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Location: Bouquet Pennsylvania

Biography of Clarence E. Beck

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Clarence E. Beck. When he was sixteen years old Clarence E. Beck left the high school at Arkansas City and by practical work began to discover the extent of his capabilities and his possibilities in the business field. For a couple of years he worked in retail grocery stores. In July, 1894, he went with the Ranney-Davis Mercantile Company. He was put to work as a fruit sorter. Six months later he was advanced to the packing room. Another six months and he was assigned to a place at the bill desk, and after a year was promoted to the shipping desk. In these different positions he not only showed a proper diligence and faithfulness of performance, but also indicated his capacity for increased responsibilities. The company soon took him out of the general office and sent him on the road and put him on the sales force. He sold goods for Ranney-Davis for a number of years, and was then brought back to the office as cashier of the company. His particular ability was in handling credits, and he was eventually given charge of the credit department, and along with that position he had since acquired the executive offices of secretary and treasurer. He is now secretary and treasurer and credit man for the Ranney-Davis...

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