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Location: Henderson Texas

Biography of Raymond Mills Spivy, M. D.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Dr. Raymond Mills Spivy, obstetrician and gynecologist with offices in the University Club building at St. Louis, was born December 25, 1880, in Henderson, Texas. His father, Judge William Wright Spivy, was a native of Alabama and belonged to one of the old southern families represented in Virginia, North Carolina and Alabama. The ancestral line is traced back to Aaron Spivy who came from Ireland prior to the Revolutionary war, in which he participated, being wounded in the battle of Saratoga. He originally settled in Isle of Wight county, Virginia. Judge Spivy removed to Texas with his widowed mother during his youthful days and acquired his education under the direction of his mother’s brother, Judge William Wright Morris, a distinguished jurist of the Lone Star state and at a prior date a prominent figure in political affairs in Alabama. Judge Spivy prepared for the bar and won distinction and prominence as a lawyer and as district judge, his district comprising Henderson and four or five other counties. He was also an intimate friend and legal associate of the late Governor Hogg of Texas. He died December 7, 1889, at the age of fortyone years. His wife, who bore the maiden name of Sarah Ann Fleming, was a native of Georgia and was of Scotch-Irish descent. She...

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