Location: Belmont County OH

Burkhart, Mary Scott – Obituary

Mary Scott Burkhart was born near St. Clairsville, Ohio, August 16, 1834, and died, at her home near Lebanon, on Sunday, April 4, 1897, aged 62 years, 7 months and 18 days. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now At an early age she removed with her parents to Iowa, where she lived until her marriage with R. S. Burkhart, which occurred in 1864. Soon after this she came with her husband to Oregon, and located near Spicer, in this county, where she resided for 12 years, and then removed to the place now occupied by the family, at the foot of Peterson’s Butte, where she has resided continuously for more than 23 years, having been a citizen of this community for 35 years. As a friend and neighbor, she was universally respected and beloved. “She was a true, noble, good woman,” was the verdict of her neighbors. She was of a quiet, gentle disposition; rather reserved in manner, but generous, sympathetic and hospitable. She was fond...

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Roll Of Capt. John McElroy’s Company

(Probably from Belmont County) Served from October 20, 1812, until January 11, 1813. Capt. John McElroy Lieut. Anthony Weizer Ensign David Rook Sergt. Alexander Smiley Sergt. Thomas Gourley Privates Ault, Peter Baker, Charles Burkirk, Isaac Cucklen, Samuel Dean, Aaron Dean, Benjamin Dean, Daniel Duff, David Duff, John Graham, William Grubb, Jacob Hardesty, Robert Hardesty, Samuel Hughs, James Logan, John Markes, Samuel McClelland, David Nillane, James Renneson, John Renneson, William Robertson, Robert Shipman, Stephen Smith, Anthony Taggert, James Tharp, John Vanwy, Charles Wilson, George Word, Morcer Work,...

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Roll Of Capt. Benjamin Mapel’s Company

(Probably from Belmont County) Served from February 7 until March 7, 1815. Capt. Benjamin Mapel Lieut. Jacob Winnings Ensign Augustine Andrew Sergt. James Swindler Sergt. James Bashford Corp. James Jobes Corp. John Sprangler Drummer, John Marshall Privates Abrams, Anthony Alexander, James Augustine, George Bassett, Ebenezer Bennet, Thomas Boyles, Nurman Brenner, Jacob W Burk, Moses Cole, Ezekial Collear, Joseph Fowler, John Franks, Michael Grove, William Lewis, Thomas B. Lutcblenwatter, Jacob Lyle, William Miller, Samuel Pinewell, Elias Rukeson, Jacob Russell, David Russell, Joshua Spedle, William Swinehart, Daniel Taylor, Abner Welday, Abraham Welsh, John West, Adam Yeckne,...

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Roll Of Capt. Solomon Bentley’s Company

(Probably from Belmont County) Served from August 22 until October 22, 1812. Capt. Solomon Bentley Lieut. Joseph Kirkwood Ensign George Love Sergt. Joseph Grimes Sergt. James Nixon Sergt. Hugh Brown Sergt. James Kyle Corp. David Dille Corp. William McCoy Corp. Dennis Forrest Corp. John Vroyd Musican Evan Rodgers Privates Adeidler, Caleb Armstrong, Travis Carrington, Nicholas Cluney, Alexander Dallis, John Day, Israel Devore, John Dillon, Samuel Ditzler, John Erskine, Thomas Gilliland, Morgan Gilliland, Thomas Goeshorn, Leonard Grimes, John Harriman, David Herd, William Irvin, George Kyzer, Thomas Lashley, Hezekiah Long, Adam Marques, William McMahan, Dennis Park, James Powel, Joseph Rankin, Joseph Rider, Obed Robinson, John Rowel, William Shepherd, Arnold Shepherd, Isaiah Simeson, James Starr, James Tarrier, John Watson, Robert Wright, Coleman...

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Roll Of Capt. Absalom Martin’s Company

(From Guernsey or Belmont County) Served from August 26, until November 12, 1812. Capt. Absalom Martin Lieut. Wyatt Hutchison Ensign, James Shuman Sergt. John Broton Sergt. George Scadan Sergt. Thomas Mullen Sergt. William Israel Corp. Christopher Donouer Corp. James Edwards Corp. Edward Davis Corp. Henry Wolford Drummer, Thomas DeBatnon Fifer, Edward Milner Privates Atkinson, Michael Beard, Moses Beard, Thomas Bell, Joseph Berry, Thomas Bowers, Joseph Brown, David Burys, David Carnes, William Carroll, Henry Cogle, Joseph Davis, Henry Delong, Darel Everett, James Fink, William Hanna, William Hart, Jacob Heage, Aaron Hill, Henry Lambert, Lewis Launtz, George Maple, William McGiffin, John McGiffin, William McWilliams, Phillip Mealman, John Merrit, Thomas Miller, James Moore, William Pack, Samuel Reed, John Reed, William Reeves, Joshua Rowers, Jonah Salor, John Shipley, George Shove, Philip Stites, Jonothan Tetrick, Jacob Tetrick, Michael Tetrick, Richard Wanich, James Wanich, Robert Warne, Jonothan Wilkins, Thomas Wilson, David Wirack, Peter Wirick, Andrew Woodbick,...

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Roll Of Capt. Robert Irwin’s Company

(Probably from Belmont County) Served from June 1, until August 12, 1813. Capt. Robert Irwin Lieut. Thomas Pribble Ensign, Thomas McNight Sergt. David Kirkland Sergt. Absalom Dilly Sergt. Francis Smith Sergt. William Reneson Corp. Solomon James Corp. Samuel Coonts Corp. John Richardson Corp. William Crothers Drummer. Jacob Castle Privates Barker, Amos Bates, Jesse Billman, Henry Boggs, James Boyles, Thomas Bruver, John Bryan, Richard Campbell, James Coss, Daniel Devall, John Ferguson, George Fleshaman, Jesse Forest, John Goomon, William Hall, John Hammond, David Heness, John Higgins, William Hillhouse, John Jenkins, John Johnston, William Jones, Thomas Keller, John King, Cornelius King, Samuel Lattimore, William Lornmy, William McCoy, Rallston McMullen, Samuel Miller, James Neally, John Proudfoot, Alexander Richards, Daniel Richards, George Richards, James Stout,...

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Roll Of Capt. John Howell’s Company

(From Belmont County) Served from September 3, 1813, until January 3 and March 16, 1814. Capt. John Howell Lieut. Jacob Moore Ensign Mathew Howell James Brown Sergt. Gilbert McCoy Sertg. James Westlake Sergt. Robert Millawy Sergt. Robert Hathaway Sergt. Isaiah Shepherd Corp. Richard McElhiney Corp. John Arick Corp. John Shepard Corp. Moses DeLong Drummer, Phines Shephard Fifer, Joseph Reed Privates Alban Geo. Ault, Jacob, Sr. Ault, Johann Aurs, Reuben Belville, James Bonor James Brown, James Carpenter, David Carpenter, John Carpenter, Joseph Cobman, Samuel Crow, John Devall, John Dinford, William Dunfleld, Joseph Ferier, John Grimes, Arthir Hartley, David Henthorn, Adam Hubbs, Isaac Joy, John King, Robert Kitz, Henry Kitz, Joseph Lashley, Caleb Latimore, Thomas Limley, George McElhiny, Richard McGaughey, William Miers, George Miller, Francis Miller, Frederick Moore, Samuel Moose, John Noble, Alexander Petman. Elias Pound, Joseph Price, Nathan Reed, John Roker, Jacob Ross, Enoch Ross, Robinson Ruble, Isaac Rutter, Jonothan Rutter, Peter Shepherd, John Shipman, Mathias Silvers, John Smith, John Sprags, John Sutton, William Vaneter, Mordicai Walters, David Ward, Moses Wiley, Joseph Workman, Abraham Yoke,...

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Roll Of Captain William Stephenson’s Company

(Probably Belmont County) Served from September 3, 1813, until March 20, 1814. Capt. William Stephenson Lieut. Daniel Berry Ensign John Bell Sergt. James Quigley Sergt. Hugh Brady Sergt. John Hardesty Sergt. Robert Yost Corp. William McCormack Corp. James Logan Corp. Thomas Holmes Corp. William McCraghill Musician, James H. Ball Musician, James Tuttle Privates Barton, William Boneharn, Aaron Boy, John Bramhall, William Brem, Benjamin Bright, Nicholas Brooke, Benjamin Bundy, Joseph Burk, Thomas Burney, John B Caruthers, Christopher Clifford, William Coss, George Decker, Simon Dun, George Elliott, Samuel Engle, Michael Farnon, Alpheus Findley, William Forrest, Gabriel Gilham, Thomas Grimes, John Harriman, David Henry, Francis Henry, Joseph Heske, Samuel Homdel, Richard Irwin, George Irwin, John Kinkead, Joseph Lloyd, James Lyons, John Maring, Peter Maring, Phineas McConnell, James McFadden, Charles McPherson, Daniel McPherson, John Mitchell, John Mitchell, Peter Murdock, Joseph Murphy, William Naufossen, Georgt Nichols, Eli Parcels, Richard Park, William Parrish, Joseph Payques, John Perry, William Pitman, William Ployd, Aaron Price, Phineas Pyatt, Thomas Rammage, William Reed, Jeremiah Robinson, Samuel Rush, James Smith, Williams Snelling, Aquilla Snidiker, Nicholas Stewart, Edie Stewart, John Stewart, Samuel Stilwell, Obediah Stypman, Stephen Swark, John Taylor, James Truex, Abraham Wagoner, John Warren, Daniel Yerlan, John Zarbit,...

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Roll Of Capt. Robert Morrison’s Company

(Probably from Belmont County) Served from July 29, until September 8, 1813. Capt. Robert Morrison Lieut. Thomas Wason Ensign David Young Sergt. Robert Findlay Sergt. Robert Young Sergt. Abraham Thomas Sergt. Alexander Baldridge Corp. James Winter Corp. John McClure Corp. William Smith Corp. Alexander Liget Drummer, William Hamilton Fifer, David Smith Privates Alexander, Benjamin Alexander, Gabriel Alexander, James Bailey, James Bair, George Bilbee, John Bisship, Peter Bovel, John Brown, John Burnett, Lewis Caskey, James Clark, John Coppel, Daniel Craig, Robert Cross, Richard Cross, William Crust, Henry Edginton, George Eginton, Joseph Eyler, Joseph Findley, Samuel Findley, William Foster, John Gleze, Nathan Gordon, James Kruzen, Thomas Liget, William Mailatt, George McColgan, William McColpen, Robert McNeal, James McNeal, John McNeal, Joseph Mehafey, Andrew Mehafey, John Mintire, George Morris, John Nelson, James Odell, Thomas Parker Silvenes Patton, Nathaniel Patton, William Ramsey, William Reed, Nathaniel Rodgers, William Sargent, James Smith, John Smittel, David Thompson, Robert Washburn, Wilkes, John Williamson, James Wilson, Robert Wright, Joseph Wright, Stephen Wright, William Young, James Young,...

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Roll Of Capt Daniel Conner’s Company

(Probably from Belmont County) Served from January 13, until March 17, 1814. Capt. Daniel Conner Lieut. Thomas Dunn Ensign, Alfred Weeden 3ergt. Thomas Henry Sergt. Absalom Waddell Sergt. James EdwarcLs Sergt. Henry Van Fossen Sergt. Ell Nichols Corp. William Clifford Corp. William West Corp. David Milar Corp. Samuel Perkins Fifer, Isaac Midkiff Drummer, Peter Hanson Privates Bonehan, Aaron Boyd, John Bundy, Joseph Clark, James Conklin, David Decker, Simion DeWitt, John Ferrier, John Findley, William Gassway, Robert Grove, Barnet Harper, Francis Harrington, Charles Hart, John Heaney, John Holmes, Samuel Honnel, Richard Howel, Daniel Hupp, Phillip Joyques, John Lanham, EUsha Lloyd, James Lonner, Thomas McFadden, Charles Medley, Joseph Murpheyo William Murphy, Westley Perkins, John Pitman, Elias Pitrnan, William Pyatte, Thomas Read, Jeremiah Scott, James Shipman Stephen Silvis, John Simmons, Thomas Smith, Nichols Stella, Henry Stellar, Mathias Stewart, John Truax, Abrikhain Vanfossen, George Waddle, James Wagoner, John Ware, Robert West Enos Yerian,...

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Biography of Hon. Matthew P. Deady

HON. MATTHEW P. DEADY. – The character of the man whose name heads this article is one to which justice cannot be done in a short sketch of the principal events of his life. However, it will serve to illustrate one pure, wise and energetic; one of those who, while he gained his education, toiled for his living; one of those whom no circumstances, poverty or hardship could deter or turn aside from his purposes and the pursuit of knowledge. Judge Deady was born in Easton, Talbot county, Maryland, on May 12, 1824. His parents were good and respectable people, his father being a teacher by profession. When the son was four years of age, the family moved to Wheeling, Virginia, where his father was employed as principal of the Lancasterian Academy for a number of years. In 1834 his mother died as they were journeying from Baltimore to Wheeling, having been visiting her father at the former city. In 1837, Matthew removed with his father to Ohio, and there spent four years on the farm, until in 1841 he went to Barnesville and wrought at the anvil while he attended the Barnesville Academy. So, while he hammered away at the forge, he also shaped in his mind the knowledge found in good books. After completing his apprenticeship, young Deady with laudable ambition determined to read law; and, realizing...

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Biography of Joseph Gaston

JOSEPH GASTON. – Joseph Gaston, the pioneer railroad man of Oregon, was born in Lloydsville, Belmont county, Ohio, in 1833. His ancestors on is father’s side were Huguenots, who were expelled from France by the Roman Catholic King in the sixteenth century, on account of their adhesion to the protestant reformation. They settled first in Ireland, and from thence in 1562 removed to North Carolina, from whence numerous branches of the family scattered out over the United States. William Gaston, the granduncle of Joseph, was chief justice of North Carolina, and for many years member of Congress from that state, and was spoken as one of the great orators of his day. He was also founder of the city of Gaston in the “old North State.” Mr. Gaston’s cousin, William Gaston of Boston, was elected governor of Massachusetts in 1874, being the first Democratic governor of that state in fifty years. His grandfather on is mother’s side was a distinguished soldier of the war of 1812, fighting with Perry in his victory on Lake Erie. His father dying, Joseph was left to the care of relatives, and at the age of fifteen set up in life for himself, working for wages on the farm and in the sawmill. By his own earnings and efforts he procured a common-school education and the means to study law, and was admitted to...

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Biography of Matthew P. Deady

Any work professing to describe the representative men of the Pacific Coast would be very incomplete which failed to present a sketch of the life and labors of the distinguished jurist whose name stands at the head of this article. Coming to Oregon in the flower of his early manhood, he has grown with the growth of his adopted State, and strengthened with her strength. His hand and mind are everywhere seen in her constitution, her laws and her polity. Her material advancement has been greatly promoted by his efforts, and his name will ever remain indelibly impressed upon her history. Judge Deady was born near Easton, in Talbot County, Maryland, on May 12, 1824.. His parents were substantial and respectable people, his father being a teacher by profession. In 1828, the family removed to Wheeling, Virginia, where the father was employed as principal of the Lancasterian Academy for some years. In 1834 the mother died on her way back to Wheeling from Baltimore, where the family had gone on a visit to her father. In 1837 young Deady removed to Ohio with his father, and spent some years on a farm. He left the farm in 1841, and went to Barnesville, where for four years he wrought at the anvil and attended the then somewhat famous Barnesville Academy, working as well at the forge of thought as that...

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