Location: Benton Missouri

Biographical Sketch of John Watson

John Watson was born in Lancashire, England, September 22, 1828. He was reared and educated in England and learned the engineer’s trade. In 1865 he came to America and settled at Nebraska City, Nebraska, remained three years, then moved to Peru, same State, where for two years he- was engaged in the saw-mill business. From there he went to Hamburg; Iowa, and entered the agricultural, implement, and flouring business, and was there burned out. In 1876 he located in Pattonsburg, and began anew the milling business, now being the owner of a flouring-mill and also a saw-mill, and is doing a large business. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Mr. Watson was married May 8, 1849, to Miss Ann Webster, of Lancashire, England. Six children have been born to them; viz., Rebecca, John, William, George, James, and Ann. Mr. Watson is recognized by all as one of the best business men in his vicinity and one who has done much for the development of his town...

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Biography of John W. Casebolt

John W. Casebolt was born in Fayette county, Ohio, December 29, 1819; a son of John and Prena Casebolt, nee Harrison. His father was a native of Greenbrier county, Virginia; and his mother of Kentucky; she was a first cousin to General Harrison. His parents came to Ohio at a very early day and were pioneers in Ross and Fayette counties. His father died when the subject of our sketch was but an infant, and his mother died 1868. At the age of four-teen years, John W. Casebolt left his native State and went to Fountain county, Indiana, and there learned the trade of blacksmith, and remained until 1842. In the spring of that year he came to Missouri and located in Daviess county, and in February, 1843, went to Harrison county, near Bethany, and remained there about twenty-eight years. While there he was an honored member of the County Court by election and appointment, for nearly seven years; he also filled all the township offices, and during the Civil War was lieutenant of the Enrolled Militia, and afterwards received the appointment of major for the Harrison County Battalion. In 1873 he moved to Daviess county and permanently located at Pattonsburg. Since coming here he has filled many important offices, being appointed the first mayor and filling all the township offices, he is now justice of the peace. He...

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Biographical Sketch of John Gagan

John Gagan is a native of County Kings, Ireland, born June 24, 1819. His parents, John and Catherine Gagan, emigrated to America and landed in Baltimore county, Maryland, in the year 1835. John lived there till fifteen years of age then went to Pennsylvania and worked as a stone-cutter and contractor till 1846. On November 1st of that year, he was united in marriage to Miss Sarah D. Williams, a native of Greenup county, Kentucky, born February 17, 1826. She was a daughter of Lewis and Roxie Williams. Her father. was born in Kentucky, and her mother in Virginia; the former died in 1834 and the latter in 1868. After their marriage they lived in Kentucky for three. years then moved to Daviess county and located upon the farm they now occupy. Six children have been born to them; namely, Mary, Ellen, Cornelius F., John, Adelaide, Benjamin F. and Rosa A. Mr. Gagan, by his industry and thrift, has succeeded well and is now the owner of three hundred acres of fine land all improved and well stocked. His home farm of two hundred acres is a very valuable one; upon it are located the famous Crystal Springs. There are quite a number of these springs and they are said to possess many curative properties, and during the summer season they are visited by many invalids. He has enlarged...

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Biography of Jasper N. Bailey

Jasper N. Bailey was born in Carter county, Kentucky, June 8, 1838; a son of Jesse and Margaret Bailey, nee Webb. His father, by profession, was a teacher, and died in the year 1848; and his mother died December 16, 1876. When he was two years of age his parents left Kentucky and came to Lawrence county, Ohio. After being there six years they came to Daviess county, Missouri. When about seventeen years of age he left home to see the world for him-self and went to New Mexico and remained one year, then returned to Missouri and remained till 1857 when he took his mother to California. They started to drive through with ox-teams, but after getting into Kansas his mother was taken sick and the trip abandoned. He next staked a claim in Brown county, Kansas, and remained two years, then, 1859, spent one year in Colorado, after which he returned to Missouri, and October 10, 1863, enlisted as a member of Company G, First Missouri State Cavalry Militia and served till the close of the war. On February 12th, 1863, he was married to Miss Martha Miller, a native of Breckinridge county, Kentucky, and born July 3, 1847. Her parents, Michael and Martha Miller came to Missouri and located in DeKalb county; her father died in 1869, and her mother in 1879. They have had seven...

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Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Jane Lockwood

Jane Wilson was born in Cabell county, Virginia, October 29, 1807. Her father, Robert Wilson, was a native of Virginia and a grandson of Robert Dinwiddie, one of the provincial governors of that State, and was reared and educated by the governor and became quite a prominent man; he died in Lee county, Iowa, in 1842. Her mother’s maiden name was Mary Russell, and she was a native of North Carolina and a descendant of a very noted family; she died in Vermillion county, Illinois, in 1862. This subject of our sketch was married November 17, 1825, to David Lockwood, of Lawrence county, Kentucky, who was born Jane 3, 1799. His parents were originally from Pennsylvania, but moved to Kentucky; his mother died in. 1832 and his father in 1852. This couple lived in Kentucky till 1828, then in Warren county, Indiana, till 1844, when they located in. Daviess county. Thirteen children were born to them, six of whom are living; namely, Mary Ann, Sarah A.,_ Robert, Jacob, Maria J., and E. F. William died on his way to California in 1850; Elizabeth died January 22, 1862; Henry was killed at the battle of Pea Ridge; the other four died in infancy. The record of the sad death of Mr. Lockwood, during the Civil War, will be found in full in the chapter of incidents of Benton township in...

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Biographical Sketch of James McMillion

James McMillion is a native of Greenbrier county, West Virginia, born May 7, 1835. His parents, George L. and Elizabeth Hanna McMMillion, were born in Virginia, but came to Missouri in 1845, and located near where the subject of this sketch now lives,; the father died in 1848, and mother in 1878. From the time James was ten years of age, except for four years spent in the army, he has made Benton township his home: Till twenty-three years of age he remained with his mother and his only sister (now Mrs. Daniel Morris) and cared for them. On April 1st, 1858, he married: Miss Nancy E. Ellis, who was born in Daviess county, October 22, 1842. They became the parents of three children; named as follows: George R., born November 26, 1859; Mary E., born October 17, 1866; Lou Emma J.,. born December 6, 1868.. Mrs. McMillion died March 22, 1869. January 19, 1870, Mr. McMillion married Miss Margaret E. Meadows, who was born in Monroe county, Virginia, August 5, 1846; she was a daughter of Philip and Sallie Meadows. Her mother died January 7, 1876, and her father is still living. Five children have been the result of this union; named, Lewis A., born April 29, 1871; Sarah F., born September 9, 1873; Nancy N., born January 10, 1876; Lilly M., born June 17, 1878; and James...

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Biographical Sketch of Henry Ward

Henry Ward was born in McLean county, Illinois, October 15, 1834. His parents, Stew-art and Annie Ward, came from Pennsylvania to Illinois in 1832, and during those early days had many narrow escapes from the Indians. His father came to Missouri, to look at the country, in 1841, and was taken sick and died, July 9, of that year. His mother died March 31, 1844. Young Ward was reared and educated in Illinois and lived there till 1865, then came to Missouri and located in Daviess county. He was married February 18, 1857, to Miss Eleanor J. Wilkins, a native of McLean county, Illinois, born February 7, 1837. She was a daughter of James and Agnes Wilkins, who came to Missouri in 1840, and settled in Daviess county and were among its first settlers. Her father was drowned in Sampson Creek, May 28, 1848, and her mother died August 29, 1877. After coming to Missouri Mr. Ward, followed farming till April, 1881, then entered the mercantile business in Pattonsburg. He has filled many positions of trust in the township, such as revenue collector and treasurer of township, and as justice of the peace, from 1872 to 1881, and is also notary public. He is a thorough going business man and by hard study has well qualified himself to fill with credit the many positions he has filled. He has...

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Biographical Sketch of H. B. Best

H. B. Best was born in Howard county, Missouri, July 7, 1818; son of Humphrey and Catherine Best, nee Enyart. His father was a native of Maryland, and his mother of North Carolina. In 1816 his parents located in Howard county, Missouri, and afterwards lived in Carroll, Clay and Daviess counties. His father died in Grundy county, January 1, 1849. The subject of our sketch was reared on a farm and received most of his education in Clay county. At the age of eighteen he began working for himself, and March 26, 1845, permanently located in Benton township, and has since been a resident of this county, and an extensive land-owner and dealer in stock. He was married, September 16, 1838, to Miss Rebecca McCummon, who was born in Kentucky, February 11, 1820. Twelve children have been born to them, eight of whom are still living; viz., Humphrey, in Colorado; Silas, in De-Kalb county; David, Lewis and Alexander, all in Colorado in the stock business; Charity, wife of A. F. Enyart, of Colorado; Ethlen, wife of J. B. Owen, of DeKalb county; W. C. Breckinridge, at home; Hannah died when twenty years of age; the other three died when young. Mr. Best is one of the old pioneers of this county and when he started here the place was but a wilderness and he was poor, but now he...

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Biographical Sketch of George M. Utz

George M. Utz is a native of Boone county, Kentucky, born December 25, 1827; son of -Jonathan and Catherine Utz, nee Yager. They were natives of Virginia, but early settlers in Kentucky; his mother died in 1835, and his father, October 15, 18 6. George M. Utz was reared on a farm and received but a few days schooling at the subscription schools of his native place, and having to go barefooted a distance of four or five miles through the woods and across streams. When about eighteen years of age he enlisted as volunteer for five years, or during the Mexican War. December 20, 1849, he married Miss Mary A. Stamper, a native of Kentucky, and born April 7 1827. After marriage he moved to Greenup county, Kentucky, and lived four years. He then visited Kansas and other places in the West, looking for a home, finally decided on Daviess county, and on October 4, 1854, he with his family and and one team; left Kentucky, and after traveling all the way by land, on the 29th of the same month took possession of the land that is now their beautiful and well cultivated farm. Here he now owns over 400 acres, well improved and stocked. They have seven children; viz., J. J., born November 24, 1850; George, born September 11, 1853; Alfred E., born May 24, 1856;...

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Biography of G. F. Woodward

G. F. Woodward is a native of Lee county, Virginia, born February 10, 1834. His parents, Henry and Elizabeth Woodward, were natives of Virginia. Many of his ancestors on his mother’s side were soldiers during the Revolutionary War.; one, a grand-uncle, William Ely was bayoneted through the body, but survived and lived to be over 110 years of age. His father died in 1873 and his mother in 1877. G. F. Woodward was educated at the high school in Hancock county, Tennessee, and at Jonesville, Virginia, and receiving a liberal education, qualified himself for teaching. He came to Missouri in 1856 and located in Harrison county, and March 29, 1857, was married to Miss Margaret Richard, a native of Tennessee, but who at the time of her marriage was one of the most successful and leading teachers in northwest Missouri. She began teaching when only fourteen years of age, and continued to teach constantly for fourteen years. Her mother died in Tennessee when Margaret was but a child. She then came to Missouri with her father, who died in Ray county, in 1854. By this marriage three daughters were born; namely, Martha E., born January 19, 1858; M. J., born August 6, 1861; and Lilly M., born October 11, 1864. Mrs. Woodward died March 1, 1875. She was a consistent Christian and model wife and mother, and died leaving...

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Biographical Sketch of Dr. F. E. Venable

F. E. Venable is a native of Prince Edward county, Virginia, born May 12, 1829; son of Samuel and Elizabeth Venable, nee Wright, both; natives of Virginia. When our subject was three years of age his parents moved to Missouri and located in Chariton county, where they lived for three years, and from there went to Livingston county, which was their home for six years, when they removed to Gallatin, this county. At an early age in life his father studied medicine but never practiced till he located in Livingston county; prior to that time he labored as a minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church. The father died in Callaway county, May 11, 1857, and the mother died in Daviess county, May 1, 1870. On September 2d, 1851, Dr. Venable married Miss Elizabeth J. Willson, of Ray county, born September 27; 1829. She was a daughter of Hon. James H. Willson, of Louisiana; her mother’s ancestors were from Kentucky. Eight children were the fruits of this union; namely, Henry, born August 7, 1852; Horace, born March 5 1854; Nancy Helen, born February 5,1856; Sallie May, born July 29, 1857; Sophronia Amy, born July 18,1860; Charles E., born April 5, 1862 Lizzie W., born September 15, 1866; and Hugh W., born May 9, 1870. Mrs. Venable died March 18, 1872. Dr. Venable married Mrs. Sarah A. Frisby, his present wife,...

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Biographical Sketch of E. Ellis, Jr.

E. Ellis, Jr. was born in McLean county, Illinois, November 5, 1853. His father, Elijah Ellis, was a native of Virginia, and his mother, Gracie Canada Ellis, a native of Illinois. His parents came to Missouri in 1859 and located in Daviess county, where they still live. The subject of our sketch received only a common school education, and at twenty. years of age went to Texas where he remained about eight months and then came back to Missouri and farmed one year. In the fall of 1873 he began the drug business in Coffeysburg, remaining one year, then removed to Havana for a short time and returned. to Coffeysburg where he remained till August, 1875, then permanently located in Pattonsburg. Here he has succeeded well and built up a fine business. He has been the architect of his own fortune, for with but a limited education and no finances he has within a few years conquered and. become well read in medicine and surgery and has gained considerable property, owning a residence and business house, and doing an extensive and lucrative business. He still continues his studies and is continually adding to-to his fine library. He was married, February 14, 1876, to Miss Sarah Belle Coffey, born in. Indiana, November 5, 1855. Her parents moved to Missouri and still live’ in this county. He is a leading member...

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Biographical Sketch of E. B. Christie

E. B. Christie was born in Shelby county, Kentucky, March 10, 1851; son of J. B. and Letha Christie, nee Bohannon, both natives of Kentucky. His parents came to Missouri in 1853 and lived in Daviess county till 1862, then removed to Harrison county, where they still reside. Young Christie was a diligent student and at the age of eighteen qualified himself for teaching which calling he followed very successfully in Daviess and Harrison counties. He was the first teacher in Pattonsburg of which he is now mayor. On August 20th, 1876, he married Miss Marv E. Best, a native of Noda way county, born February 25, 1858. Her father was killed in 1862 in Nodaway county by persons claiming to be Union soldiers, and her mother died in 1860. Two children have been the fruits of this union; namely, Ernest E., born December 20, 1878; and Eva May, born June 15, 1881. Mr. Christie has served his township as assessor and is an active, public spirited man and takes a lead in educational matters. After his marriage he engaged in the mercantile business and erected the first stone building in Elm Flat, continuing in this business till February 1; 1881. He is now engaged in erecting a large bnsiness house in the town of Pattonsburg. Another member of the family is a brother-in-law, Silas R; Best, who was...

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Biographical Sketch of E. A. Yost

E. A. Yost was born in Bethany, Franklin county, Illinois, on June 23d, 1852. His parents, W. J. and Maria L. Yost, nee Goodner. His father was of German descent, and died in January, 1879. His mother of Scotch descent, and died in September, 1866. At the age of twelve years young Yost commenced to earn his own living, first being employed as notice boy for a railroad company at Cairo, Illinois, and little by little has worked himself up to his present responsible position, as agent of the Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Railroad at Pattonsburg. He was married, June 10, 1872, to Miss Lucy A. Hostetter, a native of Chester county, Illinois, and born June 14, 1853. They have three bright little children; viz., Adah, William H. and Leona Cordelia. Few men have made such rapid strides to popularity and position as Mr. Yost, and from his gentlemanly manners and the esteem in which he is held, we judge he is deserving of it...

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Biographical Sketch of David M. Smith

David M. Smith was born in Van Buren county, Iowa, October 10, 1840; son of John J. and Sarah Smith. His father is a native of Virginia, and his mother of Tennessee. His parents were married in Tennessee and moved to Kentucky, then to Illinois, and in the spring of 1840, to Jefferson county, Iowa. His mother died March 17, 1871; his father is still a resident of Wapello county, Iowa. Our subject was reared and educated in Jefferson county, Iowa, and there, May 2, 1861, married Miss Elizabeth Howard, a native of Pennsylvania, born April 15, 1841. Her parents came from Pennsylvania in 1869 and settled in Lee county, Iowa. Her mother is dead; her father is still a resident of Iowa. Mr. Smith engaged in farming in Iowa until 1876, and then removed to Daviess county. Nine children have blessed their union, six of whom are living; viz., William L., born December 24,1861; David, born December 26, 1863; John G., born July 18, 1865; Isaac W., born August 7, 1867; Henry, born June 7, 1869; Samuel, born November 24, 1871; Asa M., born April 15, 1874; Margaret E., born December 11, 1876; James T., born September 11, 1880; David, Samuel and James are -dead. Mr. Smith, since coming to Missouri, has secured a home of 100 acres of land improved and stocked. He is an earnest advocate...

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