Location: Henry County VA

Biography of Frank W. Thomas

Frank W. Thomas, who had had an active connection with the Atchison, Topeka & Sapta Fe Railway Company since 1902 and is superintendent of apprentices, with headquarters at Topeka, is the only member of his family, a very brilliant and prominent Virginia household, to leave the state. Mr. Thomas was born in Martinsville, Henry County, Virginia, nine miles from the historic town of Roanoke. His father, C. Y. Thomas, was a man of more than ordinary distinction in Virginia in the last half of the nineteenth century. From an early age he was almost constantly in public life and held many offices of trust. He was an attorney of ability, served in the Virginia senate before the Civil war, and was an adviser of his distinguished brother-in-law, Paton Gravely, who represented Henry County in a very critical period of the state’s history. As a member of the Virginia State Senate C. Y. Thomas struggled to prevent that state from seceding from the Union. Although most of his neighbors and friends were secessionists, he openly but quietly avowed his sympathies for the Union. In spite of this, he held the office of commonwealth attorney through the period of the Civil war. During the war the Confederate Government also appointed him to distribute supplies to the needy families of the Confederate soldiers. After the war President Grant appointed him military governor...

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Biography of Hon. David Patterson Dyer

Hon. David Patterson Dyer, for many years an influential leader of the republican party in Missouri, filling various public offices of importance, has at the same time continued an active representative of the bench and bar of the state and it was not until May, 1919, that he retired from the office of United States district judge for the eastern district of Missouri, being at the time in the eighty-first year of his age. He was born February 12, 1838, in Henry county, Virginia, a son of David Dalton and Nancy (Salmon) Dyer. The father was born in Henry county, Virginia, in 1791 and the mother’s birth occurred in 1794. As far back as the ancestry can be traced, his forefathers lived in the Old Dominion, locating there in early colonial days. David Dalton Dyer was a soldier of the War of 1812 and for twelve years thereafter was a member of the house and senate of the Virginia legislature, leaving the impress of his individuality and ability upon the laws enacted during that period. David Patterson Dyer was educated in the common schools of Lincoln county, Missouri, having been brought to this state during his early childhood. He also spent a year as a student in St. Charles College. Later he took up the study of law and in due course of time was admitted to the bar....

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Biographical Sketch of Henry Jones

Henry Jones, of Wales, emigrated to America, and settled in Henry County, Va., where he married and had the following children Fielding, Joseph, Lewis, Peter, Willis, Delila, and Elizabeth. Lewis married Fannie Lamb, of North Carolina, and settled in Missouri in 1837. His children were-Henry, Zero, Joseph, George, Elizabeth, Willis Malinda, Lewis, Delila, and Fielding, all of whom married and settled in Missouri. Willis is-a Baptist preacher, and married Margaret C. Burson, of Virginia, whose father was also a Baptist...

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