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Location: Calico California

Biography of William Lloyd Garrison Soule

William Lloyd Garrison Soule, Auditor of San Bernardino County, and founder of the mining town of Calico, is a lineal descendant from Puritan stock, and was born in the State of Maine, in July, 1836. He was reared from early childhood in Massachusetts, and started to learn the printer’s trade in Boston at the age of fourteen. He came with his parents to Kansas in 1854, and set the first stickful of type ever set within the boundary of that State, on the Herald of Freedom, established at that time in Lawrence. Being like his illustrious namesake, an uncompromising enemy of slavery, and an active participant with John Brown and other champions in the five years’ struggle which made Kansas a free State, besides being born and bred an Abolitionist, the son of a man who had worked shoulder to shoulder with Garrison, Greeley and Gerrit Smith in the anti-slavery cause, he had, as a journeyman printer, traveled quite extensively in the South and had personally witnessed the blighting effects of human slavery. In 1859 Mr. Soule took a quartz mill to Colorado, which he set up and run for two years. Returning to Kansas in 1861 he served as city marshal at Lawrence until that city was destroyed by Quantrell and the rebel guerrillas, in 1863. Soon after that event he entered the army and served throughout the...

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