Location: Erie County NY

Biographical Sketch of Audley P. McCallie

McCallie, Audley P.; Superior Peanut Co.; born, Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 15, 1888; son of Jack and Jennie Purcell McCallie; educated, Buffalo, N. Y., Grammar School and West Springfield and Meadville, Pa., High schools; managing partner of The Superior Peanut Co.; member Cleveland Athletic Club. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start...

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Biographical Sketch of Frank E. Lynch

Lynch, Frank E.; supt. money order division, post office; born, Cleveland, Dec. 28, 1875; son of Frank and Christina Karn Lynch; educated, Cleveland public and high school, and Edmiston Business College; married, Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 8, 1901, Margaret B. Staebler; one son, Kenneth F. Lynch; entered Post Office Department in December, 1899, starting at the bottom; in February, 1901, was given charge of the money order work at Station “A,” was there until Aug. 17, 1908; then transferred to the money order division at the main office; promoted to asst. supt. June 1, 1912, and to supt. Dec. 1, 1912; member Chamber of...

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Biographical Sketch of Nicholas Pfeil

Pfeil, Nicholas; rector St. Peter’s Church; born, Cleveland, Nov. 4, 1859; son of Lawrence and Frances Reinhart Pfeil; educated, St. Mary’s and St. Stephen’s Parochial schools, Canisius College, Buffalo, N. Y., B. A., St. Mary’s Theological Seminary, Cleveland, Ohio; graduated at Canisius College, June, 1878; entered St. Mary’s Theological Seminary, September, 1878; was ordained to the Priesthood, July 1, 1883, at a little over 23 years of age; appointed pastor of St. Patrick’s Church, Hubbard, O., August, 1883; transferred to Holy Trinity Church, March 2, 1884; appointed irremovable rector of St. Peter’s Church, Cleveland, May 9, 1897; director of the Holy Childhood Society for the Diocese of Ohio; visited the British Isles, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Holland in 1895; second visit to Europe in 1903; made a trip to the Holy Land in the fall of 1908; gave an account of his travels in Catholic Universe and the Stimme der Wahrheit, beside a knowledge of the classical languages, possesses a thorough acquaintance with English and German; parents immigrated from Baden in 1874, and belonged to the pioneers of...

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Biography of Paul Rohr

Paul Rohr. The Rohr family is one of the oldest names of Leavenworth. The family came to Kansas in the early territorial period, soon after the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska bill and at the beginning of the struggle between the free state and pro-slavery elements. The name had many active associations with business, public and civic affairs in Leavenworth and the surrounding district. The late Paul Rohr, founder of the family in Kansas, was born in the Province of Lorain, then part of France, now Germany, in the district of Rohrbach on October 1, 1818. His father was Paul Rohr and his mother’s name was Wagner. Paul Rohr, Sr., was the youngest of nine sons. Eight of these stalwart young men served as soldiers in the Napoleonic wars and few families made such a tremendous sacrifice, since not one of the eight ever returned alive. In 1830, on a sailing vessel, the Rohr family emigrated to America. They located in Buffalo, New York, where the senior Rohr, who was a tailor by trade, worked at various occupations, including stone mason on the breakwater piers in the harbor of that city. He and his wife both died in Buffalo. The late Paul Rohr was twelve years of age when brought to America. He had little education, and soon after coming to America learned the trade of harness making. He made...

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Biography of Keith Earl Sprague

Keith Earl Sprague. Among the men whose ability and high personal character have lent strength and solidity to the financial institutions of Wilson County, Keith Earl Sprague occupies a recognized place. A man of broad experience in various fields of business life, since 1913 he had been identified with the Benedict State Bank in the capacity of president, and through his shrewd and careful direction of its affairs had made this institution one of the substantial banking houses of the county. Mr. Sprague was born in Wilson County, Kansas, November 26, 1881, and is a son of C. A. and Jennie (Barringer) Sprague. Mr. Sprague belongs to a family of English-Dutch origin, which was founded in New York during colonial times by an emigrant from Holland. His grandfather was Harvey A. Sprague, who was born in 1812, in New York, where he resided all his life, the active part of which was passed in farming in the vicinity of Churchville, Monroe County. About the year 1872 he removed to Buffalo, where he lived in retirement until his death, which occurred in 1902, when he had reached the advanced age of ninety years. Mr. Sprague took part in a great deal of the Indian fighting of the early days in New York, and was a member of the New York State Militia. He married Ellen Smith, who was born in...

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Biography of William Edward Delehant

William Edward Delehant, organizer and promoter of the Cardinal Drug Company of Muskogee, conducting both a whole-sale and retail business, has long been recognized as a dynamic force in the commercial circles of Muskogee. Starting in business here with an extremely limited capital, he has steadily developed his interests and the scope of his activities until his position in commercial circles is one of prominence and leadership. He has ever been a man of broad vision in relation to business affairs and his life record should serve as a source of encouragement and inspiration to others, showing what can be accomplished through individual effort. Mr. Delehant was born in Buffalo, New York, on the 6th of April, 1873, and is a son of Michael Vincent and Bridget (Maloy) Delehant. The father devoted his life to the milling business, operating a flour mill for an extended period. William E. Delehant supplemented his public school training by study in the University of Buffalo at Buffalo, New York, from which he was graduated in 1892 on the completion of a course in the department of pharmacy. He afterward devoted two years to service in the United States Marine Hospital at Buffalo, New York, filling the position of hospital steward. He next went to Helena, Montana, where he remained for five years and during that period was engaged in the retail drug business....

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Biography of Charles A. Straub

Charles A. Straub, a veteran oil worker in Western Pennsylvania, came to Kansas about the opening of the fields in the southern part of this state, and in recent years had become the responsible factor in developing much of the oil and gas interests in and around Moran, where he resided. Mr. Straub is manager, secretary and treasurer of the Eastern Kansas Oil Company, Limited, whose home and headquarters are in Moran. Mr. Straub was born at Sheldon, Wyoming County, New York, March 29, 1863. His father, A. B. Straub, was born in 1838 and by the accident of birth is a native of Florida. The grandfather, who was born in 1810, in Germany, emigrated to America and landed at one of the ports of Florida, and soon afterwards his oldest child, A. B., was born. The family soon came North and located in the Town of Sheldon, New York, where Grandfather Straub built and for many years was proprietor of the Sheldon Hotel. He died there in 1893. A. B. Straub had no conscious recollections of his native State of Florida, but in recent years had spent his winters at St. Petersburg in that state. He grew up in the Town of Sheldon, New York, was married there, and for a number of years was associated with his father in the management of the Sheldon Hotel. In 1865...

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Bethel Todd of Buffalo NY

Bethel Todd9, (Edwin H.8, Bethel7, Jehiel6, Stephen5, Stephen4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Christopher1) born April 28, 1858, in Poultneyville, N. Y., died March 13, 1912, in Buffalo, N. Y., married March 15, 1882, Ella S. Cochran, of Onondaga, Mich. He went with his parents from Poultneyville, N. Y., to Port Dalhousie, Ont., Canada, where his father started in the hotel business. At the age of about 15, Mr. Todd obtained employment on a vessel plying on the great lakes, determined to be a sailor, which occupation he followed until his marriage. During the winter of 1881-82 he went to Onondaga, Mich., to visit his mothers relatives and while there he met Miss Cochran, who was soon to be his future wife. She being a farmer’s daughter, seems to have exerted some influence upon him to attempt farming for a time, but the renumeration being to meager to suit him, he soon returned to the lakes for the summer season, the winters he passed in St. Catherine’s, Canada, which was the home of his mother, until after her death when he made Buffalo, N. Y., his headquarters for his remaining days, his death being caused by Pneumonia. Children: *2644. Glenn David, b. Aug. 14, 1883. *2645. R. V. Eddie, b. Aug. 21, 1886. *2646. Eva Ettie, b. Aug. 21,...

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Biography of Dr. John Parmenter

Dr. John Parmenter, for almost a quarter of a century engaged in the active practice of the medical profession, is a man of noble impulses, sound judgment, keen perceptions and remarkable force and determination of character. Honorable in every relation of life, he commands the respect and confidence of all with whom he comes in contact, whether professionally or in private life. It is unnecessary to say that as a physician he commanded the esteem of his fellow citizens; the record of his daily life is ample testimony to this fact. As he devoted the best years of his life to a noble profession, so is he now (1910) crowned with its choicest rewards. In all professions, but more especially in the medical, there are exalted heights to which genius itself dares scarcely soar, and which can be gained only after long years of patient, arduous and unremitting toil and inflexible and unfaltering courage. To this proud eminence we may safely say Dr. Parmenter has risen, and in this statement we feel confident we shall be sustained by the universal opinion of his professional brethren, the best standard of judgment in such cases. William L., son of James Frederick Parmenter, a native of Vermont, was born in 1836, and was a prominent physician of Buffalo, New York, where he, spending the active years of his life, engaged in the...

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Biography of Grant Maitland Kennedy

(III) Grant Maitland, youngest child of Francis M. and Phoebe J. (Fisher) Kennedy, was born in Italy, Yates county, New York, January 3, 1866. His early education was received in the district school of Italy Hollow, New York, and at the age of sixteen years he entered the Naples Academy, at Naples, New York, spending three years in that institution, and finishing with one year at the State Normal School at Genesee, New York. His early years were spent upon the homestead farm, and in the fall of 1885, he made his first appearance as a teacher of district schools, commencing in the Segar district in the town of Italy. For six years he was thus engaged, being in turn in the schools of Lazalieers Hollow (now Guyunoga), the County House district, both in the town of Jerusalem, also Italy Hollow, Italy Hill and West Italy schools, all located in Yates county, New York. August 7, 1891, he went to Canandaigua and formed a partnership with Darwin Cheney in the undertaking business, this continuing until November 25, 1901, when Mr. Kennedy purchased the interests of Mr. Cheney. December 1, 1901, he took Amos Gillett, of Canandaigua, as a partner, and the business was conducted under the firm name of Gillett & Kennedy until the death of Mr. Gillett, February 26, 1903. The business was continued under the same name...

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Biography of Charles F. Tabor

CHARLES F. TABOR CHARLES F. Tabor, the present attorney-general of the state of New York, whose official residence is now in Albany, was born on the 28th of June, 1841, in the town of Newstead, Erie County, N. Y. His father, Silas Tabor, was a lawyer, and also attended to the cultivation of his farm in that pleasant township, and there, after spending many years both in mental and manual exercise, he closed an honorable and useful career in 1863, in the midst of the stirring and eventful scenes of our great civil war. He was a man of great probity and many other noble characteristics and left the legacy of a good name to his children. His wife, Betsy E. Tabor, was a woman of high character and amiability of disposition, whose presence enlivened and cheered the whole household. She died in 1881. Charles F., the subject of this sketch, worked on his father’s farm until he was about seventeen years of age, also attending, when he could, the common school of the neighborhood. After he had obtained a fair education in the elementary branches he taught a district school in the winters, and prepared himself for college at Lima, Clarence and Williamsville academies. He was naturally fond of books and delighted in study, but for want of sufficient pecuniary means he was obliged to give up his...

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Biography of James A. Lounsbury M.D.

James A. Lounsbury, M. D. In the career of Dr. James A. Lounsbury there had been demonstrated the fact that an individual can dominate in more than one direction, and that some of the most prominent citizens and successful business men are those who have branched out from their original field of endeavor and directed their abilities towards perfecting various business interests as well as raising the standard of their communities. When he entered upon his active career it was as a laborer in the prolific field of medicine, but subsequent interests wooed him away from his profession and took him into business and financial affairs, and he is now president of the Farmers State Bank of Barnard and had large responsibilities and holdings in commercial and industrial lines. Dr. James A. Lounsbury was born in Genesee County, New York, September 13, 1842, and is a son of Rudolphus and Almira (Brown) Lounsbury, and a grandson of the immigrant who came from England and founded the family in New York. In that state, in 1805, was born Rudolphus Lounsbury, who passed his entire life in Genesee County in agricultural pursuits and died in 1870. He was a republican and a member of the Free Baptist church. Mrs. Lounsbury, who was born in 1807, in New York, died in Genesee County in 1865. There were three children in the family:...

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Biography of Hon. John M. Bacon

HON. JOHN M. BACON. – There are three places in the Northwest that have almost antique associations. These are Astoria, Vancouver and Oregon City. Of none of them is the flavor of old times more pronounced than amid the rocks and bluffs and by the falls and the old buildings of the latter place. Here one of the old pioneers may be found in the person of a gentleman whose portrait appears on the opposite page. It was as to the last place to go that Mr. Bacon came to Oregon. A native of Buffalo, New York, born in 1822, he lost his father two years later, and lived with his grandfather until fourteen years old. He kept himself in America three years longer, working in a store, but at the age of seventeen shipped before the mast from New Bedford in a whaler. He was two years in China, and in 1844, going out to Bombay, took service as second mate on an English ship. This took him to London. Returning to the United States by the Atlantic, having seen the bigness of the world, he came out to Illinois with his brother Francis, now a resident on the Sandy. In 1845, he came to Independence, Missouri, and, joining the Barlow train, came to Oregon, being one of the number to hunt out the Barlow road across the...

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Biography of John E. Brooks

JOHN E. BROOKS. – John E. Brooks was born October 29,1822, at Canton, St. Lawrence county, State of New York. His father Cooper Brooks, and his mother, Sophia Brooks (formerly Tuttle), moved from Cheshire, New Haven, Connecticut, and settled at an early day in St. Lawrence county, making the trip with an ox-sled drawn by a yoke of cattle from state to state. To them were born six children, four boys and two girls. The entire family is now dead, except J.E. Brooks, the fifth, and Aniasa Brooks, the youngest of the family, who now live at McMinnville, Oregon. His father being a farmer, his boyhood days were spent in farming and in the dairy (his father being one of the first to engage in that business in the county), attending the district school a portion of the time during the winter months. In the fall of 1842, he attended the St. Lawrence Academy at Canton as a student. At the expiration of six months, he engaged in house carpentering and joiner work, to obtain means to further prosecute his studies. In the fall of 1843, he passed a very satisfactory examination before the board of school (sic)superintendents, receiving a first-class certificate, and for four months following was engaged as a teacher in one of the best district schools in the county. From this time till the spring of...

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