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Location: Homburg-vor-der-Hoehe Germany

Biography of Christian Frederick Gottlieb Meyer

To those familiar with the history of Christian Frederick Gottlieb Meyer it would seem trite to say that he arose from an obscure position to rank among the prominent merchants of the country, but is only just to say in a history that will descend to future generations that he left a record which any man might be proud to possess. Beginning at the very bottom round of the business ladder, he steadily climbed upward until his record is today a valuable asset in contemporaneous history. He was the founder of the Meyer Brothers Drug Company, the most important wholesale drug establishment in the United States. His business record was such as any man might be proud to possess, for it was characterized by strict, unswerving industry and integrity, and by the faithful fulfillment of every obligation. He thus enjoyed in unusual measure the admiration of the general public and the respect and esteem of his contemporaries and associates. He stood prominent among the citizens who in the utilization of the excellent business opportunities offered by the new world attained distinction and success. His birth occurred in the province of Westphalia, Prussia, where in the village of Haldem the estate of his ancestors has been known almost from times immemorial as Meyer von der Ilwede. These manor estates are required to remain intact and descend to the eldest son,...

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