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Location: Chehawah

1832 Creek Census – Chehawah Town

By a treaty of March 24, 1832, the Creek Indians ceded to the United States all of their land east of the Mississippi River. Heads of families were entitled to tracts of land, which, if possible, were to include their improvements. In 1833 Benjamin S. Parsons and Thomas J. Abbott prepared a census of Creek Indian heads of families, which gave their names and the number of males, females, and slaves in each family. The entries were arranged by town and numbered; these numbers were used for identification in later records. This is the census for the town of Chehawah. TownNumberHeadMalesFemalesSlavesTotalRemarks Chehawah1John O pon nee311923 Chehawah2No cose Yo ho lo2406 Chehawah3Har pi uk Har jo2103 Chehawah4Ne har Thlock o3104 Chehawah5Kar pic char3205 Chehawah6Le tif Har jo2103 Chehawah7Ing koo tar1102 Chehawah8Oke e Tus tun nuck ee (alias Washington)3306 Chehawah9Ko cho ko nar Har jo47718 Chehawah10Kot char Har coo che2305 Chehawah11Kese Hatch Yo ho lo2406 Chehawah12Thlar hi ke3205 Chehawah13How o li chay2204 Chehawah14Nin ne o marthlar Tus tun nuck ee3205 Chehawah15Che haw Har jo2204 Chehawah16Eu po yi thle4408 Chehawah17Yar kar mitch e2406 Chehawah18Tus ko nar Har jo1102 Chehawah19Is ko you32611 Chehawah20Ful lo Har jo2204 Chehawah21Fut cher2204 Chehawah22Cho kar te Fix i co1203 Chehawah23Te wok ar le2204 Chehawah24E sar par1102 Chehawah25Tim ful kar2103 Chehawah26Tal o pe Thlock o3104 Chehawah27Sap par har kar3104 Chehawah28Lo tay2204 Chehawah28Yo ho lo Har jo17311principal chief Chehawah29Kotch ar...

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