Location: Armstrong County PA

Narrative of Marie Le Roy and Barbara Leininger

The Narrative of Mary le Roy and Barbara Leininger. Who for four and a half years were captive among the Indians, and on the 6th May 1759 arrived happy in this city. From her own lips never written and promoted to the Press. This manuscript gives an account of the captivity and escape of these two girls, whose families lived on Penn’s Creek, in the present Union County, Pennsylvania. It also provides a lengthy list of names of other prisoners met by the two ladies in their captivity.

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The French and Indian War from 1754 to 1759 – Beaver Wars

After the peace, concluded between France and England in 1748, the French, excluded from the Atlantic coast of North America, designed to take possession of the country further west, and for this purpose, commenced to build a chain of forts to connect the St. Lawrence and the Mississippi rivers. The English, to prevent this scheme from being carried into action, formed an Ohio company, to whom a considerable extent of country was granted by the English government. Upon hearing of this, the governor of Canada notified the governors of New York and Pennsylvania, that if the English traders came...

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Biography of A. W. Patterson, M.D.

A.W. PATTERSON, M.D. – Doctor Patterson was born in Armstrong county, Pennsylvania, October 14, 1814. He received his scholastic education in the village of Freeport, of his native state, and afterwards entered the Western University, at Pittsburgh. He subsequently studied medicine in the office of Doctor J.P. Gazzam, an old and prominent physician of that city, and in 1841 graduated with high honors from the Pennsylvania College of Medicine, of Philadelphia. Coming westward, he located at Greenfield, Indiana, and there practiced his profession until 1852, when he concluded to come to Oregon, and began the long and tedious journey known only to the pioneer. After his arrival he went to Lane county and there settled upon a Donation claim near the present site of the flourishing town of Eugene. The settlers in those days being few and far between, there was but little call for those skilled in his profession; and, being conversant with civil engineering, he engaged in the surveying business for a time. Among the contracts taken were several for the government, they being both in Oregon and Washington. The reports of surveys to be found in the surveyor-general’s office, submitted by him, will attest the guidance of a master hand. He also laid off the townsite of Eugene City. On the outbreak of the Indian war of 1855-56 in Southern Oregon, he at once offered his...

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Maysville Cemetery, Kiski Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania

In Alphabetical Order Anderson Laura D. Anderson No Dates. Armstrong Sarah B. Armstrong Dau of Q. and M. Armstrong Died 12 Dec 1871 Aged 21 yrs, 7 mo. and 14 dys. Abbie C. Armstrong Died 15 Mar 1907 Aged 61 yrs, 9 dys. Margaret Armstrong Wife of Quinton Dates illegible Quinton Armstrong Born 30 Oct 1800 Died 11 Jun 1878 Almes Charles N. Almes Son of S.A. Almes Died 15 Mar 1893 Aged 15 yrs, 1 mo., 24 dys. Dela J. Almes Dau of S.A. Almes Died 11 Feb 1893 Aged 17 yrs, 8 mo, 18 dys. Ervin E. Almes Son of S.A. Almes Died 29 Jan 1885 Aged 3 yrs., 5 mo. Clawson Susan Clawson Dau of J. and J. Clawson Born 4 Jun 1857 Died 8 Dec 1859 June Clawson Wife of John Clawson Born 18 Jul 1822 Died 29 Nov 1892 John Clawson Born 30 Aug 1822 Died 9 Jul 1907 Dale Elisabeth J. Dale Dau. of A Dale Died 11 Mar 1820 in her 28th year Dunmire Solomon Dunmire Died 16 May 1815 In the 58th year of his age Andrew Dunmire Born 1823 Died 1903 Sarah Dunmire Born 1842 Died 1903 Anderson Dunmire Son of H. Dunmire Died 12 Nov 1859 Aged 2 yrs., 10 mo., 28 dys. Rachel Dunmire Wife of Henry Dunmire Died 21 Dec 1898 Aged 60 yrs. Henry Dunmire Died...

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Armstrong County, Pennsylvania Census

Armstrong County, Pennsylvania was formed from Allegheny, Lycoming and Westmoreland counties in 1800. 1800 Armstrong County, Pennsylvania Census Free 1800 Census Form for your Research Hosted at Ancestry.com – Ancestry Free Trial 1800 Armstrong County, Census (images and index) $ Hosted at Pennsylvania USGenWeb Archives Surname Index Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Service Beaty References Hosted at Census Guide 1800 U.S. Census Guide 1810 Armstrong County, Pennsylvania Census Free 1810 Census Form for your Research Hosted at Ancestry.com – Ancestry Free Trial 1810 Armstrong County, Census (images and index) $ 1810-1890 Accelerated Indexing Systems $ Hosted at Census Guide 1810 U.S. Census Guide 1820 Armstrong County, Pennsylvania Census Free 1820 Census Form for your Research Hosted at Ancestry.com – Ancestry Free Trial 1820 Armstrong County, Census (images and index) $ 1810-1890 Accelerated Indexing Systems $ Hosted at USGenWeb Census Project Index Partial 1820 Federal Census Hosted at Armstrong County Genealogy Project 1820 Census Hosted at Census Guide 1820 U.S. Census Guide 1830 Armstrong County, Pennsylvania Census Free 1830 Census Form for your Research Hosted at Ancestry.com – Ancestry Free Trial 1830 Armstrong County, Census (images and index) $ 1810-1890 Accelerated Indexing Systems $ Hosted at Pennsylvania USGenWeb Archives Redbank Township: File 1 of 1 Hosted at USGenWeb Census Project Index Clarion Township Toby Township Hosted at Armstrong County Genealogy Project Surnames A-B Surnames C-D Surnames E-G Surnames H-K Surnames...

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Biography of Judge William Keener

JUDGE WILLIAM KEENER. Success in professional life is cautiously bestowed upon people by the goddess, who, in a measure, guides and invariably decorates man’s efforts. And this success is more apt to come because of the pursuer’s genius or adaptability for his calling than from any other cause. This is particularly the case in law, a profession which Judge William Keener’s talents caused him to adopt when starting out for himself. He is now a prominent attorney at Lead Hill, Arkansas, and United States commissioner for the Western District of the State. Judge Keener came originally from the Keystone State; born in Slate Lick Armstrong County, November 30, 1833. The son of John and Sarah (Hetselgeser) Keener, also natives of that State, the father born in 1804 and the mother in 1821. The grandfather, John Keener, was also a Pennsylvanian by birth and passed his entire life as a farmer in that State. He served his country in the War of 1812. His father, Christian Keener, also a native of Pennsylvania, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. The Keener family originated in Switzerland, eleven brothers of that name having emigrated to America at an early day and located in Pennsylvania. Our subject’s maternal grandfather, William Hetselgeser, was a Pennsylvania Dutchman and a wealthy and influential farmer and stockman. He reared a family of fourteen children. His wife’s parents,...

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Biography of David Edward Lamb

David Edward Lamb is a member of the Pettit & Lamb Mercantile Company at Herington in Dickinson County. This company operates the largest department store in that county, and the firm of Pettit & Lamb had been in existence for over twenty years. Mr. Lamb’s individual experiences and achievements since he came to manhood have made him a leading citizen of Kansas, and he represents a very honored family in this state. He was born November 27, 1866, at the Village of Independence, near Dayton, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. His grandfather, William Lamb, was a native of Pennsylvania. His parents were William W. and Belle (Henderson) Lamb. His father was born on a farm in Center County, Pennsylvania, March 20, 1840, followed farming and the foundry business in Pennsylvania until 1878, and in that year brought his family out to Kansas. He located on land in Marion County, six miles north of Peabody. To that land he gave his attention as a farmer for ten years, and then engaged in the coal business at Peabody, but since 1912 had lived retired and now had his home at Lyndon. He had been a faithful member of the Presbyterian Church practically all his life. William W. Lamb performed the part of a faithful soldier in the Civil war. He was a private in Company F of the Ninth Pennsylvania Reserve, and took...

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Biography of George T. Smith

George T. Smith is one of the veteran editors and newspaper men of Kansas and owns and directs the editorial management of the Marshall County News. The Marshall County News is an old and influential paper in Northern Kansas. It was first established in 1869 as the Locomotive. The first proprietor, P. H. Peters, sold it in 1870 to Thomas Hughes, who changed the name to the Marshall County News. This branch of the Smith family had furnished several notable names in Kansas and in Marshall County. George T. Smith is a brother of the late James Smith, former secretary of state of Kansas. George T. Smith was born at Elders Ridge, Pennsylvania, June 13, 1853. His grandfather, James Smith, came from County Tyrone, Ireland, became a farmer in Indiana County, Pennsylvania, and died there some years before the birth of George T. Smith. Robert Smith, the father, was born in the vicinity of Elders Ridge, Pennsylvania, in 1825. He died there in 1906, having spent his life as a farmer, stock buyer and merchant. For three months he was in the Pennsylvania State Militia during the Civil war, and helped to run down the Confederate raider John Morgan and capture him in Eastern Ohio. Politically he was a republican and was an active member of the Presbytorian Church. Robert Smith married Sarah Wray, who was born in Pennsylvania in 1827 and died...

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Biography of Joseph L. Eyman, Dr.

Joseph L. Eyman, M. D. In the profession of medicine and surgery few Kansas physicians have dispensed their services more widely and more successfully than Dr. Joseph L. Eyman of El Dorado, He is a most loyal Kansan. Coming to the state when a child with his parents, he began the practice of his profession twenty-one years later and had witnessed the gradual change and transformation which have made Kansas a highly developed agrienltural and industrial section from what was within his personal recollection an open prairie. Doctor Eyman had traveled over many of the states of the Union, and it is his ardent conviction that no state presents so many all around advantages as the Sunflower commonwealth. It is with more than ordinary satisfaction that he contemplates the prospect of spending the rest of his days in Kansas. Doctor Eyman had built a fine modern brick residence and office at the corner of Fourth and Gordy Streets in the heart of El Dorado. His home is attractive from every point of view and a triumph architecturally. A native of Pennsylvania, Joseph L. Eyman was born at Kittanning in Armstrong County February 23, 1860, a son of J. W. and Rebeca (Richie) Eyman. His parents were natives of Pennsylvania, his father of Pittsburg and his mother of Templeton, Armstrong County. The Eyman family was founded in America prior to...

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Biography of George L. Shoup

It is a well-attested maxim that the greatness of a state lies not in its machinery of government, nor even in its institutions, but in the sterling qualities of its individual citizens, in their capacity for high and unselfish effort and their devotion to the public good. Rising above the heads of the mass there has always been a series of individuals, distinguished beyond others, who by reason of their pronounced ability and forceful personality have always commanded the respect of their fellow men and who have revealed to the world those two resplendent virtues of a lordly race, perseverance in purpose and a directing spirit which never fails. Of this class George L. Shoup stands as an excellent illustration. The goal toward which he has hastened during the many years of his toil and endeavor is that which is attained only by such as have by patriotism and wise counsel given the world an impetus toward the good; such have gained the right and title to have their names enduringly inscribed on the bright pages of history. George L. Shoup has been a resident of Idaho since 1866, has served as chief executive of the state, and is now representing the commonwealth in the United States senate. He was born in Kittanning, Pennsylvania, June 15, 1836 and traces his descent to German ancestors, who located in the colony...

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Biography of Peter Pence

The life record of this honored pioneer, and his connection with many of the leading events in the history of Idaho, form no unimportant chapter in the annals of the state. He has been identified with its early development through the period when existence in the northwest was attended by many difficulties and dangers, and with its latter-day progress and advancement which have placed Idaho on a par with many of the older states of the east. His early years were spent far from this “Gem of the Mountains.” He was born in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, in October 1837, and is of German ancestry, the founders of the family in America having been early settlers of the Keystone state. The grand-father of our subject, George Washington Pence, served as a lieutenant in the Revolutionary war and lived to be one hundred years of age, while his wife reached the remarkable age of one hundred and seven years. Their son, who also bore the name of George W. Pence and is the father of our subject, was born in Pennsylvania, November 10, 18 10, and is still living on the old family homestead where he first opened his eyes to the light of day. He married Deborah McKee, who was of Irish lineage. They were industrious farming people and were members of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Pence has survived his...

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Biography of Peter S. Beck, M. D.

The physician wields an influence in any community which is peculiarly strong, because it is based on relations with the general public more intimate than those of almost any one else, and any good physician who is at the same time a good man may continue to broaden and deepen this influence to the end of his days. These reflections have been suggested by the success of Dr. Peter S. Beck, ex-mayor of Genesee, Idaho. Dr. Beck is a Homeopathic physician, and Homeopathy is gaining in popularity, but that does not fully account for his success, for he has carried the banner of his chosen school of medicine to victory against prejudice and opposition, which he could not have done had he not possessed a personality and a character which would have made him popular and successful in about any other field of endeavor. Doctor Beck is a native of Pennsylvania, having been born in Armstrong County, March 28, 1852, of German ancestors, who were early settlers in that commonwealth. Jacob Beck, his father, was born in the same county, in 1820, and his mother, Sophia (Soxman) Beck, was born there one year earlier. She also was descended from a German family, representatives of which were early settlers in Pennsylvania. Jacob Beck is a Dunkard, his wife a Methodist. He is seventy-nine years old, and she is eighty years...

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Biographical Sketch of Milton Freshwater

Freshwater, Milton; paving contractor; born, West Virginia, Sept. 11, 1877; son of E. A. and Clarenda Campbell Freshwater; educated in commercial course at Morgantown, W. Va.; married, Johnstown, Pa., Dec. 31, 1907, Miss C. B. Williams; two children; has worked at the street-paving business since 1893; completing street paving in the following places; Johnstown and Freeport, Pa., Chester, W. Va., Alliance, Richwood, Ada and Cleveland, Ohio; since April, 1909; the paving contracts are man-aged by three members of the firm, while Mr. E. A. Freshwater takes no part in this branch of the business; the firm consists of E. A. Freshwater, Philip, Elmer and Milton Freshwater, sons of E. A.; the firm has offices in Morgantown, W. Va., and...

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Biography of Samuel Fremont Goheen

Samuel Fremont Goheen. When the City of Manhattan inaugurated the commission form of government in 1912 they chose as the head of the new municipal system a man who had already given efficient service in public office. The people have since kept him in office, and it is to the credit of the city as well as to the man that so capable a public servant as Samuel Fremont Goheen should be entrusted with such responsibility. Mr. Goheen has been a resident of Riley County more than thirty years, has witnessed and has been an important factor in the progress of those years, and filled a responsible post in the county government before his election as mayor of the city. Mr. Goheen was already grown and a man of considerable business experience when he came to Kansas. He was born in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, May 2, 1855, a son of George W. and Elizabeth (Holler) Goheen. His parents were also natives of Pennsylvania. In 1883 the family came out to Kansas and settled near Manhattan in Riley County. Mrs. Elizabeth Goheen died there in 1891 at the age of sixty-five. The father died ten years later at the age of eighty-five. In Pennsylvania George Goheen had followed merchandising, but was a farmer in the Sunflower State. As a boy in Pennsylvania Mayor Goheen acquired an academic education. His first...

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Biographical Sketch of James W. Wilson

Wilson, James W.; insurance; born, Putneyville, Pa., April 11, 1873; son of Edward T. C. and Nancy Smith Wilson; educated, West Academy and private school; married, McKeesport, Pa., Feb. 15, 1899, Sophia Wiegering; issue, three children, William M., Dorothy May, and James W. Jr.; Republican; in life insurance business since 1900; manager Prudential Insurance Co.; member Chamber of Commerce, Athletic and Advertising...

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