Location: Canaan Connecticut

Biography of Robert E. Lawrence

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Robert E. Lawrence was one of the pioneers and one of the important upbuilders of the City of Wichita. The land he pre-empted from the Government and used for farming and stock raising purposes many years is now included within the city limits, and much of it is built over with residences, business houses and institutions. By strenuous effort and much self denial in early days, he acquired a liberal prosperity, but dispensed it liberally and left his impress on much of the city’s progress. He was of New England birth and ancestry, and was born at Canaan, Connecticut, December 17, 1847. He died at Wichita January 28, 1911, after a long and useful career. He grew up on a farm, graduated from a boarding school in Southwestern Massachusetts, and at the age of twenty-two, in 1869, started for the West. He left Massachusetts with only $2.50 in money. He possessed some of the Yankee ingenuity and commercial faculties which enabled him to get along in all conditions and among all sorts of people and carn a respectable livelihood. He paid his way as far as Neponset, Illinois, by selling stencils. During the winter spent at Neponset he taught school, and saved enough of his earnings to buy a pair of horses. These horses he drove...

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Biography of Robert W. Adam

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now ROBERT W. ADAM – No name in Western Massachusetts represents more faithful service to the people or more honorable activities in a position of large trust than does that of the late Robert W. Adam, of Pittsfield, who served as treasurer of the Berkshire County Savings Bank for a period of forty-six years. This man of brilliant mentality and devoted spirit was one of the most accessible men of his time, always meeting rich or poor alike with the cordiality of the true brother of mankind, while at the same time his courtly manner and distinguished presence marked him as a prince among men. Born in that rugged section of Connecticut, which might well be called the lower Berkshires and highly educated in the institutions of his native New England, Mr. Adam became a distinguished lawyer, then after some sixteen years of practice in that profession, entered the world of finance. Thus in two outstanding realms of vital importance to the world, he distinguished himself as a man of ability and strength and his name reflects honor upon the city of which he was so many years a resident. Robert W. Adam was born in North Canaan, Connecticut, September 28, 1825, and died at his home in Pittsfield, June 11, 1911. His elementary studies were covered...

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