Location: Auburn Kansas

Biography of George Ross

Ross Family. Probably no one family contributed better and stronger men, and more devoted and unselfish womanhood, to Kansas from pioneer times to the present than that of Ross. The annals of Kansas give credit to more than one of that name who played a worthy and distinctive part in the early life of the territory and state. Many of the names are still found in Shawnee and Wabaunsee counties, and some of the finest farms around Dover are owned and occupied by the descendants of the first settlers. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now The first of the family to come to Kansas Territory were three brothers, William, Edmund and George, who arrived in the fall of 1855. All of them lived at first at Lawrence. They were men of superior intelligence and of a high degree of physical and moral courage. They at once took sides with the free soil element in the great drama of events preceding the Civil war. They were intimate...

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Biography of Elliott Carriger

Elliott Carriger. The year 1854 is the most significant in the entire history of Kansas as the settled abode of civilized white man. To say that a man came to Kansas in 1854 means that he was identified with all the conditions, events and developments which made a territory and then a state out of a region which in all preceding years of American history had lain barren and fruitless. It was not only on account of his early arrival in Kansas territory but also because of the widespread influence of his character and activities that the late Elliott Carriger should be remembered in history and given such tribute as the printed page can supply. This early pioneer of Shawnee County was a Tennesseean by birth, and was born in Carter County of that state in 1816. His father was John Carriger, and his grandfather was a native of Germany. His grandmother, whose maiden name was Elliott, was a native of Ireland. It was unusual for young men born a century ago, unless they were destined for some of the learned professions, to obtain a college education. Elliott Carriger was an exception. Though reazed on a farm, he was a college graduate and for some time taught in the institution where he was educated. He was a man of unusual natural talonts and his early training fitted him remarkably...

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Biography of James R. Moran

James R. Moran. No better purpose could be served by such a publication as this than that of recording the names and struggles of some of those early pioneers who came to Kansas in the bleak days of 1854 and by their self-sacriflcing labors helped make the State of Kansas and left families and deseendants to honor them in all subsequent generations. Such a character was James R. Moran, and this sketch is devoted to some of the leading facts of his life. He was a native of Tennessee, born there March 22, 1882. He grew up in his native state on a farm, and received a very meager education. In Tennessoe he married Mary Hatcher. With other members of the Hatcher family they removed to Illinois about 1846, locating in Saline County. After some years spent there James R. Moran, for the purpose of bettering his fortune and providing homes for his growing children, determined to go to the new State of Texas. In 1854 he and his family set out on the long road to the Southwest, having a covered wagon drawn by horses. That was the year when the Kansas-Nebraska bill was agitating the entire country and when the question as to whether Kansas should be a free or slave state was precipitated and caused concern not only to the people then living in Kansas but...

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Biography of John William Waldron, Rev.

Rev. John William Waldron is well known in a number of towns and cities of Kansas through his active ministerial labors in behalf of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and is now living at Galena, where he is pastor of the local church of his denomination. He had spent most of his life in Kansas, and by unusual talents as a preacher and unselfish devotion to his church had become a recognized leader in Methodism in this city. Both he and his people for many generations back are English. His grandfather, John Waldron, spent his life in England and was a registered pharmacist. His father is Mr. Thomas Waldron, who now lives at Scranton, Kansas. Thomas was born July 5, 1840, in Worcestershire, England, was reared and married there, and became foreman and superintendent in some of the mines of his native country. In October, 1880, he emigrated to the United States, first locating at Bloomington, Illinois, and in 1882 coming to Scranton, Kansas, where he was identified with the coal mining industry until he retired in 1896. As an American citizen he aligns himself with the republican party and he had always been active in the Methodist Church and is a local preacher. Thomas Waldron married Martha Sales, who was born in Staffordshire, England, April 19, 1844. The only child of his parents, Rev. John William Waldron was born...

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Biography of William L. Cunningham

William L. Cunningham. The relations of William L. Cunningham with Arkansas City cover a successful record as a lawyer, important service in the Legislature, and the activities of a self-made man of affairs, who can be depended upon by clients and the public in general for the exertion of solid ability and public thrift whenever those qualities are needed. Mr. Cunningham is a native of Kansas, born in the historic old Town of Auburn, December 24, 1876. The Cunningham ancestors were Scotch-Irish and were settlers in New York in colonial times. His father is E. L. Cunningham, now living retired at Auburn. Born in Ohio in February, 1832, he grew up and married in that state, became a farmer there, and was a pioneer in Shawnee County, Kansas, where he homesteaded 160 acres near Auburn in 1866. He put in a long succession of industrious years on his farm and in community affairs, and since 1897 had lived retired. In politics he followed the fortunes of the democratic party. E. L. Cunningham married Julia Kendall, who was born in Darke County, Ohio, in 1841. Their children were seven in number. Hettie is the wife of John Garrett, a contractor at Klamath Falls, Washington. Henry is a cattle buyer living at Auburn. Marshall is a farmer at Auburn. The fourth in age is William L. Cunningham. Guy is a farmer...

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