Location: Halifax North Carolina

Genealogy of George Allen Family of Halifax NC

Q149 GEORGE ALLEN: b. in Halifax, N. C. in 1745 and d. in 1836. His father was a native of England. The date of his arrival in America is not known. George fought in the Revolutionary War under General Nathaniel Green and was in the battle of Eutaw Springs, S. C. He m. Susannah Rievis, dau. of a French Hugenot. They had: (1) George: b. 1774. Settled in Tennessee. (2) Benjamin: b. 1776. (3) William: settled in Alabama. (4) Eli Rievis: b. 1793; m. Catherine Smith. Had the folowing ch.: (A) Clark: d. 1910. (B) O. Lee: d. 1911. (C) Cornelia. (D) Catherine. (E) George: a physician; d. 1890. (F) Robert: b. 1826. Killed in battle of the Peninsula, Civil War. He m. Elizabeth Robinson, 1845. Two ch.: (a) Lee. (b) Avery Clark: b. on Cane River, N. C., 1846, and drowned in Lake Ozette, Wash., 1904. He m. Fannie Holcombe, 1865. They had: 1. Robert Lee: b. 1867. 2. Willard M.: b. 1868. Retired Inspector, Department Interior U. S. M. in 1894 and has three dau.: A. Carmen E.: b. 1895. B. Elithe: b. 1902. C. Lovada L.: b. 1908. 3. Elizabeth: b. 1870. 4. Howard H.: b. 1872. 5. Lois H.: b. 1874. 6. George C.: b. 1875. 7. Ira E.: b. 1877. 8. John L.: b. 1881. 9. Virginia C.: b....

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Slave Narrative of Betty Foreman Chessier

Person Interviewed: Betty Foreman Chessier Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Place of Birth: Raleigh, North Carolina Date of Birth: July 11, 1843 Age: 94 I was born July 11, 1843 in Raleigh, N. C. My mother was named Melinda Manley, the slave of Governor Manley of North Carolina, and my father was named Arnold Foreman, slave of Bob and John Foreman, two young masters. They come over from Arkansas to visit my master and my pappy and mammy met and got married, ‘though my pappy only seen my mammy in the summer when his masters come to visit our master and dey took him right back. I had three sisters and two brothers and none of dem was my whole brothers and sisters. I stayed in the Big House all the time, but my sisters and brothers was gived to the master’s sons and daughters whey dey got married and dey was told to send back for some more when dem died. I didn’t never stay with my mammy doing of slavery. I stayed in the Big House. I slept under the dining room table with three other darkies. The flo’ was well carpeted. Don’t remembah my grandmammy and grandpappy, but my master was they master. I waited on the table, kept flies off’n my mistress and went for the mail. Never made no money, but dey did give the...

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