Location: Galena Missouri

Biography of Albert Hodges

ALBERT HODGES. Albert Hodges is an attorney at law of wide reputation, a man of unquestioned integrity, a close reasoner and a profound thinker. He is a Missourian by birth, and has inculcated in him the sterling principles of the better class of citizens of the State. He was born in Taney County (afterward Douglas County), November 2, 1848, and is a son of Edmond and Sarah (Garrison) Hodges, the former a native of Kentucky, and the latter of Warren County, Indiana, born in 1827. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now The grandfather, John Hodges, was a native of Kentucky, and the family moved from that State to Indiana at an early date, and thence to Missouri in 1835- After reaching the latter State, the grandfather settled at the mouth of Beaver Spring Creek, in Taney County, afterward Douglas and Taney Counties, and followed farming the rest of his life. He was one of the earliest pioneers of that section. His son, the father of our...

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Biography of Dr. Lafayette Henson

DR. LAFAYETTE HENSON. Dr. Henson is still in the dawn of the success which has attended his efforts in a professional way, but has already given abundant evidence of the ability which qualifies him for a high place in the medical profession. He is a true son of Missouri and of Stone County, his birth occurring in the western part of this county October 6, 1858. The progenitor of this family in America was Peter Henson, who settled in Tennessee at an early date, and where his ancestors resided for a number of generations. Thomas Henson, the grandfather of our subject, was born in that State and was there married. Later he moved to Illinois and made his home there until 1835, when he moved to the wilds of Stone County, Missouri He followed farming to some extent, but was a minister of the Hard Shell Baptist Church for many years, and was well known all over southwest Missouri. He and wife reared a large family and some members are still living in Barry County, Mo, and are quite aged people. The grandparents settled on Flat Creek, within a mile of the Barry County line, and took up Government land. Zachariah Henson, the father of our subject, was born in Tennessee in 1814, and was but a child when his parents moved to Illinois. When he was twenty-one years...

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Biography of J. G. Short

J. G. SHORT. The gentleman whose name heads this sketch is a good example of the public servant, for he is faithful to every duty, is accurate, painstaking and honorable and is also genial and accommodating. He is a native of the county in which he now lives, for here he first saw the light of day February 25, 1864, and, as a natural sequence, he has ever been interested in every enterprise tending to benefit the county of his nativity, and has done all in his power to make it the magnificent commonwealth that it now is. His father, John Short, was born in Tennessee, in 1824, and was one of the early pioneer families of that State. He came to Stone County, Missouri, over forty-two years ago and located in the vicinity where he now lives, the journey thither from Roane County, Tennessee, being made by wagon. He was married in Roane, his native county, to Miss Elizabeth Coleman, a member of an old Tennessee family, who was born and reared in Roane County, Tennessee Shortly after their marriage Mr. Short and his wife came West, and since that time he has been one of the highly respected citizens of Stone County. On July 4, 1876, his wife died, at the age of forty-three years, having become the mother of an old fashioned family of thirteen children,...

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Biography of Hon. Patrick C. Berry

HON. PATRICK C. BERRY. The position occupied by Patrick C. Berry as one of the prominent and influential citizens of Stone County, Missouri, has been gained by personal worth and unquestioned integrity. He is well and favorably known all over the county, few men more so, and is now enjoying the fruits of a well-spent life. In the grand old mother of States, Virginia, he was born, August 22, 1830, the seventh son and next to the youngest of the eight children of Samuel and Sarah (Hickey) Berry, both natives of Washington County, Virginia. Our subject’s grandfather, William Berry, was born in the Emerald Isle, but at an early date came to this country and settled in Virginia or Pennsylvania, dying in the former State. He was a farmer, and the old homestead in the Old Dominion is now owned by members of the family. Samuel Berry was born on this old farm in 1799, grew to manhood and married Miss Hickey. All his children were born in that State, and he remained there until 1843, when he started for Missouri, arriving here the following year. He located in Wright County and died there the same year. The family bought an improved farm, on which they resided many years and on which the mother died in 1856, when about sixty years of age. Her parents, William and Rachel (Martin)...

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Biography of Hon. James D. Gideon

HON. JAMES D. GIDEON. No better citizens have come to Christian County, Missouri, than those who crossed the Mississippi River from Tennessee, and who brought as their inheritance the traits of character and life which has ever distinguished them. Hon. James D. Gideon, who is one of the foremost farmers and stockraisers of Union Township, Stone County, first saw the light in Hawkins County, Tennessee, in 1833. His parents, John and Polly (Evans) Gideon, were also natives of that State, the father born in Hawkins and the mother in Jefferson County. Both were fairly well educated for those days, and made their home in Tennessee until 1843, when they removed to Lincoln County, Kentucky Six years later, or in 1849, Mr. Gideon came on foot to what is now Christian County, and being a clock tinker he made the trip to work at his trade. He remained in this State until 1853, having in the meantime taken up a claim in what is now the southeastern part of Christian County (then Taney County), and then returned to Kentucky to get his family. He then settled on his claim, improved a good farm, but during the war he sold this and moved to Greene County. After the war, in 1866, he returned to this county and located on Bear Creek, where his death occurred in 1870, when sixty-six years of...

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Biography of Thomas L. Viles

THOMAS L. VILES. To attain success in any calling, it is necessary that a man should be possessed of a keen and discerning mind, with the energy and determination to push his business or profession instead of allowing it to push him. These qualities are possessed in an eminent degree by Thomas L. Viles, who is the able prosecuting attorney of Stone County, in which he has made his home for many years. He is a native of Roane County, Tennessee, where he was born October 3, 1850. The son of John and Martha (Roberts) Viles, who were also Tennesseans. They left the State of their birth when their son Thomas L. was a small boy, and located in Illinois; but after remaining in that State for two years, came to Missouri, and in 1854 took up their residence in Stone County, in the northern part of which they settled on a farm, being among its pioneer settlers. In 1862 they moved to Christian County, Missouri, and there the mother was called from life the same year; she was a devoted member of the Baptist Church. The father enlisted in the Fourteenth Missouri Cavalry, and served about eighteen months, first as orderly sergeant, for a few months, and then as first lieutenant of Company F. His regiment was consolidated with the Eighth Missouri Regiment in 1863, and then, receiving...

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Biography of J. D. Melton

J. D. MELTON. The question of food supplies is one that agitates the whole human family, and is the first with which they have to grapple. Without doubt the well-appointed grocery establishment furnishes the best solution of feeding the masses, and in this connection due reference is made to that over which J. D. Melton presides and of which he is the proprietor. He was born in the neighborhood of Galena, Missouri, December 6, 1842, a son of Austin and Elsie (Haley) Melton, and grandson of Ansel Melton, who was one of the pioneers of Tennessee. In that State Austin Melton was born in 1805, and from that region he came to Polk County, Missouri, in 1834, and there made his home for some three or four years. He then came to Stone County and settled about one mile south of where Galena now stands, on 100 acres of Government land, which he entered. Oh this land he built a log house in which he lived until 1858, when he moved to the town of Galena. After the death of his wife there he moved to Laclede County and from that time until his death, which occurred in 1892, he resided on a farm about eight miles from Lebanon. All his life he was a Democrat and held a number of township offices. His wife, a Tennessean by birth,...

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Biography of Elbert H. Butler

ELBERT H. BUTLER. Neely Butler, the grandfather of our subject, was a native of North Carolina, where he grew to mature years and married Miss Amy Osier, also a native of that State, where he lived for several years until he moved to Tennessee, from where he came West with his family, locating in Stone County, Missouri, some years prior to the Civil War. Subsequently he moved to Carroll County, Arkansas, where he remained until the secession of the State from the Union. Being substantially in favor of the Union of States it became necessary for the protection of his life and property to migrate to the North, which he did, but returned soon after the close of the war to Stone County, Missouri, where he made his home until his death in 1880, in which county his wife, the grandmother of our subject, also died but a few years previous, both being quite aged. Wilson S. Butler, father of our subject, was also a native of the Old North State, where he was born in 1819. While yet a young man he came West with his parents to the State of Missouri and soon after was married, in Wright County, to Miss Margaret P. Dedman, a native of Virginia. Mr. Butler chose for himself the occupation of a farmer and became a successful tiller of the soil, and...

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Biography of Henry C. Thomas

HENRY C. THOMAS. James Township, Stone County, Missouri, has its full quota of vigorous, enterprising, thoroughgoing agriculturists, whose popularity is based upon both their social qualities and their well-known integrity and unusual industry. None among them is more popular or has worked more perseveringly than he of whom we write. Like at least one-half of the citizens of the county, Mr. Thomas is a native of Tennessee, born in Monroe County, in the month of December, 1848, to the union of George W. and Sarah A. (Smallin) Thomas, both natives of Monroe County, Tennessee, the father born September 15, 1819, and the mother March 11, 1819. They were married in their native county and resided there until 1854, when they came by wagon to Greene County, Missouri, and rented land on Grand Prairie for two years. After that the father purchased a farm on Wittenberg Prairie and there spent the remainder of his days, as a successful agriculturist. He served ten months in the militia during the war, and was in the Springfield fight. In religion he was a Baptist and in politics a Democrat until the war, after which he espoused the principles of the Republican party. His father, Jonathan Thomas, was born in North Carolina, and died in Monroe County, Tennessee, in 1857. He was of Irish descent. Grandfather Smallin and wife died in Monroe County, Tennessee,...

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Biography of John D. Stone

JOHN D. STONE. The hardy, courageous and energetic blood of the Scotchman flows in the veins of John D. Stone, and with it is mixed the versatility and quick wit of the Irish. William T. Stone, the paternal grandfather, was a native of Maryland, but left that State at the age of seventeen years and moved to Virginia, in which State he was married and lived for some time. Later he made his home for some years in Tennessee, and in 1833 became a resident of Polk County, Missouri, (then Christian County),but finally took up his residence on a farm, on which the town of Galena now stands, which land he entered from the Government, and which was then in what was known as Taney County. When Stone County was organized, it was named in his honor, for he was a man of much importance in his day, and was well and favorably known throughout the entire Southwest. He held a number of prominent offices of trust, was a successful tiller of the soil throughout life, and always supported the principles of the Democrat party, being of the Jacksonian type. He served under Gen. Jackson throughout the War of 1812, and was with him at the famous battle of New Orleans. His death occurred in 1849 or 1850 at Galena, and was a fact deeply regretted by all who...

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Biography of Alexander Thompson

ALEXANDER THOMPSON, farmer and stockraiser of Williamson Township, Stone County, Missouri, and one of the representative men of the section in which he lives, is a native of Tennessee, born in Maury County March 25, 1833. His parents, Thomas and Lucinda (Dobyns) Thompson, were natives of Indiana and Kentucky, respectively, and their nuptials were celebrated in the latter State. From there they moved to Indiana, and thence to Tennessee, the father dying in Williamson County of the latter State when about forty-five years of age. He was a farmer, but was of a roving disposition, and never accumulated much property. He enlisted in the War of 1812, but did not enter the service. He was one of three or four children born to Elder Thomas Thompson, who was for many years a Primitive Baptist preacher, and also a farmer on a small scale. He died in the Hoosier State. The mother of our subject died in Williamson County, Tennessee, in 1852. Twelve children were born to her marriage, six sons and six daughters, as follows: Hugh D., a soldier in the Mexican War, died in 1846; Elizabeth died in Dunklin County, Missouri, and was the wife of Daniel Gardner; Joseph, a farmer, and a soldier in the Mexican War, died in St. Francois County, Missouri; Nancy, who also died in St. Francois County, Missouri, was the wife of Samuel...

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Biography of Allen Gentry

ALLEN GENTRY. This gentleman is one of the oldest and best known pioneers of Stone County, which has been his home since 1836, a period of over fifty-eight years. The founder of the family in this section was Allen Gentry, Sr., father of subject, a native of Tennessee, where the family was an old and prominent one, and a descendant of Revolutionary stock. He was married in his native State to Miss Margaret , and in the spring of 1836 he and wife crossed the Mississippi River and located on James River, near Galena, in Stone County, where the father followed farming. He was a stanch Republican in politics, and in religion he and family held to the Christian faith. He made his home in Stone County until he had paid the last debt of nature, and there reared to honorable maturity a family of eleven children, seven sons and four daughters, leaving them, upon his death, not only a good property to divide among themselves, but what was rather to be desired than great riches-the heritage of an honorable name. Allen Gentry, Jr., was born in Tennessee June 12, 1814, and was but a boy when the family came with ox-team to Stone County. He received no schooling, and all his leisure time in early life was spent in hunting the wild game, which was plentiful in the...

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Biography of S. B. Taylor

S. B. TAYLOR. In no way can the growth and prosperity of a city be determined so well as by the progress made by the leading business houses therein, such always standing as general indices to the city’s condition. Among such business barometers the livery stable should rank in the midst of the first. A prominent one in Galena, Missouri, is that conducted by S. B. Taylor, who enjoys a widespread reputation as an honorable, upright business man. Ohio is his native State, born in Madison County March 4, 1847. S. B. is the son of Asa and Eliza Taylor, natives of New Jersey and Ohio, respectively. The father moved to Madison County, Ohio, at an early day and there followed agricultural pursuits until his death in 1883. The mother is still living on the old homestead on the old National Pike, seven miles north of London, and enjoys comparatively good health. Their union was blessed by the birth of seven children, three, besides our subject, now living: David C., a ranch man of Denver, Colo., was one of the early miners of that region; Oscar W., residing on the old home place in Ohio, and Sarah, a resident also of Madison County, Ohio, is the wife of Michael Fox. The children deceased were: Oliver, Marion and Frank. Oliver was a soldier in the Civil War, enlisting in Company...

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Biography of John D. Graves

JOHN D. GRAVES. Mr. Graves is accounted a prosperous farmer and stock-man of Stone County, Missouri, and like the majority of native Missourians he is progressive in his views and of an energetic temperament. He was born in Livingston County August 28, 1847, to the union of James C. and Lititia (Webber) Graves, the former a native of Virginia, born March 15, 1803, and the latter of Boone County, Kentucky, born October 10, 1808. The Graves family came originally from England and settled in the Old Dominion at a period antedating the Revolution. Joseph Graves, our subject’s grandfather, was born in Virginia, but at an early date moved to Kentucky with his family, and passed the remainder of his days in Boone County. In that county James C. Graves, father of subject, grew to mature years and married. In 1831 he came to Livingston County when it was a wilderness, and was one of the first settlers of the State. He became prominent in county affairs, and was sheriff of the same for some time. He also held the office of justice of the peace for twenty years, and was an upright, law-abiding citizen. He was a Democrat in politics and a man strong in his convictions. Mrs. Graves’ father, Phillip Webber, was a native of Wales, and came to the United States when a mere boy. During the...

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Biography of J. M. Gideon, M. D.

J. M. GIDEON, M. D. There is generally a wide diversity of opinion among people outside of the medical profession in their estimate of the skill and ability of a particular physician. A family is likely to pin its faith on one practitioner and distrust all the rest. If there is a member of the profession in Ozark who has successfully fought down this prejudice and now stands secure in the confidence and high esteem of the general public, that man is Dr. J. M. Gideon, a man whose research in the field of science has produced such remarkable results as to leave no question of his intellectual greatness. The Doctor was born on the old home of the family near Ozark, in Christian County, December 11, 1855, and until fourteen years of age he spent his life on the farm. He then went to the Hoosier State and attended school in Howard County for a year or so, after which he returned to Christian County and again entered the schoolroom. When eighteen years of age he began the study of medicine under Dr. Parker, of Ozark, and remained in his office for about a year. After that he began practicing at Kirbyville, Taney County, remained there one year and then went to Galena, the county seat of Stone County, where he practiced his profession for two years. Later...

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