Location: Chautauqua County NY

Vesta E. Todd Millier of Chautauqua NY

MILLER, Vesta E. Todd7, (Caleb6, Caleb5, Gideon4, Gideon3, Michael2, Christopher1) born March 6, 1844, in Chautauqua, N. Y., married, May 4, (???), Napoleon B. Miller, who was born Dec. 12, 1835. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Child: I. Bertha P., b. Sept. 26, 1868, m. Henry Pryor. Issue: (1) L. Alberta Miller, b. April 22, 1903, in Flushing,...

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Frederick P. Todd of Jamestown NY

Frederick P. Todd7, (Thomas Jefferson6, Caleb5, Gideon4, Gideon3, Michael2, Christopher1) born June 24, 1837, in Thompson, Geauge County, Ohio, married, May 30, 1865, Mary A., daughter of George B. Ford, who was born Oct. 13, 1844. In early life he went to Nebraska with his parents in the year 1857, where he remained until 1860, when he went to De Wittville, N. Y., where he attended school during the winter of 1860-61, then he attended the spring and fall terms at the Westfield (N. Y.) Academy in the year of 1861. In the winter of 1861-62, he taught school on Chautauqua Hill. In the spring of 1862 he returned to Plattsmouth, Neb., where he studied law with Hon. T. M. Marquette the following summer. The next winter he taught school in Mills County, Iowa, and the summer of 1863, he was employed in the office of the County Treasurer of Cass County, Iowa. Thence in the fall he went to Jamestown, N. Y., and obtained work in A. M. Harrington’s Dry Goods store where he remained until 1866, when in June he returned to Plattsmouth, Neb., and during the following winter he taught school in the Stocking District in Cass County, Neb. From 1867 to 1874 he lived in Plattsmouth and Nebraska City, Neb., engaged in Merchantile and Sewing Machine business. In the fall of 1874, he returned to...

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Levi Goodsil Todd of Union NE

Levi Goodsil Todd7, (Bela6, Caleb5, Gideon4, Gideon3, Michael2, Christopher1) born March 22, 1830, in Stockton, N. Y., died Feb. 24, 1906, in Union, Neb., married Feb. 22, 1855, in Burlington, Iowa, Lydia Jones, who died Aug. 17, 1908. Mr. Todd too, went to Nebraska at the same time that his brothers did. He lived the rest of his life on or near the place where he first settled. He was once a candidate for Governor of Nebraska on the Greenback ticket. Children: *1703. Albina Philinda, b. Feb. 27, 1856. 1704. Elizabeth Matilda, b. March 28, 1858, d. Feb. 21, 1886, m. Archer D., son of Lafayette B. and Harriet (Ercanbrack) Eigenbroadt, who was a grandson of Lovina A. Todd. See No. 973. *1705. Lewis Caleb, b. May 20, 1860. 1706. Albert, b. Feb. 23, 1862, d. March 6, 1864. *1707. Harry G., b. Feb. 9, 1864. 1708. Jessie B., b. March 6, 1868, unmarried; lives in Union, Neb. 1709. John P., b. Jan. 18, 1870; he is married and lives in Okotoks, Canada; they have no children. *1710. Levi Goodsil, b. May 10,...

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Lewis C. Todd of Garrettsville OH

Lewis C. Todd7, (Lewis C.6, Caleb5, Gideon4, Gideon3, Michael2, Christopher1) born July 30, 1824, in Ellery, Chautauqua County, N. Y., d. Mar. 18, 1890, in Garrettsville, O., where he married first, Feb. 11, 1845, Mary P. Cook, who was born Nov. 1, 1828, died Oct. 24, 1861. He married second, Electa Jane Young, who lived in Geauge County, Ohio, she was born Nov. 27, 1834, died March 18, 1890, in Garrettsville, Ohio. Children by Mary P. Cook: *1720. Clarence Lewis, b. Feb. 23, 1849. *1721. Mary Ellen, b. Sept. 3, 1855. Children by Electa Jane Young: 1722. Melvin Brain, b. Sept. 11, 1866, m. Jeanette Gary. No children. He is a physician and lives in Ashtabula, Ohio. *1723. Jennie Lind, b. Nov. 20,...

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Marquis De Lafayette Todd of Santa Paula CA

Marquis De Lafayette Todd7, (Bela6, Caleb5, Gideon4, Gideon3, Michael2, Christopher1) born Feb. 13, 1837, in Stockton, N. Y., died June 30, 1908, in Santa Paula, Cal., married first, in 1866, Mary Jane Beckwith, who died in 1869. He married second, in 1871, Dora Emma Ricker, who was born Jan., 1852, in Boston, Mass. She is living now (1912) in Santa Paula, Cal. When he was seventeen years of age, he went to Nebraska, where he spent five years in trying to cultivate an unbroken prairie, at the end of which time, he returned to his father’s home. In 1859, he started off again, this time his objective being California. He made the journey with an ox team, and settled in Sutter County, California. In 1869, he moved to Ventura County, California, again moving by team, and to the time of his death, he lived on the place which he purchased at that time near Santa Paula. He was a staunch republican believing in the fundamental principles of the party. All his life he was an earnest, loyal and patriotic citizen, the highest type of all that is good and great in man. At different times he held public offices and was for one term a member of the State Legislature. He was a member of the Odd Fellows and Masonic Orders. Child by Mary J. Beckwith: 1711. Mary Alice,...

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Catherine Todd Chapman of Ellery NY

CHAPMAN, Catherine Todd7, (Lewis C.6, Caleb5, Gideon4, Gideon3, Michael2, Christopher1) born May 16, 1831, in Ellery, N. Y., married, Aug. 9, 1853, John Chapman, at Chardon, Geauge County, Ohio. Children: I. Frank, b. Aug. 7, 1854, m. Dec. 24, 1874, Ollie Gates. Issue: (1) John, b. Jan. 22, 1877; (2) Gail, b. Feb. 14, 1879; (3) May, b. 1881; (4) Carl, b. March 30, 1883; (5) Byron, b. June 25, 1885. II. Cora, b. Jan. 19, 1861, d. April 23,...

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Edwin R. Todd of Plattsmouth NE

Edwin R. Todd7, (Thomas Jefferson6, Caleb5, Gideon4, Gideon3, Michael2, Christopher1) born Oct. 10, 1833, in Jamestown, N. Y., died Feb. 16, 1910, in Plattsmouth, Neb., married, Sept. 8, 1861, Mary E. Thomas, who was born Nov. 1, 1844, in Grant County, Ind., died Dec. 5, 1912, in Plattsmouth, Neb. She was a sister of ex-Senator Samuel L. Thomas, who is now (1910) living in Long Beach, Cal. Mr. Todd was a very well known and highly esteemed citizen of the community in which he lived. He had lived in Plattsmouth, Neb., since 1857, when he first arrived in that region and took up a block of land in the west part of the town and there he passed his remaining years and where he was living at the time of his death. He was a most estimable man and had a great number of friends throughout that section. His early days were spent under the home roof where the most Christian surroundings existed and where was inculcated into him, that Christian spirit which so characterized him in after life. The house in which he was born still stands in Jamestown, N. Y. His father was a minister of the Christian or Campbellite faith and the young son adopted this faith as his own at an early age. After spending his boyhood with his parents in New York, he went...

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Lovina A. Todd Eigenbroadt of Stockton NY

EIGENBROADT, Lovina A. Todd7, (Bela6, Caleb5, Gideon4, Gideon3, Michael2, Christopher1) born April 15, 1818, in Stockton, N. Y., died March 1, 1895, married June 3, 1838, Daniel Eigenbreadt. Children: I. Lafayette B., b. Aug. 21, 1838, m. in 1860, Harriet Ercanbrack. Issue: (1) Archer D., b. Jan. 10, 1861, m. April, 1885, his cousin, Elizabeth M., daughter of Levi Goodsil, and Lydia (Jones) Todd, who was b. March 28, 1858, d. Feb. 21, 1886, he m. second, in 1892, Bird Irish. Issue: (1) Heila, b. Jan. 6, 1895; (2) Meda, b. April 4, 1898. For the ancestry of Elizabeth M. Todd, see number 1704. II. Deloss J., b. June 22, 1841, m. in 1870, Henrietta August Stockwell, who d. May 25, 1886, he m. second, Jan. 1, 1900, Clora Youlding. They adopted Belle Eigenbroadt, who was a grand-daughter of Elbridge Gerry Todd, who was b. in 1875, m. Sept. 10, 1903, Edwin Douglass Lines. Issue: (1) Augusta Jessie Lines, b. Nov. 1, 1904; (2) Stephen Van Rensalear Lines, b. July 4, 1907. III. Lovina, b. Jan. 17, 1846, d. Sept. 10, 1899, unmarried. IV. Philinda, b. in 1846, d. March 1, 1911, m. Jan. 17, 1867, William Clapp. Issue: (1) Lafayette, b. Nov. 16, 1872, m. Aug. 27, 1902, Ethel Wilder. Issue: Daughter, b. June 6, 1906; (2) Lida Belle, b. Nov. 16, 1872; she was a twin with...

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Cornelia E. Todd Meacham of Stockton NY

MEACHAM, Cornelia E. Todd7, (Bela6, Caleb5, Gideon4, Gideon3, Michael2, Christopher1) born April 25, 1816, in Stockton, N. Y., married Daniel Meacham. Children: I. Herbert; he went south where he was the last time he was heard from. II. Lucy, d. young. III. Jay, d. young. IV. Fay, d....

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Caleb L. Todd of Cassadaga NY

Caleb L. Todd7, (Bela6, Caleb5, Gideon4, Gideon3, Michael2, Christopher1) born May 7, 1823, in Stockton, N. Y., died May 8, 1903, in Cassadaga, N. Y., married first, May 21, 1846, Vesta C. Putnam, who was born July 19, 1827, died Feb. 16, 1881. He married second, Oct. 20, 1881, Caroline Peck. He owned a farm in operating which he was quite successful through honest toil and economy. He was a great admirer of good horses and knew well how to train and drive them. He was a light complexioned man, with a light or “sandy” beard and blue eyes. He was thoroughly honest and conscientious in all his dealings with his fellowmen. Straight of build and active. Children by Vesta C. Putnam: *1696. Lydia E., b. March 4, 1847. *1697. Homer F., b. Sept. 5, 1849. *1698. Florence A., b. May 22, 1854. 1699. Lucina E., b. July 21, 1858, m. Sept. 11, 1878, Fred M. Vail, who was b. July 29, 1857. *1700. Carrie M., b. Nov. 27,...

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Electa R. Todd Alvord of California

ALVORD, Electa R. Todd7, (Bela6, Caleb5, Gideon4, Gideon3, Michael2, Christopher1) born Oct. 25, 1826, in Stockton, N. Y., died May 23, 1883, in California. She married Alvin Wesley Alvord, who was born Oct. 20, 1822, died Sept. 19, 1888. Children: I. Julius B., b. Nov. 10, 1849; he lives in Cedarville, Cal. II. Augusta Albina, b. Aug. 30, 1851, d. April 20, 1901. III. Jessie May, b. May 10,...

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Ora B. Todd of Panama NY

Ora B. Todd7, (Bela6, Caleb5, Gideon4, Gideon3, Michael2, Christopher1) born Dec. 20, 1808, in Salisbury, N. Y., died Feb. 9, 1889, in San Jacinto, Cal., married Oct. 1832, Lorinda, daughter of Luke and Lucia Wolcott, who was born Oct. 27, 1810, died Oct. 19, 1885, in Santa Paula, Calif. They removed from Panama, Chautauqua County, N. Y., to Santa Paula, Calif., in March 1884, whence they seem to have moved to Santa Jacinto, where he died. Mr. Todd was a good reader of music, which he taught some in the old fashioned way; a fine violinist and a most excellent player on that very unmusical instrument called fife. He was an enthusiastic member of the military band in Stockton, N. Y., which was a great help during the civil war and political campaigns. He enlisted for service in the civil war, but was refused because of age and physical inability to serve. Children: *1685. Chestil Ora, b. July 12, 1833. 1686. Sallie Marietta, b. July 5, 1834, in Stockton, N. Y., d. Jan. 11, 1905, in Standish, Lassen County, Cal., m. about 1851, Otis W. Johnson, of Stockton, N. Y., who d. Sept., 1904, in Standish, Cal.; he owned a cattle ranch; was a fine player of the violin and clarinet and composed music. She too, was musically inclined. No children. *1687. Florilla Lorinda, b. July 17, 1836. 1688....

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Elbridge Gerry Todd of Stockton NY

Elbridge Gerry Todd7, (Bela6, Caleb5, Gideon4, Gideon3, Michael2, Christopher1) born July 20, 1815, in Chautauqua, N. Y., died May 9, 1890, in Stockton, N. Y., married June 17, 1832, Sarah, daughter of Abel and Mary (Bourlsbey) Irwin, who was from Nunda, N. Y. He was a traveling salesman for the Risley Brothers, who were large growers of seeds. In 1863 he returned home from the south, where he had lost his health. He was a competent judge of timber land and water powers. Children: *1692. Helen Mae, b. June 14, 1840. 1693. Mary Electa, b. Sept. 17, 1847, in Mt. Morris, N. Y.; she is a professional nurse and lives in Jamestown, N. Y., unmarried. 1694. Son, b. July 9, 1850, d. Aug. 10, 1852. *1695. Sarah Ophelia, b. Oct. 7,...

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Ralph Mitchell Todd Fredonia NY

Ralph Mitchell Todd7, (Charles Abbott6, Chandler5, Jesse4, Benjamin3, Michael2, Christopher1) born Oct. 31, 1874, married, April 26, 1911, May Smith. The birthday of Mr. Todd, his son and nephew happens to be the same day viz: Oct. 31, Mr. Todd and his sister still own the farm which their parents and grand parents owned before them. He lived in Fredonia, N. Y., where he was killed in Feb., 1920, when an electric car collided with his automobile, his wife and child were badly hurt but recovered. Child: 1663. Charles Holmes, b. Oct. 31,...

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Alice Laura Todd Clark of Fredonia NY

CLARK, Alice Laura Todd7, (Charles Abbott6, Chandler5, Jesse4, Benjamin3, Michael2, Christopher1) born Feb. 9, 1867, married Sept. 25, 1889, Harry S. Clark. They live in Fredonia, N. Y. Children: I. Sidney Erastus, b. Oct. 31, 1890, grad. Mass. Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass., in 1915. II. Isabel Louise, b. Dec. 4, 1894; she is attending Normal School in Fredonia, N. Y., preparing to be a...

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