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Location: Crosby County TX

Biography of Carroll L. Swarts

Carroll L. Swarts. During his dignified and successful career as a lawyer in Kansas, covering a period of over thirty years, Judge Swarts gained distinction by his long and capable service on the district bench and had made his profession a medium of important service to several communities in the state. His name is of German origin, but the family had been identified with America since colonial times. His ancestors were prominent people in Maryland. Judge Swarts’ grandfather, Abraham D. Swarts, was born near Abingdon, Maryland, in 1782. He married Ann Bond Carroll, of the prominent Maryland family of that name. Abraham D. Swarts took part in the early migration to the West, and long before the time of railroads or canals he crossed the Alleghanies, floated down the Ohio River, and after one year in Jefferson County, Illinois, moved to Knox County, all of that part of the state being a wilderness, and acquired a tract of land from which he subsequently laid off the town site of Abingdon, named in honor of his birthplace in Maryland. He did much to build up that town and give it its fine character as a place of homes, churches and good schools. Both he and his wife died at Abingdon, and none of their children are still living. Benjamin C. Swarts, father of Judge Swarts, was born in Jefferson County,...

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