Location: Becket Massachusetts

Biography of George Henry Allyn

A resident of Holyoke, Hampden County, for more than half a century and prominently connected with his town’s great growth and development during that period, as one of its leading and most expert realtors, Mr. Allyn was a descendant of an old and historic Connecticut family of English extraction. The first member of the family to settle on Massachusetts, was his great-grandfather, David Allyn, born October 23, 1759, at Allyn’s Point, Connecticut, who came to Hampden County as a young man and settled on 1795 in Montgomery, which town, however, at that time was still part of Hampshire County. There he bought a large tract of timber lands near the reservoir, but after some years sold out and moved to the southern part of the town, where he continued to live to the time of his death, March 17, 1841. He married Desire Tyler, born at Preston, Connecticut, May 11, 1772, deed Montgomery, Massachusetts, May 8, 1845. They were the parents of thirteen children, mostly born in Montgomery. One of the older sons, born while his parents were still residents of Connecticut, was David Allyn, born July 29, 1791, who had come to Montgomery with his parents as a small child and grew up there. He engaged in farming and lived for some time in Blandford, Hampden County, but returned later to Montgomery, where he died January 4, 1860....

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Biography of Fred Perkins

Fred Perkins. To acquire a name that is a synonym of business integrity and honor and that is entitled to the respect of an entire community is of itself one of the highest goals to which the ambition of a man can aspire. It is not something that can be attained in a few short years. It is the result of long continued energy, fair dealing and strict probity. The people of Labette County know Fred Perkins not only as an old settler of that section but as a man who has carried a fine force and wholesomeness of character into all his relations with the community. For many years he has been and still is an active farmer in the county and in later years has built up an extensive business in farm loans and is president of the State Bank of Oswego. He is one of the comparatively few Kansas men who can trace their ancestry in an unbroken line to the time when the Massachusetts Bay colony was established. His original American ancestor was John Perkins, who was born at Newent, Gloucestershire, England, in 1590. He sailed from Bristol, England, on December 1, 1630, with his family, and landed at Nantucket, Massachusetts, in May, 1631. He died in 1654. His son, Jacob Perkins, was born in England in 1624 and was six years of age when...

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