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Location: Barre County MO

Biography of Hon. Stephen C. Herndon

HON. STEPHEN C. HERNDON. During the seventy-two years that have passed over the head of the gentleman whose name stands at the head of this sketch he has been an active observer of the trend of events, but has been not merely a “looker on in Venice” but a citizen who has, through his enterprise, his integrity and his public spirit, contributed his full share to the magnificent development of the section in which he resides. He comes of an honored ancestry, for the well-known old pioneer, George Herndon, was his father, from whom he inherited many of his most worthy characteristics. He was born in east Tennessee in 1822, but his father was a Virginian by birth, and his mother, Hannah (Cox) Herndon, is supposed to have been born in North Carolina. They were married in east Tennessee and from there removed to Lincoln County, Tennessee, and later to Hopkins County, Kentucky In 1850 they became residents of Ozark County, Missouri, where they passed from life some-time after the close of the war, having been members of the General Baptist Church for many years. The father was of English ancestry, was a farmer and cooper by occupation and was a soldier in one of the early wars in which this country was involved. He was one of ten brothers. The maternal grandfather, Henry Cox, died in Lincoln County,...

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