Location: Fort Scott Kansas

Biography of William Irvin Hammel

William Irvin Hammel is a young business man at Moran, and since establishing himself in that town had built up a very prosperous enterprise as a grain dealer and owned a half interest in the only elevator in that locality. He had also distinguished himself by a very progressive administration of the local city affairs in the office of mayor. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Mr. Hammel was born in Sangamon County, Illinois, July 30, 1876, but had spent his life since early boyhood in Kansas. His people, the Hammels, came out of Germany and were Pennsylvania settlers in the colonial times. His grandfather, Samuel Hammel, was born in Ohio, moved from there to Sangamon County, Illinois, and died on his farm in that county in 1861. C. T. Hammel, father of William I., was born in Hancock County near Findlay, Ohio, in 1853. As a child he went to Sangamon County, Illinois, grew up and married there, became a farmer, and in 1884 came...

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Biography of William Manfred Barbee

William Manfred Barbee. Among the city offices of Chanute, one that had important bearing upon the welfare of the city and its institutions and the duties of which, in their handling, call for more than ordinary ability, is that of commissioner of public utilities. The present incumbent of this office, William Manfred Barbee, had won the confidence of the public through the able and expeditious manner in which he had handled the business of his department and the energy he had displayed in discharging the responsibilities of public service. He is a native son of Neosho County, and was born October 23, 1864, his parents being Sion and Mary Elizabeth (Easley) Barbee. The Barbee family is of French extraction and its early members in America Colonial settlers of Virginia. From that state the family branched out to Tennessee, where, in 1805, was born the grandfather of William M. Barbee, Joseph Barbee. He was reared on a farm in Wilson County, and there engaged in farming until he was forty years of age, at which time he went to Jefferson County, Illinois, and continued in agricultural pursuits until the time of his death, in 1881. Sion Barbee was born in Wilson County, Tennessee, in 1837, and was eight years of age when taken to Illinois by his parents. There he received his education and was reared to manhood on the...

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Biography of John Francis Hughs

John Francis Hughs. During the past five years Prof. John Francis Hughs had been superintendent of the city schools of Chanute, and in this time had gained a strong and lasting place in the confidence of the people of the community. His interest in his work had been deep, sincere and unabating, and the splendid school system of the city at the present time may be largely accredited to his efforts. His labors have been progressive and practical in character and have proved of the greatest benefit to Chanute. Professor Hughs was born at Fort Scott, Bourbon County, Kansas, August 16, 1881, and is a son of William and Elizabeth (Hopkin) Hughs, natives of South Wales, England. His father was born in 1838 and received an ordinary education in his native land, where, as a young man he engaged in farming in a small way. He was married in his native land and there continued to be engaged in agricultural pursuits for some years, but did not advance as rapidly as he desired and felt that his fortunes might be bettered in America. He accordingly came to this country in 1873, and after a brief stop at Paola, Kansas, located among the pioneers of Bourbon County, where he had a homestead in the vicinity of Fort Scott. There Mr. Hughs passed the remainder of his life, his death occurring...

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Biography of Charles Clifton Crain

Charles Clifton Crain, who is the executive head of one of the largest and most successful enterprises doing business in the wholesale and retail hardware trade in Kansas, being president of the Crain Hardware Company, of Fort Scott, is one of the alert and enterprising men who, during the last half century, have so utilized the opportunities offered here for business preferment that the fame of Fort Scott had been extended to every part of the country. Nothing so builds up a country or section as its commerce and the directing forces are those men whose marvelous foresight see the opportunities which their courage enables them to seize. As one of the leading cities of the great State of Kansas, Fort Scott stands preeminent in many lines, a main one being the wholesale and retail hardware business. Charles Clifton Crain was born May 18, 1856, on a farm near Cooperstown, Venango County, Pennsylvania, and is a son of George F. and Margaret (Hillier) Crain, natives of Venango County, the former born at Crain’s Corners, a village named in honor of the family. The parents of Charles C. Crain were married at Cooperstown, Pennsylvania, in 1860, and nine years later migrated to Bourbon County, Kansas, where they homesteaded land three miles southwest of Fort Scott and engaged in farming. The early settlers of this section were called upon to undergo...

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Biography of Miss Isa Allene Greene

Miss Isa Allene Greene grew up in Bourbon County, Kansas, and in that section taught her first school. Through her work she had become one of Kansas’ noted educators. She had proved herself a real teacher. She possesses the ability, rare as it is in any time or generation and rare even in these modern times when so much emphasis is placed upon it, of vitalizing and inspiring the intellectual activities of those under her charge, and all her work had been characterized by a depth of sympathy and understanding which is more necessary in any rational scheme of education than mere ability to impart knowledge. Miss Greene had taught for many years in Kansas and was recently promoted to the great responsibility of superintendent of the School for the Blind, Kansas City, Kansas. Miss Greene was born in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, at the Town of Smithfield December 29, 1866. She was next to the youngest in a family of ten children. Her parents, Harvey and Nancy (Jaco) Greene, were both natives of Pennsylvania. Her maternal grandfather was of English descent, while her paternal ancestors were Welsh and German. The grandparents came to America about 1800. James H. Greene was a cooper by trade, and also a local minister of the Methodist Church. He and his wife were married and lived continuously in one house in Pennsylvania until all...

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Biography of Edwin D. Mikesell

Edwin D. Mikesell. The long and uniformly progressive career of Edwin D. Mikesell, of Fredonia, had been characterized by several noticeable personal traits, among which may be mentioned versatility of talents combined with thoroughness of preparation and depth of legal knowledge. A man of broad education and wide experience, of high personal character, courteous and able, he is not alone one of Wilson County’s strong legists, but a man who had served his community and his state in positions of official importance, in which he had demonstrated unusual executive ability. Mr. Mikesell was born on a farm nine miles southeast of Fredonia, in Wilson County, Kansas, November 13, 1871, and is a son of Daniel L. and Mary (Lingel) Mikesell. The Mikesell family was founded in America by Jacob Mikesell, the great-great-grandfather of Edwin D., who was a native of Germany and on coming to this country settled in Pennsylvania, where he spent the remainder of his life in agricultural pursuits. His son, Joseph Mikesell, was the great-grandfather of Edwin D. Among his children was David Mikesell, the grandfather of Edwin D. who was born in 1803 in Montgomery County, Ohio. In 1836 he removed to Indiana, later, in 1853, he continued west to Iowa, and finally, in 1869, located in Woodson County, Kansas, being a pioneer in all these states. His death occurred at Neodesha, Kansas, in 1877,...

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Biography of C. F. Lutes

C. F. Lutes. The largest hand glass plant west of the Mississippi River is that of the Fredonia Window Glass Company, located at Fredonia, Kansas. The president and general manager of this enterprise, C. F. Lutes, had been connected with the glass industry ever since entering upon his career, and is a man of experience, resource and energy, who, since coming to Kansas in 1904, had occupied a position of importance among the business men of Fredonia. The success of the company with which he is identified, and its allied interests at Caney, Kansas and Okmulgee, Oklahoma, must be accredited to his efforts and good management. Like numerous other men who have reached successful places in business affairs of Kansas, Mr. Lutes is a native of Indiana. He was born at New Albany, the county seat of Floyd County, on the Ohio River, January 1, 1871, and is a son of F. W. Lutes and a member of a family that was founded in America by a German emigrant to New York during ante-Revolutionary days. Daniel Lutes was born in 1803, in Connecticut, and as a young man learned the trade of glass-blowing, which he followed throughout his career. During the latter part of his life he resided at Mount Clemens, Michigan, and there his death occurred in 1873, when he was seventy years of age. He had been...

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Biography of Franklin A. Jewell

Franklin A. Jewell. That distinctive ability of leadership in many affairs which had always been associated with the Jewell family in Crawford County had been a conspicuous possession of Franklin A. Jewell, who still lives at Arcadia, the old family seat. The eldest son of the late Lewis R. Jewell, a founder of Arcadia, and grandson of Colonel Jewell, whose distinguished career as a Kansas pioneer and soldier had been sketched elsewhere, Franklin A. Jewell was born in a little log house on the neutral lands now part of Crawford County, near Arcadia June 30, 1867. His early training in the public schools was supplemented in the Kansas Normal College at Fort Scott, and during a portion of his early manhood he taught school. He was trained to farming, and also learned the printing trade at the case. For a time he edited and published the Arcadia News, a successor of the Reporter, which had been established by his father in 1882. Mr. Jewell for many years had been one of the active republicans in Southeastern Kansas. A very complimentary vote was given him in 1896 as republican nominee for clerk of the District Court of Crawford County. He was defeated by the alliance between the democrats and the populists. In that campaign he received a larger vote than any gentleman on his party ticket in the county. In...

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Biography of Frank H. Cron

Frank H. Cron. Of the men who have in recent years taken a prominent part in the financial and public life of Butler County few are better known than Hon. Frank H. Cron, assistant cashier of the Citizens State Bank of El Dorado and ex-member of the Kansas State Legislature. He is a native son of Mercer County, Pennsylvania, born June 3, 1868, his parents being A. G. and Emma F. (Womer) Cron. A. G. Cron, who is now a resident of Mulvane, Kansas, was born in Pennsylvania and came to Kansas in 1881, locating in Bourbon County, where he became engaged in agricultural pursuits. He succeeded in accumulating a valuable property through energy and good management and for several years had lived in retirement. On February 22, 1866, he was married to Miss Emma F. Womer, also a native of Pennsylvania, and February 22, 1916, they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at their beautiful home at Mulvane, a number of their descendants being present to do them honor. A rather remarkable coincidence in this direction is that on the same date was celebrated the golden wedding anniversary of James M. and Tacy Stroud (Morgan) Stanley, the parents of Mrs. Frank H. Cron. Eleven children were born to A. G. and Emma F. Cron, all of whom are living, as follows: C. W., of Mulvane, Kansas; F. H., of...

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Biography of Perry D. Cover

Perry D. Cover is one of Riverside’s early settlers, and has been associated with her various industries for the past fifteen years. He is a native of Richland County, Ohio, dating his birth in 1843. His parents were Daniel Cover, a native of Frederick County, Maryland, and Lydia Cover, nee Stevenson. Mr. Cover was reared to agricultural pursuits on his father’s farm until 1862. He then volunteered in the service of his country and enlisted as a private soldier in Company D, Eighty-seventh Ohio Volunteers. His regiment was sent East, and after some time in camp at Baltimore, was placed on duty at Harper’s Ferry. During Lee’s invasion of Maryland, in 1862, he was on duty at various forts on the Potomac River. At the surrender of the Union forces at Harper’s Ferry, his regiment was so unfortunate as to be included in the surrendered troops. He was then paroled, and in October 1862, his term of service having expired, was discharged the service. The next year he decided to seek the Pacific Coast, and he came overland with a drove of horses belonging to Samuel Crine. Upon his arrival in California he located in San Francisco, where he stopped for nearly a year. He then went to the mining districts of Nevada and Montana, and was for about four years engaged in mining and other enterprises. In Montana,...

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Biography of Christopher Leonidas Aikman

Christopher Leonidas Aikman, who was admitted to the Kansas bar over a quarter of a century ago, had been in practice at El Dorado and much of the time had been an associate of his brother, Judge Aikman. He was born at London, Kentucky, October 22, 1865. He was six years of age when the family came to Butler County, Kansas, and here he attended country schools and the town schools at Augusta and El Dorado. He was also a student in the Fort Scott Normal College at Fort Scott, and for a number of years before entering the legal profession was a successful teacher. He taught at Towanda, Haverhill, Rosalia and White Station. After his admission to the bar in 1889 he was for two years a partner with the late Major Kilgore, of El Dorado. He was then associated with his brother Judge Aikman until 1905, when his brother was elevated to the bench of the District Court. In 1905 C. L. Aikman was elected county attorney of Butler County, was renominated without opposition in 1907 and re-elected, and in 1912 was again given the nomination without opposition, but declined to enter the campaign. In 1915 he and his brother Judge Aikman again formed a partnership. This firm stands in the front rank of lawyers in Southern Kansas. They have a large and profitable clientage, and their...

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Biography of Charles O. Tallman

Charles O. Tallman, one of the leading business men of Fort Scott, is a son of the late Thomas W. Tallman, whose career reflects much of the history of Fort Scott and Bourbon County from pioneer times until the present century. Bourbon County never had a more forceful character nor a man of greater popularity, than the late Thomas W. Tallman. He was born in Burlington County, New Jersey, October 25, 1826, and was eighty-nine years of age when he passed away December 27, 1915. His parents were Woodmanse and Elizabeth (Read) Tallman, also natives of New Jersey. Woodmanse Tallman’s father was Thomas Tallman, an Englishman, who came to America and was a man of large means. He had a large family of sons and when Woodmanse Tallman received his inheritance he moved out to Logan County, Ohio, settling on a farm, where he continued prosperous and successful and reared eleven children. The late Thomas W. Tallman was the fifth of these eleven sons, and was five years of age when his parents moved to Logan County. His early life was spent in that pioneer district, and he attended one of the subscription schools held there. He grew up on a farm but at the age of eighteen became a trader, buying and selling horses and also conducting a livery stable, and he spent much of his time at...

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Biography of J. Clark Hicks

J. Clark Hicks. When 600 live and progressive business men of such a city as Fort Scott, all members of the Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce, choose one of their number as president, the choice is in the nature of one of the highest compliments and honors that could be paid, and is a responsibility which any man would appreciate. Recently the Chamber elected as president Mr. J. Clark Hicks, who is by no means one of the oldest business men of the city, but who by hard work and progressive methods has built up what is appropriately considered one of the largest and most complete exclusive furniture houses in Southeastern Kansas. Mr. Hicks spent his early life on a farm in Bourbon County. His opportunities he largely made for himself. He began his commercial career in the humble role of a clerk. No hours were too long for him to work, and no problem that arose was too difficult for him to solve. He has made a success by conscientious performance of those duties which lie nearest and which are the important things in the life of any man. Mr. Hicks was born at Lena in Stephenson County, Illinois, October 13, 1876. His parents Edward L. and Clementine (Weary) Hicks, were also born in the same county and were married there. They lived on a farm until they...

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Biography of Joseph Henry Hoopingarner

Joseph Henry Hoopingarner has for twenty-five years been identified with the Methodist Conference in Kansas, though he has not spent all of that time in the active ministry. He is a large property owner and is now pastor of the leading church at Baxter Springs. He comes of a very interesting family of pioneers in Southeastern Kansas. Rev. Mr. Hoopingarner himself was born in Crawford County, Kansas, April 3, 1871, only a few years after the real settlement of that region began. His ancestry goes back to Wuertemberg, Germany, where his great-grandfather Coonrad Hoopingarner was born. Coonrad and a brother came to America, and while the brother settled in Ohio, Coonrad located in Indians, near Terre Hante. John Hoopingarner, grandfather of Rev. Mr. Hoopingarner, was born in Indiana, spent his life as a farmer in that state, and died near Terre Haute. James Patterson Hoopingarner was the pioneer in Southeastern Kansas. He was born near Terre Haute, Indiana, August 31, 1826, was reared and married in Illinois, and for a number of years was a pilot on the Mississippi River being a contemporary in that occupation with Mark Twain. It was in 1856 that he came to Kansas locating on the “Neutral Strip” in what is now Crawford County. He was one of the pioneers who settled there by arrangement with the Indiana owners, and his homestead comprised a...

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Biography of James Henry Boice

James Henry Boice. In 1877 the late F. S. Boice arrived at Galena, and from that time forward was actively engaged in the mining operations that have always formed the basis of the prosperity of that city. For fully forty years the family has been prominently represented at Galena both in the mining industry and in mercantile and other affairs, and the work which was begun by the late F. S. Boice has been continued along even broader lines by his son James Henry. This is a family whose origin was in Scotland. From that county the father of F. S. Boice came in the early days, became a merchant in Ohio, and died in that state. F. S. Boice was born in Ohio in 1838, was reared and married there and while in that state gained a knowledge of the furniture and undertaking business. A few years after the close of the Civil war he determined to seek a new location in Kansas. His destination was Fort Scott. In the absence of a railroad he reached that town by stage coach. He soon afterward opened a stock of furniture, and extended his business by handling agricultural implements. Then in 1877 he removed to Galena, and was identified with the mining and business affairs of that city until his death in 1909. He was one of the organizers of...

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