Location: Crawford County IN

Biography of Richard A. Rouse

RICHARD A. ROUSE. Many of the farmers of Baxter County, Arkansas, have led such quiet, unobtrusive lives as to be seldom heard of outside of their own township. They are doing fine work in their own community, but do not care to come more prominently before the public, and devote all their time and energies to the cultivation of their farms and the development of the resources of their community. Such men deserve more credit than they ordinarily receive, and we are glad here to present one of them in the person of Richard A. Rouse, who is one of the prominent and worthy citizens of Baxter County, and has a fine farm in Buck Horn Township. He is a native of Crawford County, Indiana, where he was born January 20, 1842, a son of Granville and Ray Jane (White) Rouse, who were Kentuckians by birth, the former a native of Boone County. The father was a son of Moses Rouse and he a son of Michael Rouse. Being of a rather roving disposition he successively moved from Kentucky to Crawford County, Indiana, then to Van Buren County, Iowa, where he remained one year, then went back to Crawford County, Indiana, where his wife died. Soon after the death of his wife, in order to have his three children cared for, he returned to his father in Bullitt County,...

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Biography of Henry F. Samuels

There is coming to the front of Idaho a class of lawyers of the younger generation who are making their mark in no uncertain way and will be worthy successors to some of the older members of the bar when their time for retirement shall come. One of the best and most prominent of these is Prosecuting Attorney Samuels, of Shoshone County, some account of whose busy and successful career to the present time it is purposed to introduce here. Henry F. Samuels was born in Mississippi, April 4, 1869, a son of Captain Floyd and Isabella (Jenkins) Samuels. His father was captain, 1 861-5, of Company E, Twelfth Kentucky Cavalry, United States Army, and had a brother in another Kentucky regiment in the Confederate service. He now lives in Indiana, and his wife died there in 1873. Mr. Samuels spent the days of his childhood and youth in Indiana. He acquired his primary education in the public schools, and after leaving the public schools; he boarded at home and walked five miles every morning and night to attend the high school at Leavenworth, being unable financially to pay his board. At the age of seventeen he went to Ulysses, Nebraska, where he completed his high school course in 1889. In the summer of that year he began the study of law in the office of Waldo Brothers, at...

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Wilson, Joseph – Obituary

Joseph Wilson Killed He Falls From His Train and Over a Trestle 70 Feet to his Death The Press of Fairfield, Illinois, of the 22nd inst. has the following to say of the death of Joseph Wilson, who at one time conducted a drug store in Union. “Joseph Wilson, conductor on the Air Line, fell from his train near Taxewell, Ind., Thursday of last week while the train was on a trestle 70 feet high. He struck the trestle and fell to the ground. When discovered by the trainmen he was under the framework, his body was split open from head to foot. He was taken to Huntingburg where his wife and two children reside.” Eastern Oregon Republican, Thursday September 29,...

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Biographical Sketch of Jesse Beals

Jesse Beals, farmer, Sec. 20; P. O. Mattoon; owns 250 acres; was born in Crawford Co., Ind., April 26, 1826; lived with his father until 1836, and then lived with his mother until he married, Dec. 12, 1844, to Mary Ann Horton, who was born in Bedford Co., Penn., Dec. 4, 1818; they have had five children, four of whom are now living, viz., Amand M., Emma H., Nevada and Frank W.; deceased-Cary. Mr. Beals was School Director five years, Township Supervisor of this township one term, in 1866, and was elected Justice of the Peace, in 1877, which office he now holds. Mr. Beals is a minister of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and has had charge of the Good Hope Church, in this township, for a number of years; he has had several discussions on questions of theology, and has had one debate with the Rev. Rolly Martin, of Danville, Vermilion Co., Ill., one with Rev. Clark Braden, President of Carbondale University, and several other ministers of considerable note; Mr. Beals’ parents are natives of...

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Biography of John Ellsworth Wiley

John Ellsworth Wiley, a prominent lawyer of Mound City, had been a resident of Kansas for half a century and during his active life had made himself useful both in the field of education and in that of the law and had attained no small degree of success and honor in his chosen vocation. Mr. Wiley was born on a farm in Knox County, Missouri, November 20, 1861, son of Elijah Perry and Amy Jane (Shahan) Wiley. The Wiley family had the spirit of pioneers and have lived successively on various frontiers of advancing civilization. Elijah P. Wiley was born in Hancock County, Indiana, in 1836, when all that country was raw and new. His parents were Wilford W. and Mary (Carter) Wiley, both natives of Kentucky. In 1844 the Wiley family moved to Knox County, Missouri, and took a home in what was then a rough and primitive community. The grandparents both died there. Elijah Wiley was reared on a farm, had only a common school education and made farming his chief business in life. It was in 1867 that he came to Kansas and joined the very early settlers in Crawford County, where he bought land and where he continued farming, meeting with a fair degree of success, until his death July 19, 1904. He was an old line republican and for many years served as justice...

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Biography of Joseph H. Landrus

A leading citizen of Wallowa County and numbered with the most progressive agriculturists of his vicinity, the subject of this sketch is eminently fitted to be granted representation in the annals of his county, since he has been faithful in its development and has also displayed commendable zeal in the advancement of its interests, while also in the days gone by when base strife was tearing the nation asunder he responded quickly to the call of freedom’s banner and fought with courage and valor on the fields of blood until the last enemy was put down. Joseph H. was born in Crawford County, Indiana, on February 25, 1839, being the son of Samuel and March A. (Smith) Landrus. His early life was spent on a farm and in gaining a common-school education in the various sections where he resided. From his native place he was taken by his parents to Kentucky, thence to Coles County, Illinois. At the age of eighteen he was married to Miss Nancy A. Philson and two children were born to crown the union, being Francis M., deceased and Priscilla A., wife of John Farr, in Adair county, Missouri. On January 1, 1862, Mr. Landrus enlisted in Company H. Sixty-first Illinois Infantry, and then commenced a career of military action that is seldom exceeded. He participated in the battle of Shiloh, was at the siege...

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