and energy. All are taxpayers and good citizens. His daughters married men who are hard working, honest, good citizens of the county, and who are highly esteemed as such. They are all advocates of education and church...

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Biographical Sketch of L. D. King

L. D. King married Miss Mary E. Hopkins, a daughter of Eldridge Hopkins. They have reared a family of interesting children-four boys and three girls. They are all married and have homes of their own. Sam, their oldest son, was born in the year 1859, in, old Tarrant. B. F. King was born the 8th day of July 1863. The next in order of birth died after living twelve months. Bob Lee King was born in 1868 she married John. Cummings. W. E. was born in 1870. Miss Kate married Ham Sickles, the son of Uncle Bill Sickles, an old pioneer citizen whom everybody loved and respected. Miss Maud King married H. C. Connor. Capt. L. D. King is a lawyer, and has ever enjoyed a large practice. He is thoroughly posted in all the theories of legal practice, and has an extensive knowledge of the decisions of the courts, both State and Federal. He is aged now. His life has been useful to Hopkins County, and honorable to himself, his friends and his family. Prof. Sam King is a school teacher of marked ability, and has great aptitude for the profession, being a born teacher and a gentleman of honor and integrity. Prof. King has distinguished himself as a teacher of literature in Hopkins County. H. C. Connor is a lawyer and is at this time serving as...

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Biographical Sketch of J. P. Blackwell

This noted family has long lived in Hopkins County, being amongst its first settlers. J. P. Blackwell, deceased, raised a fair sized family of intelligent, worthy, children, they are all citizens of Delta County. J. P. Blackwell was a useful man in his community, and was highly esteemed, he married Miss Rattan, a sister of Volney Rattan, one of the most conscientious, brave and courageous men which is in the knowledge of the writer ; true to any cause he advocates as the needle is to the pole. Dr. Joel Blackwell is a son of J. P. Blackwell, a practicing physician and one of the leading doctors of the county of Delta. Page Blackwell is a brother of J. P., a splendid man, and a good reliable citizen. Erastus Blackwell is well known all over North East Texas as being a gentleman of exceptional good habits, kindly disposed, liberal and generous, a devoted husband, an affectionate father, a heavy taxpayer, and a just and upright gentleman, respected and beloved by all. He is one of the most elegant men, and sincere friend the writer ever knew, and when he passes away people will mourn for him from palace to hut. There are many good citizens now living in Delta County that aided years ago in making Hopkins County the prosperous county it is to day. Squire John Boyd now...

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Biographical Sketch of Henry Russell

Uncle Henry Russell is one of the old land marks of the county, having lived in the county since its organization. He has been considered among the best and most substantial men in the county. He has always been an honest, upright, just man, and is appreciated for these qualities. His family are all highly respected and are a leading class in the county. He has three children: Joe Russell, a splendid man and a worthy citizen. Joe has a nice family and all are very much esteemed. John Russell is another son who has a most excellent lady for a wife; they are popular in society and highly respected by all who know them. Uncle Henry’s daughter married John Odom, an exemplary man of noble qualities and generous disposition and has the confidence and love of his acquaintance, and is regarded by all as a first class citizen. The Russell name is familiar to all of the early settlers of Hopkins...

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Biographical Sketch of John Frank Clifton

The Clifton name is prominent in Hopkins County. Frank and John Clifton are pioneer citizens of Hopkins County. Uncle Frank is a primitive Baptist preacher, and is as straight and honest a man as the God of heaven desires man to be; his word is his bond, it is law and the people of the county understand it just that way. A pure, noble-hearted, God serving gentleman possessed of as few faults as any living man. John Clifton lives near Miller Grove and is a splendid citizen of Hopkins County. He has lived an upright, just and honest life, and has ever been loved and respected for his manly qualities, and generous disposition, and unusual hospitality extended to friends at his home. He is in feeble health now, is old and is living a very retired...

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Biographical Sketch of Jack Sturdivant

Jack Sturdivant was an old time Texan. He married in an early day in Tennessee and came to Hopkins County, Texas, where he has raised a family of children that are all grown up citizens now. Two of his offsprings are living in the county. David, who lives in Peerless, is one of his sons, a solid representative citizen who enjoys the confidence and respect of all who know him. He has twice been married. Miss Susie married De Tennison, a business man who appreciates his wife, loves his family and friends; honest and just and faithful in friendship, and a number one citizen-a heavy taxpayer. Uncle Jack’s wife, Aunt Becca, still survives him. She owns an estate, which she rents and lives handsomely upon the proceeds and is in independent circumstances. She is an agreeable kindhearted woman whom all...

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Biography of James D. Clifton

James D. Clifton, an old pioneer citizen, a plain, unassuming farmer, came with his parents into the state of-Texas in the year 1837. He was a boy at that time eight years of age. He lived in Titus County for a while and afterward came over into Hopkins County. When he came across Red River all the country lying south of Cypress Bayou was known as Nacogdoches District. Texas was at this time a republic, and the country wild and rough. At the age of twenty-seven years he met Miss Eliza Hudson of Hopkins County, with whom he fell deeply in love. They afterwards married. Four children have been born to them. They are all living in Hopkins County; Miss Mattie married Monroe Dawson, a gentleman of splendid ancestry and one that no lady would be ashamed to bear his name, a prominent merchant and an all round business man. J. H. married Miss Mattie Gregg; Turner married Miss Kate McCoy, daughter of a worthy old pioneer citizen. David is yet single and lives with his aged parents and has control of his father’s plantation and his business affairs. Mr. Clifton has been a great hunter, and has killed every kind of animal and beast that was common to this country, except a mustang horse. He has killed buffalo, panther, catamount, bear, wild cat, deer, otters, rattlesnakes and pole...

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Biography of Henry Barclay

This old Mexican warrior is familiarly known all over the county as Uncle Henry. He moved to Texas with his father, Hugh Barclay, in the year 1845. The United States and the Republic of Mexico were engaged in a war. In the year 1846 young Barclay volunteered and went to Mexico to fight the Mexicans, under Gen. Zachary Taylor. He was engaged in the battle of Monterey and had the satisfaction of seeing the Mexican General, Ampudia, surrender himself and his army to the American General. He then returned to Texas, where he had left his father, and the entire family moved at once to Hopkins County. This was during the fall of 1846. Hopkins County had just been organized and the county site selected. Mr. Barclay was a farmer and a number one blacksmith, and rendered great service as a smith to the new settlers of the county. Blacksmiths were in great demand. Material to work with was in greater demand. Uncle Henry has made many weeding hoes, in fact he manufactured everything that was wanted when material could be found or obtained in any manner to be used for such purposes. In the year 1853 he married Miss Sarilda Hargrave, sister to Perry Hargrave. One child was born to them, a girl. She is dead now. He lost his wife within less than one year after marriage....

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Biography of Dave Hopkins

This grand old Texas hero was born in the state of Indiana in the year 1825. He is therefore seventy-seven years of age. He came to Texas with his parents when he was only fifteen years old. He has lived in the state for sixty-two years. His parents died in Red River County and are buried at the old McKinzie burial ground. He came into what is now Hopkins County in the year. 1844. It was at that time a republic, and very few people had ventured to cross over the trackless swamps of the Sulphur creeks. These creek bottoms were considered a howling wilderness and dangerous and impracticable for the travelers to undertake to pass through without an informed guide. Dave Hopkins married Miss Annie Hargrave, daughter of James Hargrave, in the year 1846. There was no authority in the county to grant permit to marry, therefore he was compelled to go to Paris for license to wed Miss Hargrave. He married his wife in the neighborhood of where he has lived all of his life. There were seven children born to them, four of this number are living, Josh E. married Miss Sudie Gregg, Susan married Joe. W. Connor, Ellen married James Donagee, he died and she afterwards married A. P. Hudson, Sallie married William Smith, son of Dr. Smith, an old pioneer citizen, John Howard married...

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Biography of Lodwick Vaden

Lodwick (Uncle Lodwick) Vaden was born in Smith County, Tennessee, on January 29, 1817. At this time he is 8 years of age, a hale, hearty old gentleman of wonderful vitality. He married Miss Nancy E. Dowdle when he was 23 years old, in the State of Mississippi. By this union ten children came to them, whose names are as follows: Miss Mary, married Alonzo De Spain, and are located in DeLeon, Comanche County; Woodson, married Miss Martin; Miss Sallie, married Piney Welch, a prominent well to do citizen of Hopkins County. Miss Judie is yet single and resides with her aged parents, to whom she is devoted. She is a bright, interesting lady, and has by her kindly disposition and noble qualities of heart, gathered around her aged parents home many encouraging and admiring friends. Miss Nannie married Thos. Wood, a kindly disposed and worthy gentleman, a farmer and taxpayer of the county. Mr. Vaden immigrated to Hopkins County in the year 1845, just one year before the county was organized. He has been a citizen of Hopkins County for 57 years. There were only a few people living in the county when he came to it. The families who were here were the Hargraves, Hopkins, Brandon, Wren, Barker, Abb Neatherly, Lindleys, Millhollands, Burckhams and a few others whom he cannot recall. They were not a sufficient number...

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Biography of Wilshire Bailey

Mr. Bailey was born in the State of Alabama, in the year 1824, and came to Texas with his parents in the year 1835. He married Miss Gage, a daughter of E. N. Gage, in the year 1852. To this union were born 8 children, seven of whom are still living, five girls and two boys. His boys are both married and are thrifty and well to do farmers and tax payers. Four of his daughters are married, their husbands are farmers and stock raisers, are good men, upright and honest in their business relations, and have the confidence of the people. Air. Bailey has led a very active life, he is a typical Texan, open hearted, outspoken and impulsive, will fight at the drop of the hat, is a good clever fellow, knows everybody, and everybody knows him. He has a good strong mind, but little education. He likes to be in a crowd, and can talk against a brass band. He has one daughter living with him, a nice young lady, somewhat reserved, yet pleasant and agreeable in her manners, she is very much devoted to her aged parents and attached to her country home, a beautiful locations on the prairie, so situated as to have a lovely view of all the country for miles around. Mr. Bailey’s father stopped when he came to Texas in the...

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