Location: Canton Georgia

Biography of Chester Lee Hill, M.D.

The medical fraternity of Haskell finds a prominent representative in Dr. Chester Lee Hill, who is an exponent of all that is highest, best and most advanced in the, practice of medicine and surgery, and of all that is most worthy and honorable in his relations toward his fellowmen. He was born in Canton, Cherokee county, Georgia, May 1, 1876, and is a son of Andrew H. and Maria (Phillips) Hill, the former a native of Virginia and the latter of South Carolina. The father was one of the early planters of Georgia, becoming the owner of fourteen hundred acres of land, and he also operated saw and flour mills, a cotton gin and a wool carder. He was a veteran of the Civil war, serving throughout the entire period of hostilities as a first lieutenant in the Confederate army. He participated in many heavy engagements, being present at the battles of Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge and being wounded in action. His business interests were wisely and successfully managed and he passed away in August, 1912, at the age of seventy-nine, while the mother’s demise had occurred in November, 1907, when she was seventy-four years of age. In the acquirement of an education Dr. Hill attended the grammar and high schools of Ball Ground, Georgia, and Emory College at Oxford, that state, after which he devoted two years...

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Biography of Hon. Byron Waters

Hon. Byron Waters.-Not a few of the persons who have so stamped their individuality upon their age and shaped the great events of their time that their names are inseparably interwoven in history, and whose lives and deeds stand out as milestones making the march of the world’s progress, are self-made men. These characters, by their inherent strength, indomitable will, resistless energy and persistent industry, surmount obstacles and overcome opposition that would dishearten and crush lesser spirits and rise to the summit of human attainment. In this struggling with adversity are developed a power of mind and fertility of resource which make them intellectual athletes in the arena of personal endeavor and enable them to outstrip their fellows reared amid more favorable surroundings. To this class belongs the subject of this memoir. He was born at Canton, Cherokee County, Georgia, in June, 1849; and in his veins is mingled the best blood of the empire States of the North and the South, his father having been a native of New York and his mother of Georgia. While yet in his teens young Waters experienced the horrors incident to the most gigantic civil war of modern times, and felt the devastating effects of Sherman’s victorious invading army on his memorable march to the sea. In 1867 Mr. Waters came to California and lived for a time with his uncle, the...

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