Location: Ashford Connecticut

Hutchinson Family of Norwich Vermont

Hutchinson is an old and numerous family in Norwich, as well as in other parts of the country. They were among the early settlers of Massachusetts and were in Lynn and Salem in that colony as early as 1628, or 1629. A descendant of these early colonists, named Abijah, who was a tailor, removed from Salem to Windham early in the eighteenth century. His son Samuel, born about 1719, in company with his son, John, came to Norwich in 1765. They cleared an island in the Connecticut River, opposite the present residency of John W. Loveland, and planted it with corn. In the fall of that year they returned to Connecticut, and in company with a younger son, Samuel, returned in the spring of 1766, and made a permanent settlement. The elder Samuel spent the remainder of his life in the town, and died February 8, 1809. His wife was Jemina Dunham; she died January 12, 1798. Besides the two sons named above, he had three daughters: Sarah, married Francis Smalley; Tabitha, married Jonathan Delano; Jerusha, married Nathan Roberts. They all died young,’ soon after marriage. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE...

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First Settlements in Norwich Vermont

Having glanced thus briefly at the action of the Norwich proprietors in opening a way to reach their new township in the wilderness, and in dividing up a portion of its surface into lots suitable to become the homesteads of future settlers, let us pause a moment and see what had meantime been done in the work of actual settlement. I am indebted to Rev. Edmund F. Slafter of Boston for an interesting account of what was unquestionably the first attempt at settlement made within the limits of the town. I quote from the Slafter Memorial: “Samuel Slafter [of Mansfield, Connecticut], the father of John Slafter, being an original proprietor, and being at the first meeting chosen treasurer of the corporation, took a deep interest in the settlement of the town. At his suggestion, his son John made a journey through the forests of New Hampshire in 1762, to examine the territory and report upon the advantages it might offer as a place of settlement. He found it pleasantly situated on the western banks of the Connecticut, with a good soil, but for the most part of an uneven, hilly surface. He reported it well watered, not only by the Connecticut but by several small, clear streams, and by one more important one called the Ompompanoosuc, an Indian name signifying ‘the place of very white stones’ whose waters emptied...

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Hughes Cemetery, Ashford, Windham County, Connecticut

Farm is at the junction of the Westford Hill Willington Road and an old road leading to the Samuel Walker farm. Near the road is a small cemetery, not easily seen, with several graves in it. The only reference I have found with names states the following: Resting Place of Orin Hughes and Family The Barbour Collection of Ashford Vital Records gives the birth of Orrene Hughes d. Jonathan and Eunice on 14 Nov 1778. This was probably a mistake in the gender and instead of a daughter was a son, Orrin who married Mehitable and had the following children: Elial, b. Jul 1804; d. Aug 1804. Lyman, b. 16 Oct 1806. Jonathan, b. 22 Jan 1812. Sally, b. 10 Aug 1814. A Jonathan Hughes married Sylvania A. Squier, both of Ashford, 2 Jul...

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Whipple-Card Farm Cemetery, Ashford, Windham County, Connecticut

Allen Allen, Sarah, d. 21 May 1832, @1 yr 8 mo. [dau. of James and Lucy]. Palmer Palmer, Martha, d. 28 May 1837, @77 [husband of Benjamin]. Palmer, Chauncey, d. 30 Mar 1839, @47. Palmer, Friend B., d. 22 Sept. 1839, @2 yrs, 1 mo. [son of Chauncey and Hannah]. Whipple Whipple, Caroline, d. 2 Sep 1809, @2yrs, 2 mo. [dau. of Samuel and Hannah D.]. Whipple, Reuben Chaffee, d. 21 Jan 1828, @18 [son of Samuel and Mary]. Whipple, Mary, d. 12 Mar 1828, @49 [wife of Samuel]. Whipple, Samuel, d. 9 Nov 1813, @70? [stone fallen, footstone says S.W.] Shippy Shippy, Laura, d. 22 Oct. 1839, @43 [wife of Horace Shippy]. Smith Smith, Hannah?, d. 20 May 1826 [wife of...

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Bigelow River Cemetery, Ashford, Windham County, Connecticut

Across the Bigelow River in Ashford. Arnold Arnold, D. Jr. Bartlett Bartlett, William, d. 6 Mar 1831 @57. Bartlett, Betsey, d. 12 Apr 1848 @66 [wife of William]. Boutell Boutell, Jacob, d. 15 Jan 1886 @94. Boutell, Sibyl, d. 10 Apr 1876 @ 80. Brown Brown, James, d. 31 May 1812 @ 28. Brown, Mrs. Mary, d. 6 Jun 1822, @77 [relict of Mr. Cyril Brown]. Dean Dean, Leonard, Esq. d. 12 Aug 1848, @69. Dean, Hannah, d. 16 Oct. 1843, @64. Marcy Marcy, Joseph W., d. 2 May 1862 @84. Marcy, Polly, d. Nov 1831 @33 [wife of Joseph W.]. Preston Preston, Harriet E., d. 8 Sep 1859 @27 [wife of S.H.]. Stoddard Stoddard, Mrs. Tamesin, d. 9 Dec 1822. Watkins Watkins, Capt. Jebediah, d. 12 Jul 1842 @75. Watkins, Mary, d. 31 Jan 1867 @77 yrs, 9 mos. [wife of Jebediah] Watkins, Betsey, d. 28 May 1830 @ 2 yrs, 9 mos., 12 days [dau of Jebediah and Mary]. Wilson Wilson, Jesse C., b. 11 Jun 1804, d. 9 Apr 1889. Wilson, Almira, d.2 May 1865 @55 yrs 9 mos. [wife of Jesse] Wilson, Lucy, b. 23 May 1803, d. 23 Jan 1853 [wife of Jesse] Wilson, Alvira, b. 16 Dec 1829, d. 7 Aug 1835 [dau. of Jesse C. and...

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Biography of Keith W. White

Keith Wood White, a retired farmer now residing in Grangeville, is a native of the far-off state of Connecticut, his birth having occurred in the town of Ashford, Windham County, on the 15th of May 1838. His ancestors came from old England and settled in New England at an early epoch in the history of this country, and there the family remained for several generations. Keith W. White, the father of our subject, was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, and married Catharine Farnum, a native of Connecticut. They became the parents of two children, and the father provided for their support by working as foreman in a cotton mill. He died in the thirty-eighth year of his age, and his wife passed away in her forty-eighth year. She was a member of the Congregational church. The subject of this review is now the only survivor of the family. When six years of age he accompanied his parents on their removal to Ohio and was reared upon the home farm near Cleveland. He obtained his education in the public schools, and at the age of fourteen years began to earn his own livelihood, since which time he has been dependent upon his own resources. He removed to Ottawa, Illinois, and thence, in 1856, went to Nebraska, and in 1859 was among the first to cross the plains to Pike’s Peak at...

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