Location: Colborne Canada

1851 Colborne Canada Directory

A Village situated in the Township of Cramahe, County of Northumberland, C. W. distant from Cobourg, 16 miles usual stage fare, 5s. usual steamboat fare to Toronto, Kingston or Rochester, 10s Population about 700. In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Alphabetical List Of Professions, Trades, &E. Beattie, William, general store. Bennett, B., barrister and attorney at law. Boucher, R. M., barrister and attorney at law. Campbell, D., flour mills. Casey, S. N., plaster and saw mills. Cole, S. S., wharfinger. Colton & Hayes, general store. Filley, William, fire assurance agent. Goslee & Teasdale, general store. Grover, J. M., & Co., general store. Grover, J. M., saw mills. Hall, Warren, lumber merchant. Hurlbert, Rev. J., Wesleyan. KEELER, JOSEPH A., postmaster, wharfinger and flour mills. Lennan, J., surveyor of customs. Merriman, J. M., saw mill. Powers, Dr. J. P. Pugh, Dr. Frederick. Robertson, D., general store. Scott, J. P., fire assurance agent. Smith, Rev. M., Church of Scotland. Wilson, Rev. J., Church of England. Also, 2 innkeepers, 1 foundry, 1 mill stone factory, 1 wollen factory, 1 pottery, 1 tinsmith, 1 tannery, 1 cabinetmaker, 6 carpenters, 3 waggonmakers, 4 smiths, 7 shoemakers, 2 saddlers, 4 tailors 2 chair makers, 1 hatter, 2 turning...

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Biography of Hugh Beverly Roney

HUGH BEVERLY RONEY, M. D., a progressive and successful physician of Pittsfield, whose preparations for his profession were made in leading educational institutions and whose success well appraises his ability, is interested in local and general progress, and in his profession he has attained an enviable position. He is a son of Gifford and Victoria (Lott) Roney, the father now deceased, the mother a resident of Pittsfield. Hugh Beverly Roney was born at Colborne, Canada, January 20, 1886. He received his early education in the public schools of his birthplace and spent two years in the high schools of Newburgh, Canada, after which he entered upon a preparatory course in the Centenary Seminary at Hackettstown, Canada. His choice of a profession made, he entered Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia where he graduated in the class of 1909 with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. He gained his institutional experience in the Cumberland Street Hospital, of Brooklyn, New York, where he was house physician for eighteen months, Dr. Roney coming to Pittsfield directly from that institution, and in November of 1910, he established himself in the general practice of his profession. In this line Dr. Roney has achieved a noteworthy position in professional circles in Western Massachusetts and in his present prominence he bears a definite influence for general as well as local progress. During the World War he served...

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