Location: Ashmore Illinois

Biographical Sketch of John B. Jones

John B. Jones, farmer, Sec. 3; P. O. Rardin; born in Franklin Co., N. Y., Sept. 1, 1829; he removed with his parents when quite young to Whitehall, Washington Co., where he attended school and engaged in farming until 15 years of age, when he learned and worked at the ship-carpenter’s trade for three years; then for two years followed sailing on the lakes, and his trade; after which time he located at Astoria, L. I., where he engaged at his trade until 1857, when he emigrated to Illinois, and located in Ashmore Tp., Coles Co., March 1, of the same year; here he purchased land and engaged in farming until 1870, when he located upon his present place, where he has since continued to live, and where he has eighty-nine acres, upon which he erected his residence in 1871; here he located in the timber and has, during the last eight years, cleared and placed under cultivation upward of fifty acres of land by his own hard labor. His marriage with Sarah Smith was celebrated Dee. 24, 1856; she was born in Queens Co., N. Y., May 13, 1839; they have three children now living by this union, viz., John Paul, born Nov. 8, 1857; Stephen B., born Feb. 8, 1865, and Isaac P., born May 11, 1868; the names of the deceased are George W. and William...

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Biography of John H. Johnson

John H. Johnson (deceased), farmer and minister; born in Washington Co., Penn., Dec. 12, 1812, where he attended school in his youth-the last few years at the college at Waynesburg, Penn.; after which he was licensed as a minister of the C. P. Church, officiating as circuit preacher until his removal to Ohio, where he was settled as local preacher for three years, until his removal to Coles Co., Ill., about the year 1854, where he first settled as Pastor of the C. P. Church in Ashmore Tp. for several years; then in Morgan Tp. until 1868; at the above date, he emigrated to Jasper Co., Mo., where he purchased ninety acres of land, upon which he labored while not engaged in his ministerial labors, until the fall of 1877, when he removed to Carthage, Mo., after renting his farm, that he might have better facilities for the education of his daughter; here he lived until his decease, which occurred Jan. 31,1878, after an illness of ten days; his remains were brought back to Coles Co., Ill., and buried in the beautiful cemetery near St. Omer, Ashmore Tp., by the side of his first wife, to whom he was married in Pennsylvania; her maiden name was Lucinda Hamson; she emigrated to Illinois with him, and died during his ministerial labors in Ashmore Tp; his marriage with Nancy (Rardin) Gollady...

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Biographical Sketch of Aris Galbreath

Aris Galbreath, farmer; P. O. Rardin; was born in Nicholas Co., Ky., Jan. 20, 1812. His parents removed to Scott Co., Ind., when he was 2 years of age, where he lived until 18 years of age, when he emigrated with his mother to Illinois and located in Edgar Co., in the Fall of 1830, where he engaged as farm laborer for two years at $8 per month; in 1832, he located in Ashmore Tp., Coles Co., Ill., working one year for $100, out of which he saved money to enter 40 acres of land, which he improved one year, when he sold out and purchased 240 acres, which he improved for ten years, which he then sold and entered 160 acres of prairie and purchased 40 acres of timber in Morgan Tp., upon which he lived until 1875, when he removed upon his present place, after renting his old homestead; he now owns 300 acres of land with three sets of buildings. When Mr. G. located here, wolves and Indians were plenty, and to obtain quail, prairie chickens or other game, was only necessary to shoot from your door or window. He married Dec. 8, 1835, to Jane Reed; she was born in Spencer Co., Ky., Oct. 9, 1817; they have three children, now living by this union-James T., born Oct. 9, 1836; William R., Nov. 4, 1838;...

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Biography of W. C. McLain

W. C. McLain, farmer; P. O. Charleston; one of the very oldest settlers of Coles Co., Ill., being born in Ashmore Tp., Coles Co., Jan. 12, 1829; his father, Matthew McLain, emigrated from Indiana in the year 1828, and located in the above township, at the above date, where he lived until 1846, when he removed to Wisconsin, and the year following both he and his wife died. The subject of this sketch emigrated to Wisconsin with his parents, and after their decease returned to Coles Co. and was employed as farm laborer until 1851, when he rented land and farmed one year, and on March 28, 1852, started with three other ox-teams overland to California, going via St. Joe, Mo., Fort Kearney and Fort Laramie, crossing the Rocky Mountains via the Sweetwater Gap, arriving at Placerville, Cal., Aug. 16, of the same year, being nearly five months upon the road; here be engaged in freighting for several months from Sacramento City to Placerville, a distance of forty-five miles, and late in the fall engaged in mining upon Weber Creek until the spring of 1853, when he went to the North Yuba River, and engaged in mining during the summer of 1853, when he and his company, among which were two of his brothers, opened a mine, sinking a shaft 140 feet, which they named Galena Hill, and which...

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Biographical Sketch of Lilburn Swinford

Lilburn Swinford, farm and stock; P. O. Charleston; was born in Harrison Co., Ky., Jan. 31, 1808; he married Miss Frances Hendricks in September, 1829; she was born in Pendleton Co., Ky., Dec. 19, 1809. They had eleven children, eight living, viz., William H., Martha A., Mary E., Julia A., Lucy, Louisa, Josephine and Benjamin F. He lived in Kentucky until 1839, when he moved to Indiana and settled near Greencastle, where he remained until 1847; he then moved to Illinois and settled near Ashmore, in Coles Co., and in 1865 he came to his present place; he owns 200 acres in this county, which he has earned by his own labor and management. His parents, James and Sarah Adams Swinford, were natives of South Carolina and Virginia; they were married in Kentucky; both have died, she in Kentucky, he in...

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Biographical Sketch of Rev. J. P. Campbell

Rev. J. P. Campbell, minister and editor of Oakland Herald, Oakland; born in Macoupin Co., Ill., June 9, 1842; when 2 years of age, he removed with his parents to Clinton Co., where, after living five years he removed to Kentucky, where he attended the common schools until 19 years old, when he entered the Beuleyville Academy, and, after attending several mouths, enlisted as private in the 3d Kentucky Cavalry, serving six months, when, on account of physical disability, he was discharged; after remaining at home three months, he re-enlisted for twelve months in the 52d Kentucky Mounted Infantry, serving eighteen months; he was mustered out, and enlisted in the 17th Kentucky Cavalry, and served during the war; he then finished his education at the academy and engaged in school-teaching and preaching until 1871, when he located in Coles Co., Ill., and after preaching in Ashmore, and other churches in the circuit until 1877, then located in Oakland, where he now lives; in the spring of 1878, he became editor of the Oakland Herald, which position he now holds; is the only pa- per in the town of Oakland. He married April 5, 1867, to Lucy E. Johnson she was born in Breckinridge Co., Ky., March 29, 1849; they have three children now living by this union – Thomas J., Jethro P. and William...

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Biography of L. C. Thornton

L. C. Thornton, farm implements, Postmaster, Oakland; one of the pioneers of Edgar Co., Ill.; born in Washington Co., Ind., Dec. 15, 1825; he removed with his parents in 1829, being then 4 years of age, and located in Edgar Co., Ill., where he attended school, and engaged in farming until Sept. 10, 1861, when he enlisted as private in Co. E, 66th I. V. I; this regiment was composed of picked men from the various Northwestern States, selected for their skill and accuracy in handling the rifle; the 66th was known in the army as the Western Sharp-shooters, and was generally thrown out in the advance upon any important engagement, and was often detailed in squads to pick off’ the rebel gunners; Mr. T. served as private for twenty-three months, when he was promoted to Second Lieutenant, then to First Lieutenant, then to Captain, which commission he held at the close of the war; he was with Sherman’s army in his march to Atlanta, as well as the siege and capture of the same; he then made the march through Georgia to the sea, spending the Christmas of 1864 at Savannah, Georgia; he then made the march north through South and North Carolina, during which they had many severe battles, until they reached Morrisville Station, N. C., when his regiment was selected is the advance guard of Gen....

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Biography of S. C. Swinford

S. C. Swinford, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 7; P. O. Oakland; born in Harrison Co., Ky., Oct. 4, 1825, where he attended school until 13 years of age, when he emigrated with his parents to Putnam Co., Ind., where he engaged upon his father’s farm until 1844, at which time he engaged for two years farming on shares, and early in the winter of 1847, employed a team to transport himself, family and such goods as he was possessed of to Illinois, where he arrived upon the 17th of February, 1847, having paid out his last dollar to defray expenses on the trip, his only capital then being an old blind horse and two colts; with this capital he commenced farming, renting of Robert Graham what land he could work with one team, in what is now known as Ashmore Tp.; in the spring, he walked back to Indiana, and obtained of his father the loan of a wild horse, which he worked to get in his crop, when he returned the same well broke, and for four years was obliged to splice teams to put in his crop; the second year, he rented a farm in what is now known as Oakland Tp., near where he now lives, and in this neighborhood rented land until 1855, since which time he has had all the land of his own...

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Biographical Sketch of Thomas Woods

Thomas Woods, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Westfield, Clark Co., was born in Coles Co., on the homestead, where he now resides, July 12, 1848; his father, William Woods, one of the pioneers of the county, was born in Madison Co., Ky., Nov. 28, 1808, and settled in Coles Co. in the year 1834, with the family of his mother, Mrs. Mary Woods; like most of the early settlers, he came here a poor man, to build him a home in the then wilderness; he purchased- at first forty acres of land; he was an energetic, hard-working man, who commanded the respect and confidence of his neighbors; to his farm of forty acres he added at various times, until he owned at one time 240 acres of land situated in Coles and Clark Cos., which amount he left at the time of his death; Thomas Woods, the only son, has always remained on the old homestead. He was married on the 17th of February, 1876, to Miss Mollie A. Arterburn, a daughter of William Arterburn, of Edgar Co., Ill.; she was born in Louisville, Ky., Feb. 11, 1846, and came to Illinois with her parents in infancy; they have one...

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Biographical Sketch of Nathaniel Wicker

Nathaniel Wicker, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Ashmore; was born in Pike Co., Ohio, Sept. 21, 1820; he is a son of James and Elizabeth Wicker, the former a native of North Carolina, and the latter of Kentucky; in 1838, the family came to Illinois, spending a part of the winter in Indiana, and arriving in Edgar Co., in February, 1839; they settled at the Walnut Grove, where his parents resided till their death; in 1848, Mr. Wicker, taking the younger members of his father’s family, removed to Coles Co., and settled in Ashmore Tp.; his first marriage occurred March 31, 1851, to Miss Hannah E. Law, a native of Madison Co., Ohio; she came to Edgar Co., at the age of 9 years; she died Feb. 9, 1878, leaving three children – Lydia V., now wife of James A. Wright, of Ashmore Township, George A., and Albert H.; he was married again, Dec. 24, 1878, to Miss Sarah H. Wright., a daughter of Robert and. Catharine Wright; she was born in Campbell Co., Kentucky, Sept. 28, 1840; Mr. Wicker settled on his present farm in 1851, where he owns 94 acres of...

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Biographical Sketch of Francis M. Waters

Francis M. Waters, Ashmore; dealer in dry goods and notions, boots and shoes, hats, caps and clothing; was born in Ross Co., Ohio, March 16, 1838, and is a son of Baker and Mary Waters; in 1847, his parents removed to Coles Co., and settled in Charleston, where his father carried on the wagon and carriage. Making business about ten years; he then removed to a farm in Ashmore Tp., where he lived till his death, in 1875; Mr. Waters’ mother died the year before; the family consisted of eight sons and one daughter, all residents of Coles Co.; when he was 12 years old, Mr. Waters entered his father’s shop to learn the wagon-maker’s trade. He was married Feb. 14, 1861, to Miss Edith Austin, a daughter of John and Susan Austin, of Ashmore; she died Jan. 4, 1862, leaving one child-Edith E.; in 1862, he entered the 123d Ill. Vols. as principal musician, and on the re-organization of his regiment as mounted infantry, he was made regimental bugler; he served with his regiment till the close of the war, participating in all of its engagements-numbering over one hundred and twenty; among them, Perryville, Ky.; Milton, Tenn.; Hoover’s Gap, Chattanooga; Chickamauga, Farmington, Peach-Tree Creek, Kenesaw Mountain, Resaca, siege of Atlanta, Selma, Ala., Columbus and Macon. Returning, he carried on the carriage-making business one year, and at the same...

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Biographical Sketch of Fountain Turner

Fountain Turner, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Ashmore; one of the pioneers of Coles Co.; was born in Madison Co., Ky., Feb. 3, 1795, being the son of Thomas and Anna Turner, and the second in age of a family of three children; his father was from South Carolina, and his mother from Virginia; he was but 3 years of age when his father died. He was married Dec. 7, 1818, to Miss Elizabeth Phelps, a daughter of Jarrot and Millie Phelps; she was born in Madison Co., Ky., Feb. 12, 1803; her parents were both natives of Virginia. Mr. Turner settled on a farm in Madison Co., and there resided until 1834, when he sold out, and with his wife and four children started in an emigrant-wagon for the wilds of Illinois, arriving in Coles Co. after a journey of fifteen days; he settled on the very spot where he now resides, and bought about 300 acres of land; he now owns a fine farm of 400 acres; they have had nine children, as follows: Samuel, who died July 13, 1865; Jarrot, who died Nov. 28, 1875; Thomas, who now resides on the home farm just in the edge of Hutton Tp; George A. C., who died Oct. 26, 1854; Mary E., wife of S. C. Ashmore, of Ashmore; Ann, wife of Riley Davis, of Hutton Tp.; Mildred...

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Biographical Sketch of James Zimmerman

James Zimmerman, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Ashmore; a son of Martin and Sarah Zimmerman; was born in Augusta Co., Dec. 8, 1827, and came to the State of Illinois with his parents in 1837, at the age of 10 years; his father, after spending one year in Edgar Co., removed to Coles Co., in 183S, and settled on a farm in the edge of Oakland Tp.; this farm is now owned and occupied by John B. Zimmerman, one of his sons. On the 12th of January, 1854, the subject of this sketch was married to Miss Mary A. McDavitt, a daughter of Nortley McDavitt, of Edgar Co., Ill.; she was born in Hampshire Co., Va., Jan. 13, 1830, and came to Edgar Co. with her parents in 1832; of seven children of this marriage five are living – William R., Roley O., Mary I., Ella E. and Cora N. Mr. Zimmerman began life for himself by working out by the month, and, in 1853, began improving his present home, which was then nothing but the raw prairie; he first entered 160 acres of land, from the Government; to this he has added at various times, until he now owns some 400 acres of as fine land as is to be found in Illinois, with good improvements and well-stocked, etc.; he has made a specialty of stock-raising, raising what...

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Biographical Sketch of Jacob Zimmerman

Jacob Zimmerman, of the firm of Zimmerman & Monroe, dealers in dry goods, notions, boots, shoes, etc., Ashmore; was born in Augusta County, Va., Sept. 19, 1836; in 1837, his father, Martin Zimmerman, removed with his family to Edgar Co., Ill., where he resided one year, and then settled in the edge of what is now Oakland Township, in 1838; in common with most of the pioneers, he began life in the West with an empty pocket, but with that unconquerable determination to succeed before which all obstacles recede and vanish away; he entered some land from the Government, to which he added until he owned a fine farm of 400 acres, and was regarded as one of the most reliable and substantial farmers in the vicinity; he died in 1852, leaving a family of eight children. Jacob Zimmerman remained on the home farm about two years after his father’s death, and then engaged in farming for himself; a few years later, he started in the mercantile business in Ashmore; he has been the agent of the American Express Co., for the past eighteen years; he served about two years on the Board of Supervisors, and a term or two as Assessor; he was a member of the Board of Trustees of the village of Ashmore seven terms, and several years, of the Board of School Directors. He was...

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Biographical Sketch of Jonathan Shaver

Jonathan Shaver, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Ashmore; the above – named gentleman was born in Ladoga, Montgomery Co., Ind., July 22, 1836; his father, Jonathan M. Shaver, a native of Virginia, was an early settler in Montgomery Co., having come there about the year 1830, his mother, Susan Shaver, being also a native of Virginia; Mr. Shaver was raised on a farm. He was married Sept. 30, 1856, to Miss Mary J. Stratton, of Greene Co., Ohio; she died Jan. 8, 1860, leaving two children Rosella and Emma J. Mr. Shaver was then poor; he worked at the time of the war for $12 per month during half of the year, and the balance of the year for his board; to illustrate the habits of economy which he practiced, after supporting his two children, he had something left. He was married again Aug. 1, 1865, to Miss Sarah A. Trickey, a daughter of George W. and Hannah Trickey; she was born in Boone Co., Ind., Sept. 5, 1842; they have five children – Laura V., John E., Herbert I., Gracie M. and Ralph. In 1867, he removed to Coles Co., and settled on his present farm; he has worked hard, and now owns 140 acres of land under a good state of cultivation, a barn costing nearly a thousand dollars, and no encumbrance on any of it. He...

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