Location: Elmore Vermont

Biographical Sketch of J. C. Bailey

J. C. Bailey was extensively engaged in the dairy business at one time, having sixty head of cattle. Joseph represented the town of Elmore in the legislature in 1847-’48. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start...

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Biographical Sketch of Joseph C. Bailey

Joseph C. Bailey, a native of Berlin, Vt., married Miss Sally Gurley, of that place, and removed to Elmore in 1823, where he built a log house near the present residence of Philo Darling. About the year 1852, Mr. Bailey sold his farm to his sons, C. N. and Frank, and removed to Middlesex, where he resided until his death. Chester N. Bailey now occupies a part of the original homestead of 500 acres, on road 43, just on the line of...

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Biographical Sketch of Nehemiah French

Nehemiah French, born in New Hampshire in 1793, came to this town from Elmore, Vt., in 1842, and located upon the farm now owned by J. M. Green, on road 29. In 1819, he married Esther Green, who has borne him eight children, four of whom are living. Mr. French is now, at the age of ninety years, the oldest resident of the town. His wife is eighty-five years of age, and they have lived together sixty-five...

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Biographical Sketch of Nathan Grout

Nathan P. Grout, son of Dexter Grout, was born in Elmore, March I I 1827. In 1859, he married Melissa S. Smith, of Morristown, and located at Morristown Corners. In 1863, he removed to Morrisville, where he subsequently died of heart disease. Three of his five children are now living, Burton W., Walter D., and Roy...

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Civil War Soldiers from Elmore, Lamoille County, Vermont

During the late civil war Elmore furnished sixty-four soldiers as follows: Stephen C. Albee David P. Barnes Jos. Bashaw Henry J. Bagley John P. Bedell Wm. Biscomer, May 20,’64, died of wounds Lewis Belville, deserted, Jan. 1,’63 Albert J. Biddell, prisoner June 23,’64 Clesson Cameron Lyman L. Camp Charles Carter, deserted Dec. 18, ’62 W. B. Chandler Rufus H. Clark Seth L. Clark Chas. Clement Chas. S. Cooper John A. Camp Luman M. Davis, May 12, ’64, killed, Spottsylvania James P. Davis Solon W. Davis Learnard W. Davis Hiram Dwyer, Jan. 17,’64, died Edwin R. Dodge, April 16,’62, killed tee’s Mills Va. Jas. Estes, June 29,’62, killed, Savage Station, Va. Lewis H. Estes Jos. Fisher, Sept. 4, ’62, deserted Samuel B. Fisk Jos. Gabouree Justus Gale, Sept. 19, ’63, died Geo. W. Garner, Oct. 9, ’61, died Russell H. Gay Luman M. Grout, Maj. 8th Vt. Regt. Ira F. Grout John S. Harrington Andrew J. Hart Franklin Hastings Edward Holden Leman Holden Solon W. Hutchins, Feb. 23, ’64, died Jos. LaFleur, killed, May 5, ’64, Wilderness Melvin A. Leighton, deserted, Dec. 18, ’62 John W. Merriam, Sept. 24, ’63, died Curtis B. Moore, July 9, ’62, died Andrew J. Morse Benj. F. Morse Chas. W. Morse, Aug. 27, ’62, died Luther W. Morse, June 19,’63, died David R. Muliken Charles Noe Ingalls K. Ober Franklin A. Olmstead Horatio N....

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History of Elmore, Lamoille County, Vermont

ELMORE, located in the southeastern part of the county, in lat. 44° 29′, and long. 4° 29′, is bounded northeasterly by Wolcott, southeasterly by Woodbury, southwesterly by Worcester, and northwesterly by Morristown, thus lying seventeen miles north from Montpelier, and thirty-three east from Burlington. The township contains an area of 23,040 acres, granted by the State to Samuel Elmore, from whom it derived its name, and sixtyfour others, November 7, 1780, though the charter was not issued until August 21, 1781. The surface of the town is somewhat uneven and broken, especially in the western part, where the territory is cut by the “Hogback” range of mountains. On the lower slopes of these, and in the vicinity of Elmore pond, in the northern part of the town, are found some of the most highly cultivated farms in the Lamoille valley, if not in the whole State. The soil is of a good quality and well watered. The several streams of the northern part fall into the Lamoille river, while those of the southern part flow into the Winooski. Elmore pond, covering an area of 500 acres, is a beautiful little sheet of water lying in the northern part of the town. Several other small ponds are formed throughout the town. The timber is mostly of the hardwood varieties. The geological structure of the territory is composed of rocks of...

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Biographical Sketch of James Maxom

James Maxom, from Connecticut, came to Emore about the year 1800, and located upon the farm now owned by Samuel Scott. He died in the service of his country during the war of 1812, of disease. He married Sally Woods, they being the first couple married in the town. The only one of their three children now living in the town being Mrs. Samuel Scott, who was born on the old farm October 10....

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Biographical Sketch of Peleg Scofield

Peleg Scofield, born July 14, 1779, came to Elmore, from Hartford, Conn., about the year 1800, and located upon a farm on road 19, now the property of R. B. Goodell. Here he resided until 1844, when he removed to Morristown, where he subsequently died. He reared a family of fourteen children, of whom only one, John G., living on road 18, now resides in the...

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Biographical Sketch of Dow Grant

Dow Grant settled in Elmore as early as 1812, locating a little south of the center of the town, upon the farm now owned by Henry Vizant. Here he resided until his death, and reared a family of four sons and three...

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Biographical Sketch of George W. Bailey

George W. Bailey, from Berlin, Vt., came to Elmore February 6, 1821, and located upon the farm now occupied by P. C. Darling, on road 4. Here he resided for a few years, then removed to the farm now owned by his son-in-law, A. M. Kelley, on road 15. Mr. Bailey held most of the town offices, was a representative two terms, was twice elected to the State senate, and was sheriff two years. He was married to Rebecca Warren, December 21, 1820, the union being blessed with a family of ten children, three of whom are now living, one in this town. His life was brought to a close August 19, 1868. His widow still survives him, aged eighty...

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Biographical Sketch of David Cook

David Cook, from Barre, Vt., came to Elmore about the year 1822, and located on road 12, upon the farm now occupied by Leonard Grimes, where he cut the first timber on that property. Mr. Cook married Betsey Conant, reared a family of ten children, served his townsmen in various offices, and died in 1878. His widow is now a resident of Barre, Vt., aged eighty-one years. His son, Charles, is the present 1st selectman of the...

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Biographical Sketch of Abel Camp

Abel Camp was born in Orange, Vt., April 15, 1801, and came to Elmore when twenty-one years of age, and located upon the farm he still occupies, Mr. Camp has held most of the town offices, was a representative in 1858, ’59, and ’60, and at the extra session held in April, 1861, was postmaster seventeen years, justice of the peace fifteen years, and town clerk twenty-six years. He has been twice married, his first wife having died July 22, 1854, leaving eight sons and one daughter. His second wife, Narciss Lovell, yet cheers his declining...

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Biographical Sketch of Seth Town

Seth Town came to Elmore, from Barre, Vt., in 1823, and located near road 10, upon the farm now owned by Luther Ward. He resided here until about 1840, when he removed to the farm owned by C. S. Parker, on road 16. He served his townsmen in several official capacities, and died March 23, 1860. His wife, Susan Sherman, died January 14, 1870. Their only child, Eliza, is the wife of C. S....

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Biographical Sketch of Samuel Bryant

Samuel Bryant, from Woodstock, Vt., came to Emore in 1824, and settled upon the farm owned by Benjamin Davis, on road 19. Here he resided for a few years, then removed to Morristown, where he cleared up the farm now the property of Alfred Dodge. In 1845, he returned to Elmore, remained here five years, then removed to Franklin county, N. Y., where he died, in April, 1882, aged about ninety-two years. His wife died five days later, aged over ninety-three years. Of their family of six children, three are now living, one, Joseph W., in this town. He was born, March 10, 1816, married Laura M. C. Camp, daughter of Dr. Joel Camp, and has three children, two sons and one daughter. Joseph W. has held most of the town offices, and in connection with his farming enterprises, has practiced law for forty...

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Biographical Sketch of Benjamin F. Morse

Benjamin F. Morse was born in Barre, Vt., in 1828, and came to Elmore from Plainfield, Vt., in 1852, and located upon the farm he now occupies, on road 28. His house, erected in 1853, was the second frame house built in the eastern part of the town. Mr. Morse has been married three times, and is one of the prominent men of the...

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